Friday, January 18, 2013


Inside Ebony/Jet

"Corporations often change their interiors dramatically, especially over the course of 40 years. But at the former Ebony/Jet building, Johnson saw to it that things were maintained, replaced, re-milled or remade with exactly what was there when the building was completed." —And that was in 1972, my friends.

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God I love this. So great that they preserved it.


Thanks lovelie!@k


The beauty salon sink. looooove.

Hot Doom

@iceberg THE SINK! I like to imagine filling it up with water and doing Noxema-level face splashing with it.


Someone make a TV show set there.


@laurel that is such an amazing idea!! I would watch the shit out of a show set at Jet/Ebony in the 1970s. just think of the outfits!

runner in the garden

@mynamebackwards @laurel there is a great article by Tanner Colby suggesting something very similar!
"Season after gripping season, we watch what happens as school busing and affirmative action and all these other programs try to force the country together, only to tear it apart. It’s got everything: the sprawling, interlocking narrative of The Wire plus the production values and period detail of Mad Men, all set in the Superfly 1970s. It’s a rising tide of Black-is-Beautiful, Afro-American consciousness crashing headlong into the poor fashion choices and stony self-entitlement of a silent suburban majority. Think of the costume design. Think of the soundtrack."

fondue with cheddar

I love it all except that swirly wallpaper. Yikes!

That lobby is 100% fantastic.


Oh. My. God. I LOVE THIS.* I almost sent it to my bosses, since we've been talking about redoing the conference room, but I don't want them to know I'm slacking.

*-Except the sink. I can't handle that.


@SarahP But seriously, how amazing would it be if I could get my work to do up our conference room like one of those interiors.


I want that carpeting in my house TODAY!


Any Columbia College students want to sneak us in for a look about?


trufax: I passed the Ebony Jet building as a first, second and third year, and it wasn't until my fourth year of college that my new-to-the-city boyfriend looks out the bus window and says, "oh, that's the publishing headquarters of Ebony and Jet!"

Because for three years I assumed it was the old headquarters of a defunct airline called Ebony Jet.


Eunice Johnson - your office shall be mine!


very cool look inside a vintage office. I also loved the Ebony magazine google link - the clothes and the advertisements were fun to look at.


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My mother had the chance to visit the Ebony/Jet Building when she was younger, she loved that the offices embodied an afrocentric modernism and were designed using contemporary furnishings and pattern. When the guys from Bathroom Remodel Ellicott City came to our house my mother discussed with them about the design and she decided to use the same colors that were used in the Ebony/Jet building.


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