Thursday, January 24, 2013


“In New York, people will live in a garbage can!”

Small as it might be, the winning design was chosen for the way that it maximized light, airiness and storage space through the use of 9-foot-high ceilings, large windows, lofts and Juliet balconies.

This is a couple days late, but The New York Times reports on the results of the Great New York Tiny House Competition (not its official name), and links to what a Juliet balcony is, too. (A place to stand where hot guys can whisper things about you from below.) The rendering is frustratingly if appropriately small, but it does include a mysterious picture of an old man who appears to be in pain, and larger renderings and models are on display at the Museum of the City of New York, from now until September 15.

Also, it's true about garbage cans.

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A. Louise

370 square feet!? And this is why I could never live in New York. I'm moving soon and I'm looking at 800-1000 sq. foot 1 bedrooms... I need space.

Heat Signature

@A. Louise I had the same thoughts. I will take Maine with its long, cold, isolating winters and spacious apartments that cost less than $1000 a month over the excitement and cramped conditions of New York City any day.


@A. Louise
I don't know... sometimes the really big apartments can feel creepy and empty to me, whereas smaller rooms are cozy/human-sized.

In that documentary The Queen of Versailles, it was striking how often the various characters, especially the children but also the dad, migrated to smaller rooms in the house and avoided the big rooms as uncomfortable.

A. Louise

@harebell That's a fair point - I think one day when I get a grown-up type life and move into a house I'm not going to want a sprawling suburban monster.

Right now I'm in a very tiny place that I just don't have room to live in, but maybe part of that is the poor layout and all of my weird, hand me down, non-Ikea furniture. Having an extra room and a few more closets would just free up and organize all of my stuff so much - I could actually have more than one person at a time over! Maybe even a small gathering of friends.

That Queen of Versailles documentary is on my list of things to watch, along with the hair documentary the Hairpin recently posted. Is it worth a look? Where'd you find it?

Slavon Smartmil@twitter

@A. Louise Agree with you!
As for mee I need space too...


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That was so cute@t


I was actually just coming here to say exactly what the alt text says. That was the one I didn't have.

Juliet balconies: the quick-fix solution for builders who put a door in the wrong place.


@SarahP I don't know why juliet balconies enrage me as much as they do. Not real balconies!!


When I was a kid, 'polly' was our euphamism for vagina, and when Polly Pockets came out when I was like 6 my mom and sister and I nearly died laughing.

fondue with cheddar

I think these are great! And not too bad for New York. Also, I'm glad to know what to call Juliet balconies, because I LOVE them.

Also, I've been kind of obsessed with tiny houses lately. Like...I really want to live in one.

RK Fire

I was hoping the garbage can link would be a link to a picture of Oscar the Grouch. By the way, I hear now that Oscar the Grouch's role on Sesame Street is significantly smaller? I am outraged!*

*not really, although it's funny to think that PBS thought to themselves "maybe a monster living in a garbage can is not something that sells well" and instead moved to more Elmo/Abby Cadabby/etc.


@RK Fire
Without a monster living in a garbage can, what characters will be left for sad children to relate to?


POLLY POCKET yes, & the alt text was exactly the same as my internal reaction.


(Do y'alls have an "open link in new window" option when you post stuff? You should be using it. Going back to this page on every link is annoying!)OK, it doesn't LOOK like not even 400 square feet...but I still have too much stuff.


@Megano! There are keyboard shortcuts for that! If you're on a Mac click while holding down the command key, on a PC left-click while holding down the control key. That should work in just about every browser.


@Urwelt (They should be doing it anyway, keeps people on the site)


@Megano! Just logged in to second this. Could you have links open to a new tab please?

Plant Fire

@Megano! Ahhhh no I hate that! I'd rather people just right click and choose on their computer where they want to open it than have it be a sitewide thing that everyone would be stuck with. Because it's super annoying to have like a million windows open and then not be able to find which one you want to go back to/which one had all your other tabs on it.

Just use the shortcuts or rightclick and select open in a new window. Because while there is a way to right click and open in new window I don't think there is a way to right click and force it to open in the same page on a website that automatically sends each link to a new window/tab.


My first studio was just under 400 sq ft - it can be done, and without damn murphy beds. And if I'd owned the place, and been able to do some remodeling (UNACCEPTABLY TINY KITCHEN) I might still be there.
I'm in a 1br now all by myself, and it feels too big, sometimes?


"Forty percent of the units will be affordable, restricted to tenants earning no more than $77,190 a year, with the rest at market rate. Rents start at $914 a month for those earning up to $38,344 a year, well below Manhattan’s average studio rent of $2,000, and go up to $1,873 for those making $77,190 or less."

Dude. Not a single number in there is encouraging (to me, at least). That last sentence is a bit unclear, though - is there a sliding scale based on income that goes up to $1873, or does rent all of a sudden jump to $1873 once you're past the $38,344 threshold? I can't imagine paying almost $1900 a month on a salary of $40K - and in an apartment that small, there's no way I would be able to share it.


@MoxyCrimeFighter "Forty percent will be affordable. The rest will come with gold-plated Roombas that are designed to laugh at the working poor."


First, I can't properly express the joy I feel that this post is illustrated with a Polly Pocket.

I am FASCINATED by these apartments, but not sure I could live in one (pets! stuff! the opposite of neat!). Also, seriously, the bed is going to be down all the time. Who has the time and commitment to put it up? (If you do, RESPECT). A friend would come over and it would be, "Yes, we are watching TV/drinking coffee in my bedroom. What?" Possibly more of a problem with people you don't know as well.


Only commenting to say, yay Polly Pocket! Loved those!


I think my childhood passion for Polly Pocket is what enables me to live in a 250 sqft studio today (quite comfortably, I might add).


I don't like to live in a big city too, I like the countryside.
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