Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If Eyes Are the Window to the Soul, Then Crow's Feet ... ?

"The eyes do not lie unless, of course, the person has received Botox around the eyes, in which case the skin around the eyes is unable to wrinkle up, no matter how true a smile."
—The Atlantic has an interesting piece on smiling, life, and depression by dermatologist Eric Finzi: "How Smiles Control Us All, and why we're terrible at faking them." It's also an excerpt from his new book, 'The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Our Moods and Relationships,' which came out yesterday (Amazon | Indiebound), and which reminded me to re-take that BBC fake-smile-detection test. I got a 17 instead of a 6 (out of 20) this time around, which feels weird but good, I guess. Anyway, crow's feet would be its curtain stays?

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raised amongst catalogs

Edith got me to take that test again. Anyone else? I got 18/20, and the two I got wrong were in the first five.

Also, Duchenne reminds me of an evil, balding Carson from Downton Abbey.


So beautiful❤️@y

Atheist Watermelon

whoa, 19/20, hey ya, and some of those were CREEPY... yikes!!!


I weirdly like my crow's feet. I KNOW. I just... I like evidence of all my smiles.

raised amongst catalogs

@mabellegueule I like mine too, oddly enough. I also love my white hairs. Now if I could only learn to appreciate the black hairs that grow out of my chin...

Judith Slutler

@mabellegueule Me too.

fondue with cheddar

@mabellegueule I don't have crow's feet yet, but my boyfriend does and I love them for that reason. :)

Barry Grant


I met a very sweet woman the other day, and her crow's feet only made her seem cuter to me.


... crow's feet are the internet hugs! ((( O_o )))


17 OUT OF 20!
I like the guy who looks like hes going to be really serious and then suddenly has a cracking huge smile.


Phew, 18/20. I feel like I'm going to pay extra attention to people's eyes from now on. Especially boyfriend's.


I got 20/20! I'm a fake smile detecting genius! This will totally benefit me in real life, right?


Can't we all agree that crow's feet, despite their name, are dead sexy? I love 'em.


You just have to smize, people! SMIZE FOR ALL YOU'RE WORTH, TYRA IS COUNTING ON YOU


18/20! I wanted to say "fake" for all of them, though, due to the alarming ease with which they went back to seriousness, like ha ha ha NO


@frigwiggin Also, now I'm sitting here smiling to myself and probably looking really bizarre. I smile on the reg when taking daily outfit pictures so I get a lot of practice at looking cheery and natural for the camera rather than YOUR HIDE WILL MAKE A FINE PONCHO


@frigwiggin Thank you for linking to that comic, because I just snorted really loud at my desk.


@frigwiggin That comic is hilarious.

Also, I got my HSWS gift yesterday and it is delightful! I'm super excited to read/wear it! Thank youuu


@owlegg I'm sorry it took so long to get to you, that is terrible! The first time was my fault (I left a number out of your address like a dope) but the rest of it is alllllll the vagaries of international shipping. I'm glad you like it, though! Happy extremely belated winter festivities!


Haha. I looked like such an sarcastic bitch in my yearbook photo, but I'm pretty smiley of a person otherwise, I think. It's funny the sort of uniform thing they need to use in studies as a controlled factor.


My mom has a very expressive face and at north of 60 it is lined appropriately. But she recently started getting botox for her migraines (ALL OVER HER HEAD) and her new inability to raise her eyebrows all the way freaks me out.


Like The Captain from HIMYM, who had half a murderous face and half an enormous smile(yes, I am by now unable to have an experience without comparing it to popular culture. Such is the life of a student with a tv license.)

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