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The Only Article About Both Fatty Arbuckle and Blake Lively

"In the earliest days of cinema, little information was available. Audiences just talked about how well the actor was able to convey what was happening in the story with few subtitles and no sound. “Was he a good actor?” was another way of asking “Did the movie make sense?” The names of the performers were inconsequential. Soon, however, audiences began to construct a sort of makeshift continuity between pictures: The girl in that film, for example, is the same actor as the girl in that other film. To ascribe some sort of coherence, fans began writing to studios, requesting the names of the “players,” as they were then called."
—The Hairpin's own Anne Helen Petersen, explaining the rules of the game (as it was in the beginning, and as it is now, and perhaps as it ever shall be).

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raised amongst catalogs

That piece is exactly what I wanted for breakfast. Perfect.


congrats, AHP! VQR is a great journal, and this is such a smart article. I love that you work on the "industrial history of celebrity gossip."

so, what on earth was going on with Fatty Arbuckle and the starlet at the "gin jollification" party? Did she die of alcohol poisoning, or did something more nefarious happen??? Was Fatty implicated as the host, or was there an even stronger reason for him to be charged?


@harebell AHP has a whole piece on Arbuckle that talks a bit about what happened: http://thehairpin.com/2012/02/scandals-of-classic-hollywood-the-destruction-of-fatty-arbuckle/


Ah yes, can't wait to read this. At first glance, reminds me of Ty Burr's "Gods Like Us."


Great article! The studio system is fascinating, especially as it basically still exists today, in both more and less overt forms.

Also, I'm going to use this as a place to express my semi-related gripe about the phrase "he played in that movie" to mean "he was in that movie." I totally get where it comes from, I just hate it. /grump


You don't have to scroll far till you hit the fun bits (the deads).


"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

Lily Rowan



@Lily Rowan AMEN.


@Lily Rowan (I honestly made the same capitalized post then realized you had already nailed it and deleted mine. It really rings out in your head, doesn't it?)

Lily Rowan

@rosaline Ha! Yes.


Ahhh so good so good so good.


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Thank you, this is fabulous. (You're writing a book, right? Because I would very much like to read your book. On a beach, ideally, in between issues of "People".)

Valley Girl

Thank you AHP as always for making my ONTD/gossip addiction feel like a part of something ~so much deeper~


Werk that eyebrow, Mitchum.


Speaking of old movies, over the weekend my boyfriend and I watched Monkey Business, which was kind of silly and enjoyable until the scalping thing? I know kids were all into cowboys and Indians in those days, but jeez it made me uncomfortable. Still, Cary Grant wearing those big dorky glasses was pretty great.


"In January 1939, Photoplay published “Hollywood’s Unmarried Husbands and Wives,” [which] sold out immediately and naturally infuriated the stars’ respective studios, which forced the stars to marry and demanded an apology from the magazine, granted in the next month’s issue."

I love it that Photoplay gets to break the story, then retract it, then report on the marriages that confirmed it.


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It is the actors that demanded the on-screen references as that recognition increased their value.


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