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The “Fourteenth Share of Total Profits” Part Is Important

"This is important in this case because of the use of the defined term “Burglar.” Contracts to do something illegal are ordinarily unenforceable (e.g. collecting on an illegal gambling debt). But here what matters is not that the parties used the word ‘burglar’ but rather what sort of meaning they assigned to that defined term. As we shall see, the contract doesn’t require Bilbo to do anything illegal (or at least not obviously illegal), and so the contract will probably not fail for use of a questionable term."
—On the legality of Bilbo Baggins' contract, one of the more successful things Peter Jackson decided to get cute with for no reason, RADAGAST WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY YOU ARE A WIZARD.

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@Megano! I like the way you think today.


This is a charming post!@t


Speaking of The Hobbit: the idea that they are turning the shortest book of Lord of the Rings into a 3 part movie is very off-putting to me. It comes off as milking the franchise for every penny it's worth. Opinions?

Nicole Cliffe

Yours. My opinion is yours.



Is it ridiculous that The Hobbit is three, three-hour-long movies? YES, COMPLETELY.

Will I enjoy every self-indulgent second of them? Also yes.


@rosaline Except Radagast, who I did not particularly enjoy, but other than that


@rosaline You are correct. SNL did a nice synopsis of all 23879636 parts last weekend, though, if you're looking for corroboration.

Judith Slutler

@rosaline Yeah the movie just made me sad. :/

The Attic Wife

@royaljunk I'm with you, I will probably watch all 3 parts multiple times and love every second. I actually really like the PJ approach (for the most part, when characters aren't being too silly, see: Gimli), so I don't have a problem with this.


@The Attic Wife yes, i was scared going in, but i really really liked it. there were some moments that were better than others, but nothing made me angry and some stuff -- the dwarves' moody fireside song, bilbo and gollum telling riddles -- made me real happy.


@The Attic Wife I am already looking forward to marathoning the extended editions of all six movies.

Allie J

True, true, but I'm actually okay with how he did it because it's not really "The Hobbit;" it's "The Hobbit and the Silmarillion and the Appendices" and while the tone of the mash-up is problematic, I'm all for more War of the Ring lead-up stuff.

But yes, Radagast, what the hell? Honestly.


@Allie J Hmmm. I'd been kind of boycotting the film, but now that you explain it that way, it does sound better.

fondue with cheddar

@royaljunk ME TOOOOO. I did a marathon of the LOTR trilogy and it was glorious.


@fondue with cheddar Yes! I have done a LotR marathon (in a cinema), and it was great.


@rosaline I saw someone explain it as less an adaption of The Hobbit novel, and more as the prequels to the LotR movies. It's a lot more enjoyable that way.

(Well, okay, it doesn't quite explain why Radagast needed to be there but I think that's actually in line with Tolkien. I found him less annoying and more useful than Tom Bombadil.)

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