Thursday, January 24, 2013


Heavers vs. Hoarders

For the first installation of Storyvid, a project the Paris Review describes as "an attempt to create the literary equivalent of a music video," Croatian director Goran Dukić animates Israeli author Etgar Keret's short story "What Do We Have in Our Pockets?" (text version here), from his excellent Suddenly, A Knock on the Door. Also: bobby pins, old Kleenex.

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fondue with cheddar

I don't have anything in my pockets because according to clothing companies women don't need useful pockets.

Valley Girl

@fondue with cheddar So, lately I'm really into this Everyday Carry biz, where people dump out their pockets and reveal what they carry around. Obviously this was pioneered by ladymag writers dumping their purses (PS Hairpin let's bring back What's in Your Purse) but is also now a spectrum of dudes from iEverything-carrying-hipsters to right wing survivalist nuts. And the sheer number of gigantic knives and firearms that some of these dudes are strapping around in their pockets makes me utterly relieved that social stigma is keeping many of them from carrying some kind of man-bag that they could carry an even bigger artillery in. Meanwhile women's clothing is designed so that they have to compromise their ~readiness~ by carrying a bag around everywhere but we're socialized to fill it up with makeup and magazines rather than the utilitarian and often DEADLY stuff dudes are carrying around while we totter around them in painful shoes. Pockets = srs bzness.

Somewhat more to the topic, I was once hovering awkwardly near Zoë "The Fucking Cat" Bell outside a movie theater playing Death Proof and I watched her ask awkwardly for a light for her cigarette to no avail and I had just quit cigarettes and so didn't have a lighter to offer her and it is MY GREATEST REGRET IN LIFE. Maybe we'd have become best friends!

fondue with cheddar

@Valley Girl Wow, that would have been amazing.

I'm interested in everyday carry, too! I like to keep a small purse, pared down to the essentials (plus a bunch of receipts that I keep meaning to empty out).

It's so unfair that we have to carry a bag around and wear impractical shoes. Fight or flight, we're screwed either way!


Bring on the warm and fuzzy feeling for Valentine's Day! How do your stuff in your pockets relate with finding serendipitous love while waiting for a bus? @t

fruiting body

I always start out the day with everything in my purse, but then I end up with my keys, phone, random coins, transit card and debit card in my pockets... and my purse is just full of ten billion chapsticks, my kindle, and two pairs of headphones that are irreversibly tangled

Allie J

@fruiting body
I suppose for ladies you could replace "pockets" with "purse" and the answer is: Everything. I have everything in my purse. And for just such reasons as Etgar lists here. I want to be prepared for anything. I am the girl who says, "Yes, I have a Sharpie. What color would you like? Or would you prefer one of my six shades of highlighters?" (I love pens.) And then there are the 9 different lipglosses, because you want to have options, the hand lotion, the face lotion, the hair band AND hair clip (options!), the wallet the size of a baguette, the various tech supplies and their chargers and the stand-alone power supply lest I be caught with no iPhone battery juice and no access to an outlet.

It's a sickness. And my shoulder hurts.


OMG that song they use in This American Life all the time. Now I feel like I'm just listening to an episode of that.


I just want you to know how much I appreciate it every time The Hairpin posts an Etgar Keret-related thing. It makes my heart happy.

the roughest toughest frail

@frigwiggin Me too! I'm at work, so I can't watch the video, but it's one of my favourite stories from that collection.


@abetterfate me too! I met him last month and it was all kinds of awesome, but I forgot to bring a book for him to sign!


What does it have in its pocketses?


Always bobby pins, forever bobby pins, never enough bobby pins.


How does her hair do that thing? I would like for my hair to do that thing.


Here is a thing: until last week, I had absolutely never heard of, or seen anything by, Etgar Keret, when he arrived (courtesy my new tutor) at the bottom of a reading list.

Since last Wednesday, I have heard him on the radio, seen THREE of his books in two different second-hand shops, and now this on the Hairpin.


(There is a word for this I think but I have forgotten it.)


And also, someone has just sent me this, which is both a tiny house, and Keret related: http://centrala.net.pl/our-work/keret


Of course this is from the director of Wristcutters: A Love Story. That explains the Etgar Keret story. And why I loved it as much as I did. Really, this made my day.


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Baby Colic

not sure if its like a music video... short films have been available for decades. anyway, have a good day from - Baby Colic

Anoop Gupta

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