Friday, January 4, 2013


The Actual Couple Seem Sweet and Funny

Where slim women and professional men meet and exchange protein strands.

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"The female model was styled in a sharp suit. She works as a top level executive and was recently engaged. She is extremely successful in her career, but also excited to be planning a wedding with her love. The male model was styled more casually. He works at a local startup and reads the Harvard Business Review so that he can stay on top of the ever changing startup environment."

......yeeeeeahhhhh, sure.


@gigglefest If your ad needs footnotes, it doesn't work.


@gigglefest Well, everyone knows that it's the woman's job to plan every aspect of the wedding and all the groom has to do is show up clothed and not already married to someone else. DUH.

Also, if that were the story line, might it not be better for the lady to actually be wearing an engagement ring? I mean, I know not everyone goes for rings, but if that's what they were trying to convey....

RK Fire

@area@twitter I think this agency missed the KISS memo.

fondue with cheddar

@gigglefest Nice fake backstory to cover your asses (and not even very well).


totally cool@m


"We thought it was quirky, humorous, intelligent..."

Those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

Daisy Razor

There are so many ways this ad could have actually been clever, and they managed to miss every single one of them. Someone should get fired over this not for the offensiveness but for the laziness.

RK Fire

I was kind of hoping this was going to point to a Crossfit ad but alas, no...


I thought the link said "stains" not "strands." Imagine my surprise when the reality was even more offensive than my expectation.

fondue with cheddar

This photo does not convey two worlds meeting. It conveys the man in his world and the woman in the wedding planning world. They could have accomplished this by having both of them looking at the wedding magazine together, wearing clothing that actually looks different enough to suggest that they are from two different worlds (and make sure we can actually see the clothing).


@fondue with cheddar OR if they just swapped magazines, at least that would be SOMETHING.

Faintly Macabre

@fondue with cheddar Yeah, I like how the Charles Hotel's idea of "two worlds meeting" is a business-casual startup leader (who reads Harvard Business Review, of course) meeting a business-suited executive.

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg I like that!


@fondue with cheddar Or have 'em hold the same magazines, but have him be peeking at hers while she peeks at his? SO MANY BETTER WAYS.


@3penny Oh I like that even better, it picks up on the "worlds meeting" theme.


@fondue with cheddar he in his crab fishing outfit, she in her homemade sailor moon costume


@Danzig! THAT is an ad I want to see. Even better if she's reading Field & Stream, and he's reading a comic book.

fondue with cheddar

@Ophelia Dude...every single one of these is way better than the actual ad! And it's probably a safe assumption that most of us are not graphic designers.

fondue with cheddar

@Ophelia Or she's wearing a sports bra and hip waders, and he's wearing a hunting vest and yoga pants!


@fondue with cheddar actually... ;)

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg What...you're a graphic designer? Me too!


"We lazily copied someone's mildly amusing wedding photo, but stripped it of any wedding context, thereby rendering it nonsensical, stupid and stereotypical. SORRY IF YOU WERE OFFENDED."

Tuna Surprise


You have a future in corporate apologia!

Lisa Frank

I had a huge argument with my dad over Thanksgiving about feminism and sexism in America. And he told me that I just had to work hard and "stop victimizing" myself in order to be successful and respected. And ugh, ugh. How do things ever get better?


@Lisa Frank Ohhh I LOVE when a straight white man tells people to "stop playing the victim". newsflash it's not playing if it's actually happening.


@Lisa Frank Yup. The problem is clearly all in your head! If you'd just stop THINKING you were discriminated against, then you'd succeed! Nevermind the piles and piles of studies demonstrating women consistently being paid less for doing the same job as a man, the well-documented "mommy-track" problem, the high cost of childcare and dismal maternity leave policies in the US. Nope, it's all in your head. And you know you'd be prettier if you stopped worrying...thinking causes wrinkles, tee hee!


@Lisa Frank And I think things will get better only when men like your father (and my father, and previous male managers I've had) get their heads out of their butts, stop denying reality, and actually do the right thing to end discrimination against their sisters, mothers and daughters.


@Lisa Frank Ugh, I also had a huge argument with my brother over Thanksgiving about something along these lines, where I called him out on some sexist bullshit (to be specific, my mom and I were debating something and he said, "It's like girl on girl in here!") and his "apology" consisted of repeatedly and vehemently insisting that his intentions were good and that he would never offend/insult/hurt me on purpose. When I responded that this didn't excuse his actions, and that I wasn't about to spend time assuaging his poor affronted sense of moral superiority, he switched his tune and told me I was overreacting and should stop victimizing myself! Ohhh, of course. It was me, victimizing myself! NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE.


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