Monday, January 28, 2013


Grizzly Bear, "Gun-Shy"

The Brooklyn indie-rock/psych-folk band Grizzly Bear's latest video, off their 2012 album Shields, isn't the easiest thing to watch if you're sensitive about body parts or medical procedures, as you can see from the auto-screengrab above, but according to director Kris Moyes:

The idea came from a question: if the creative energy of any living organism could be seen, what would it look like? Ed, Daniel, T and Bear demonstrate where their creative energy is located by extracting their hair, nails, skin, sweat, tears and blood. This is an invitation for a very rare glimpse of what creative energy could look like on a molecular level, if it could be seen.

Grizzly Bear is on Tumblr, and will be at Coachella.

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Stacy Worst

Welp, guess I can't look at The Hairpin today! I'm REALLY not good about eye stuff (close tab).

fondue with cheddar

@Sister Administrator Yeah, that's a pretty disturbing image.

Quinn A@twitter

@Sister Administrator Me neither! I think the exact transcription of the sound I made would be "AYEEEURRRGH".


@Quinn A@twitter ME THREE. Noooooooooooooooope.


@Sister Administrator If you have Adblock installed you can block specific Youtube embeds! HUZZAH.

fondue with cheddar


fondue with cheddar

@everyone Surely the scary eye post is far enough down the page by now that you can just load without fear. Hooray!


I wanna see people's reactions to this video when they are high@t


If you haven't seen their video for "Knife" before, it is so weird and good that it's a classic in my mind.


Being gunshy is really good. That is thinking safety right there. - Mint Springs Farm

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