Monday, January 7, 2013


Grab Bag: Avocados, Flawless Plans

What could possibly go wrong? This week the vintage romance comic secret boudoir Sequential Crush airs out the 1966 gem "How Long Can I Go on Loving the Man I Hate?" which, in the words of Sequential Crush proprietress Jacque Nodell, is "almost grotesquely rendered" yet "strangely attract[ive]." Spooky!

Elsewhere, the Times has a roundup of tasty-looking vegan recipes, if you're being vegan-er or vegan-ier-ish this year so far. (And Food52 lists their seven Favorite Avocado Recipes, including something called bangkokamole, which would appear in front of everyone right now if there were such thing as the power to conjure avocado-based dishes at whim; maybe there is a diadem for that.) Also, Food Republic has a nice if sort of accidentally sad gathering of people describing the meals they'd travel for (myself included), and here's an appealing list of good food in Seattle, if that's where you live or would want to visit.

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Oh man, Edith, the Lobster Pound. We went to Maine for our honeymoon and spent half the time at lobster pounds gazing at the ocean and trying to figure out where we could get jobs in Bar Harbor.


Thanks. I always wondered about this. @m

Valley Girl

Wow Edith, our tastes in treats are as disparate as our love of romance comics is matched. Juice with celery and ACV? No thanks :)

One day I will travel South France trying every cassoulet on offer.

Valley Girl

@Valley Girl I'd also love to go back to New Orleans now that I'm of drinking age and have a drive-thru margarita and work off the hangover over chicory coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde.

I'd punch a sweet old grandma for a chorizo and black bean empanada from Julia's Empanadas in DC to materialize in front of me RIGHT NOW.


I can vouch for the NYT dal recipe! I made it last night and am eating the leftovers right now. And I think I’ll make enfrijoladas tonight since I have a bunch of beans in the slow cooker that will be ready when I get home, but I’ll probably just use my regular old (non)recipe. As a vegetarian, I eat beans, tofu or lentils at least 5 days a week (the rest of the time I eat bread or pasta).

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