Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Get Ready to Buy "My Dirty Dumb Eyes"

Here's a preview of Hairpin contributor Lisa Hanawalt's forthcoming illustrated book, My Dirty Dumb Eyes. You may be surprised by how much you identify with the main character in "Moosefingers," her story about a high-heeled moose who makes clay fingers.

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YESSSS! Love Lisa Hanawalt! Also, boo for not seeing the "Turkey Butts" in time for Thanksgiving crafting :(


@FlufferNutter Hand Turkey Foot Turkey Bottom Turkey.


@FlufferNutter You and me both, at least there are 2 of us :)Lisa Hanawalt is an amazing lady



very nice thank you@j


It would kill me dead - DEAD! - if Lisa did a comic about Les Miz like her other movie comics. Oh man, that would be so good.



Also, my thanksgiving would have been 100 times better if I had stuffed the turkey with expired meds. Lisa, where were you for my holiday needs?!

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