Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Gallery of Lost Art

Attacked Destroyed Discarded Ephemeral Erased Missing Rejected Stolen Transient Unrealised

Literally everything is clickable and tells you a little story about a piece of lost art. Like "The Trench" by Otto Dix. Or Joan Miró's "The Reaper".

Or Eva Hesse's "Sans III".

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fondue with cheddar

OH MAN I want to check this out SO BADLY but it sounds like the kind of thing that will suck me down into a rabbit-hole and I will get nothing done. Bookmarked!


@fondue with cheddar it is so good! i am FOR SURE in the depths of that rabbit hole.

fondue with cheddar

@pepper88 I'm definitely going to have to save it for home. Something to look forward to! :)


very nice...amazing@y


This is just going to make me sad, isn't it. :C


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