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Fruit News

Glucose is apparently > fructose when it comes to lasting satiety, and if that matters to you, here's a brief, likely simplistic comparison of glucose-y foods (most carbohydrates) and fructose-y foods (fruits, vegetables, honey), and here's the Wikipedia page for glucose, although it doesn't take you on the wildest ride in the world.

The study originally appeared, glucose-ishly, in the Journal of the American Medical Association, although it's been popping up, fructose-ishly, in more easily digestible forms elsewhere.

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Good thing they didn't use an alarmist headline; contributing to the never-ending barrage of confusing and contradictory nutritional information.


I enjoyed it.@m


I was really hoping when I saw this headline scroll by in twitter that a whole new fruit had been discovered. I was so excited.

I mean, I've been introduced to new fruits late in life (I never had a fig until my mid 20s). And that's great.

But I just had this dream of a fruit like, as amazing as strawberries or lime or delicious, amazing peaches being discovered for the first time in some hidden jungle.

We would hear about it, this panel of scientists - "You have to taste the new Strawpeachnana!" They would make it sound so good, but indescribable to anyone who has not experienced it, like sex or the Grand Canyon.

Twitter would hate. "If it's so good, some tribe would have found it before. We'd know." Reddit would find a scientific paper analysing the chemical composition of the fruit, and from the most popular flavorant chemicals smart-assy know-it-alls would try to tell you it isn't really that novel, it's more like putting a coconut in a blender with star anise, plum wine, and blood oranges.

They would try to grow it on some pristine tropical island. A species of local mosquito would die out in the process, causing an environmental debate. Republicans would be torn - on the one hand, a new delicious thing from the earth is the Right Of Man, lesser creatures be damned. On the other, a fruit? Why could this new mystery food not be a Vegas Strip steak?

Slowly, the celebrity endorsements would get out. Ed Norton jumping up and down on Dr. Oz's futon, proclaiming it not only was delicious but helped him get more cut than he was for American History X. World leaders would dine on the new fruit at summits. Heiresses would appear with crates of it on yachts in instagram photos.

Finally, you would start to hear it in your world. A friend of a friend knows a restaurant where you can get it. Sam Ross is mixing drinks with it when he bartends underground model walk-offs.

You'd see an extract of the magic fruit in the ingredients list at Marea. Then, you'd hear the greatest rumor of them all - show up to the Union Square farmer's market early enough on a Saturday, and a guy would have a few.

But it wouldn't be a rumor. You'd get it - first among your friends. A simple presentation, just diced with some vanilla ice cream at the end of a dinner party. You knew, before you friends tasted, it was as good as they said - of course you'd eaten one of the delicious fruits the second you gotten home, hidden in your room, ashamed to be taking in the pleasure alone, unable to not gratify yourself with it right there in front of you.

Holy fuck, it's good. Everyone agrees. It's not like, man on the moon or anything, but jesus - a new fruit. It enters the Pantheon Of Great Fruits, alongside the apples and oranges, bananas and blueberries. The prices come down.

We make it into cobblers. Eventually, a weird saccharine gum-version of the flavor starts appearing in breathmints and Starburst. We grow a little older, we have children.

They never understand what it was like, this cold January day, when we first heard of this bold new fruit. They can't imagine a world where anyone would even give a shit that it existed, let alone spend an hour of their workday fantasizing for it before its presence was ever known.


@leon s LOVE. I did see a bubblegum flavored apple in Publix the other day but I think they just inject flavorings into a regular apple?


@iceberg That sounds really disgusting.


@leon s
Some time ago, everyone around me was either paleo or on a what would Jesus eat diet. I thought FINE. I too will eat a diet from the past. I WILL EAT WHAT CHIMPANZEES EAT.

While I was reading up on the typical diet of chimpanzees, I kept encountering fruits that were described as "so delicious that there was no need to domesticate it."

They're out there, the new fruits. Waiting.


@leon s Have you ever eaten a cherimoya? If not, GO FORTH AND FIND ONE. Not new, but so tasty! Like a creamy mango, kind of.
They are green and kind of mango-shaped but with scales like a pine cone. The flesh is white and they have shiny brown pips. Do not eat the pips or the skin. But eat all the rest and enjoy!


@ru_ri - "My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip. So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip."

fondue with cheddar

Nice try, but no. ;) (At first I was really confused because I thought they were frozen hamburger patties.)


Food, I just don't know wtf to believe anymore.

fondue with cheddar

@Megano! I just eat what tastes good because those rules never change. I'll never be skinny and I'll probably die younger, but at least I'll enjoy what I eat and not obsess about it.

Cat named Virtute

@fondue with cheddar LOVE THIS, LOVE YOU.

fondue with cheddar

@Cat named Virtute Thanks! I'm certainly not perfect because I do get down on myself for eating crappy and being fat now and then. But it's my choice. (Sort of—I've got allergies that make healthy eating a challenge.) I enjoy tasty food too much to give it up for the sake of some arbitrary ideal imposed upon me by society. Speaking of which, why are we not talking about THIS?

Cat named Virtute

@fondue with cheddar I have seem similar studies! And yeah, food can be such a joy and a comfort. Even if I don't understand someone's job or agree with their taste in books, it's rare that there isn't a warm pot of something we can't some to a pleasurable agreement over.

fondue with cheddar

@Cat named Virtute Food: The Great Unifier!


Maybe this explains why I feel NOTHING after eating fruit. I could eat apples forever and never be full.


@klemay I eat so many apples. Slightly worried I might be giving myself diabetes now.


Weird, this knowledge has been around for a long time, like since 2009. All you need to know is that fructose is metabolized in the liver, where it is converted directly into fat. This is bad if, like me, you would rather use your precious liver for metabolizing alcohol instead of sugar, and also you already have pretty much all the fat you need around your internal organs. Also, it doesn't even make you feel full, ugh! You don't need to avoid all fructose but it's not that hard to cut back a bit. ;-)


@sarabea Well, wine is made from grapes, which is a fruit, so maybe kills two birds with one stone? Why can't wine count as a fruit serving, like orange juice? Just my wishful thinking I guess.

serpens kaput

HFCS is a somewhat misleading name, because it isn't actually all that high in fructose. Both sucrose (table sugar) and HFCS are approximately 50% fructose and 50% glucose, so this study says nothing about the effects of HFCS. The major difference between it and regular sugar is that, in sugar, the fructose and glucose molecules are bound together, but in HFCS, they float freely, making it more rapidly metabolizable. The levels of sugars in fruits don't even approach the stuff in processed food though, so they're totally safe. Let's all eat mangos forever!

serpens kaput



@serpens kaput Thanks! I always suspected that most concern over fructose is because of artificial/man-made stuff, not actual fruit. I presume that if we just eat lots of fruit without many baked goods, soda, etc. we'll be totally fine, because, like, evolution and stuff. Either way, I'm eating mangoes forever!


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Not a chance I would eat this

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