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Friday Bargain Bin: Winter Is Here

Luxe Faux Fur Wine Bag, $4.95 (was $12)
If you think YOU’RE cold in this weather, imagine how your wine feels. 

Levi’s Made & Crafted Cotton and Silk Dress, $77 (was $210)
I hate being jealous of mannequins. You could try it with this belt (and some thick wool tights and boots and a sweater, for now):

Opaque Stones Belt, $19.95 (was $68)
One of those “stones” is actually snakeskin, but who’s counting? (Me.)

Felted Equus Beret, $39.95 (was $58)
If anyone tries to buy this for Nicole, I will seriously cut a… I KNEW HER FIRST!

Sorrelli Tiny Rhapsody Flower Teardrop Earrings, $27.95 (were $43)
That is a big-ass name for something so small.

Pour la Victoire Snake-Effect Leather Pumps, $87.75 (were $195)
Okay, look, we’re spending a little money today. It’s been a minute!

Maison Close Villa Satine Garter Belt, $34 (was $57)
Maison Close is the best, click this sexy link for further proof. And here are the Villa Satine matching panties.

Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler, $34.99 (was $50, $90 value)
An easy way to (possibly) find your signature scent. It also supposedly comes with a voucher for a full bottle — whut!? And don’t forget your free samples at the checkout.

Silver Papier Mâché Deer Sculptures, $49-89.99 (were $49-129)
These will never get old. My rhinoceros has been sparking conversations since 2009.

Felix Ray Kissy Face Umbrella, $65
Okay, this isn’t on sale, and it isn’t even a reasonable price to begin with, but gimme a break! You’re NOT gonna regret walking away from this? Okay.


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