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Embroidered Fancy Sweatshirts

This site is French, but how hard could it be to understand? "Ensuite j’ai rassemblé mes bobines de coton et j’ai brodé au petit bonheur la chance, une couleur à la fois, comme ça." Something-something reassemble a mess of bobbins and a little boner by chance, one color of something, like so!

I was actually inspired to find an embroidery project after seeing this owl sweatshirt. If you take a template, trace it onto the fabric with an iron-on transfer pencil, and just fill in willy-nilly with random designs (here is my favorite book of basic freestyle embroidery stitches), you'll get there in time.

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Jane, I would like to know what sort of fancy (or nonfancy) sweatshirt you were wearing in your makeup.com post where you were getting your makeups done for your wedding.

Jane Marie

@christonacracker not fancy! it was from Target, but I can't find on their site any more :(


@Jane Marie well you made it look fancy!


these were awesome.. :P@y

Valley Girl

Embroidery's been my favorite craft since buying some Martha Stewart kits from a Friday Bargain Bin of yore. There are SO many amazing free vintage embroidery templates available online it's not even funny. I've always been intimidated by the transfer process though so I've stuck to pre-fab kits.


@Valley Girl eh, the nice thing about embroidery is you can just take it out if it looks dumb (unless it's really delicate fabric). I just look at art deco and art nouveau prints for design guidance and free-hand it. I've had to redo a lot of things, but the upside is that you can make the design any size or fit in any space. try it!


@Valley Girl I haven't really found an easy way to deal with making your own transfers that don't get smudgy or stain. And I'm too shaky to freehand. Anyone have recommendations?


@Valley Girl and everyone: there is totally transfer paper for this that isn't scary at all!! There is a Japanese brand that makes it which my local fabric boutique sells (~$4/pack) and I'm willing to bet Joanne's type stores have it too! They have light ones to transfer to dark fabrics and dark ones for light fabrics. Makes it all so much easier!!


@parallel-lines I am the worst b/c I just draw with a soft-leaded pencil. Usually it comes out. (The worst!)


That owl is tripping balls.


So what's the line between trendy fun embroidery and tacky/fusty embroidery? Or is it all in how you wear it?


@SarcasticFringehead I think part of it is whether you live ironically in Brookly nor sincerely in, say, Kansas (sorry, Kansas).

fondue with cheddar

@SarcasticFringehead I think it's the latter. Like...imagine wearing the trippy owl on an oversized sweatshirt with solid leggings and a pair of matching flats? Cool. Wearing it with mom jeans and matching Crocs? Not cool.


jane, when does your album drop? Mine is scheduled for mid-August and my pants are starting to not fit, but not cause I have a cute belly, because I have to eat every 45 minutes.


@lumbermouth That is the best euphemism ever, and I'll be stealing it.

Jane Marie

@lumbermouth congrats! July and... it's bloaty around here! i got some dope leggings off TopShop maternity.


@Jane Marie ughh, I am July too and it is all bloat over here. No one warned me about the bloat.


"Little Boner By Chance" is the title of a movie in which the protagonist, Chance, makes one mistake that seems inconsequential but it sets in motion a string of all these increasingly good things. It's rated G.

Jane Marie

@whizz_dumb I'd watch this.


This is why I need to be independently wealthy. So I can quit my day job and spend my days spinning, crocheting, knitting, embroidering, brewing, baking and canning. And be able to afford all the nicest materials. And someone to clean my house.

polka dots vs stripes

So THAT'S what I can do with all my leftover friendship-bracelet embroidery thread...hmm...


@polka dots vs stripes OR we could set up a Hairpin friendship bracelet swap!

polka dots vs stripes

@MarianTheLibrarian omg don't even

Currently sitting here debating if I have the time to organize that and if not, what other activity of mine I might be willing to ditch to put that together...I might have to ask about this on the FOT.


@MarianTheLibrarian I will make some baller ass friendship bracelets


I am tempted by this, because lots of my clothes would look cuter with embroidery, but then you have to handwash them. Ask me how many times I have handwashed the pillowcases my friend embroidered for me four years ago.


@sophia_h If it's as many times as I've handwashed the shirt I bought not realizing it was hand-wash only, the answer is pretty close to zero.


@SarcasticFringehead I tried to throw an embellished shirt in the washing machine once. Sequins everywhere, quelle tragedie.


Oh yeah, French is basically just like English, no problem *clicks on link*

"Je ne sais pas si c’est la mode qui m’influence ou si c’est le fait d’en acheter régulièrement pour le reste de la famille, mais moi aussi j’avais envie d’un sweat-shirt…."

I don't know if this is the fashion that influences me or if this is one of those that hachets regularly the rest of the family, but I know I envy that sweat shirt...


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