Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ditch the Fridge Magnets

The right side of the double-wide fridge is plastered with drawings apparently done by Sheen's kids (he has five, four of them under the age of 10). The left side is covered with Ziploc bags containing what appear to be mementos of nights spent with other celebrities. There's a crushed pack of American Spirits in a bag marked "Sean Penn," pot residue in the bag labeled "Dogg" and a cigar stub in a bag with Roman Coppola's name on it, marked Aug. 8, 2011.

New home decorating ideas, courtesy of Charlie Sheen.

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all the bacon and eggs

Maybe he's planning to...clone them?


@all the bacon and eggs Or frame them for murder?

all the bacon and eggs

@laurel Hahaha. Your suggestion seems more likely.


@laurel Clone them, then frame the clones for murder. Obviously. Voodoo is also involved somehow...




I wonder what he and Emilio find to talk about?


@gobblegirl I keep wondering what President Bartlet thinks about his son's behavior. I wouldn't think he's terribly pleased.


@highfivesforall I'd be more afraid of Abby Bartlet.


Anyone else disappointed and then relieved that this wasn't about Michael Sheen?


@Lucienne Oh I just laughed. That did not cross my mind but I now have a good mental image of Michael Sheen swiping a baggie of weed from Snoop Dogg.


It's true, I really need to step up my game now.


He's like a magpie that collects celebrity garbage-mementos for his refrigerator-nest. I hope he keeps food in the right side and a string collection in the left.


Fingernail clippings in the crisper.

fondue with cheddar

Wait...why does Sean Penn smoke American Spirits? Aren't they the cheap discount cigarettes?


@fondue with cheddar Nooo. American Spirits are more expensive than other brands. They're hippie cigarettes.


@fondue with cheddar Hipstercred. They even have organic ones. (And they're fo sho not cheap -- if I can get a pack for less than five bucks I'm excited, which is why I don't smoke very often.)

fondue with cheddar

@meetapossum @par_parenthese I had no idea! There are so many old, well-established brands that I probably just assumed any new brand was a cheap alternative.


@par_parenthese "Less than five dollars" makes me so sad because I live in NYC, so packs are always $10+. Wooo vice taxes.


@meetapossum DUDE. That's uncool. $10+??? I hate vice taxes. (And vice bans -- can't sell alcohol around here until after 1 pm on Sundays, or have anything besides beer in a grocery store, unless you want to drive... you know, ten minutes to another county.)


He's moonlighting as a celebrity pulmonology researcher, obviously.

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