Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Dirty Lenses

The Wall Street Journal enlists an optometrist to explain how to best clean glasses, but the art director seems to know that the answer is to find a tiny man.


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at least i knew i was doing it wrong the whole time... that's something.

what i do want to know is how to restore the finish on the arms (ear-pieces?) of my glasses, the acrylic is all foggy. i know i'm the only one who sees them, but it drives me nuts.

Valley Girl

@karenb There's an image floating around tumblr that says to use toothpaste to de-fog your car's headlights, might be worth a shot?


@Valley Girl that's a good thought! i will give it a try. thanks!

Ladies Who Punch

@karenb There is a protective layer on the plastic usually & that's interacting with your body's natural oils & the lotions you may put on your face. If you wanted to give them a matte look you could use a super fine piece of sandpaper to grind it down.


really useful information@y


You know, it's the cardinal sin of glasses care to breathe on the lens and then clear it with your t-shirt... but as someone who has had glasses for over half her life and has only ever done that with no obvious issues or damage to glasses, I say, "Screw it, I do what I want."


@Scandyhoovian Watch out! We got ourselves a badass over here!

Seriously though, who even still has that cleaning cloth the lenses came with. I think a troll steals them. A very clean troll.

Barry Grant


Seriously! Decades of cleaning glasses with my clothing and not a scratch here. You just need a light touch.

fondue with cheddar

@Scandyhoovian I've been using "natural" glass cleaner and a paper towel to clean mine every day for maybe five years, and though my glasses are slightly scratched they're really pretty good. There's only one spot that has a scratch bad enough that I can actually see it when I'm wearing the glasses, and that's not from cleaning.


Or just be a giant and have your glasses cleaned by an ordinary-sized man.


Needs 'winter boyfriend' tag.


Sometimes dirty lenses are a welcome sign, specifically when I first put them on in the morning and they are imprinted with the face oil of whoever I made out with the night before.


When I just bought glasses the lady at the glasses store told me about this and i was shocked! I mean, I have had glasses since 1992, and NO ONE thought maybe to tell me that you need to wash, not rub them?


@E Yeah, my mind is completely blown right now. I did know not to use paper products to clean them, but I had no idea you could just wash them. I do want to know what is an acceptable cloth, though. If the dust on my shirt tail is too much for them, what am I supposed to use?


I only wash my glasses at work when they get that fine spray of milk/melted ice cream/God only knows on them. Because the "HUUUUUUH" and wipe doesn't work on dried milk

Etruscan Duck

Has anyone ever actually scratched their glasses by cleaning them with paper towels? I have been using Bounty for this for years with no problems, but maybe I am just a tool of Big PaperTowel.

fondue with cheddar

@Etruscan Duck I use Bounty also, with Green Works glass cleaner every day for about 5 years and have very few scratches on my lenses. The scratches I do have are so fine that they don't interfere with my vision at all.

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