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Unnecessarily Cruel Identifiers for Upcoming Trend Pieces

Pamela Prindle, 26, who has no boyfriend and who works in the accounting department of the Angel Fire resort in New Mexico, gave similar reasons for spending “a good portion of her day” on her Pinterest board titled “I’m single but still planning my wedding.”New York Times, 1/27/13

1. “Sonia Richardson, 88, who gets food stuck in her dentures, maintains an elaborate scrapbook of exquisite beauties of the silent movie era.”

3. “Josh Barbery, 42, who is bald, recently placed fourth in his age division at the Denver Marathon.”

4. “David Kennedy, 14, who has cystic acne, is the face of his high school’s gay-straight alliance.”

5. “Ellen Hartfield, 38, who cannot parallel park, likes to read articles about high-performance cars in men’s magazines.”


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