Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Cancel Your Plans For the Day

And bask in this glorious collection of kids telling you about the books they're reading at their Brooklyn public library branch in the early 1980s. (Thanks, Rebecca!)

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raised amongst catalogs

"...a secret formlula."



Back before the infernal influx of the internet and digital technology when children actually liked to read books!@y



Also, the name of the library, Cortelyou, makes me think of this lovely song.


These are so great. "Treasure Island tells you all about pirates. Dead ones, alive ones, good ones and baaaad ones." !


@highfivesforall If you want to find out how big the cat gets! Sorry, I am live commenting this now.


@highfivesforall Anne of Green Gables represent! By live, I mean as I watch each one while I eat my lunch.


@highfivesforall I have no idea what's going on in Deenie, that was a terrible plot summary. Contrast with Super Machines - I know exactly what is going on in that book.


I already wasted my Friday afternoon on these, so I can just save everyone some time and let you all know: The Chocolate Fever girl is the best one.


@FromTheFuture Mmmm. I think I've got the fever, too! (Wait. does that sound strange out of context?)


Somehow Daniel Pinkwater sneaks in among all the Judy Blume! No judgement though- I read a lot of Judy Blume back then too.

These are so fantastic. "Run to your local Brooklyn Library and get-yourself-a-book!"


OMG, I loved all of these. These kids are the best. And now I desperately want one of the kids all grown up to find this post.

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