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Checking in With Eggs

More good news for egg fans if not -layers: Eggs are still good for you, and they came first. They also have a Twitter account.


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For a second I was convinced this was a True Blood reference.


This was okay at best.@y


But what about two eggs a day?!?!?


@terrific Seriously, what even is "up to an egg a day?" Who eats half an egg and walks away?


@TheLetterL The same kind of person who has 3.5 units of alcohol and then calls it a night?


@TheLetterL Pretty sure it means that if I forget to eat eggs for a little while (hard to imagine, but cereal is tasty too!), I can then default back to 2-3 a day and pretend it all averages out.


People who start a scrambled egg breakfast bap and then end up dropping half of it in to their laps. Why no I dont know any of these people.

Lily Rowan

It's so obvious the egg came first! I mean, isn't that how evolution works: some not-quite-a-chicken laid an egg, and a chicken came out? (Aside from all the other things that lay eggs.) I seriously don't understand why this is still a brain teaser.


@Lily Rowan I think that at least since evolution as a concept came along, it's been in the same camp as "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin": something people talk about people arguing about, but no one actually argues about. Or they argue about to kill time.

Lily Rowan

@Probs Fair enough.

Let's argue about it!


Thank God, cause I'm up to a carton a day.


But what about the chickens? THINK OF THE CHICKENS. I love eggs (especially scrambled, with cheese, and herbs, and...) but most laying hens' lives are so awful, even "cage-free" ones, and then they're hung upside down on a slaughter assembly line to have their throats slit before further atrocities ensue. Won't somebody with backyard chickens and cows (or goats) they'll never slaughter please sell me some eggs and cheese so I can eat an omelette without feeling like a bad person? I hear people in California have this option?


@Lulu22 *Disassembly line. :(


@Lulu22 Yes, I buy only "cage-free" eggs when I do buy them, while studiously avoiding doing the research to find out precisely what that means. Taken literally, one must assume that these chickens are free to leave at any time and do not even reside in or near the farm or factory that sells their eggs -- they just come by, you know, whenever, with a basket of eggs and are promptly and fairly compensated for their labors.

surely that is what happens


@Lulu22 Yeah, I was sad to see that the Twitter linked above is run by the American Egg Board, which surely is evil. (I mean, I don't know for sure, but since most commercial egg production in this country is bad news for the chickens, I'm not holding my breath.) (Not sad because I don't think it should be linked to, just sad that it's not as delightful a thing as I'd hoped!)

I'm in a hippy-dippy food coop so I can get pastured eggs (at $4-$5 a dozen), but even then there are questions about their production that I'd rather not think about. Like...what do they do with the male chicks? :( I am eating an egg right now and feeling guilty!


@anorktopus If you want to continue eating eggs, you really don't want to know what commercial hatcheries do with male chicks (my grandfather owned a hatchery). It's part of why my mom, who raises chickens for meat and eggs, only buys straight runs of non-sex-linked breeds. The males are allowed to grow up before my parents eat them.


@Lulu22 Laying chickens and eating chickens are actually different breeds of chicken, raised in different ways.
The laying chickens aren't packaged as meat for commercial sale after they are past laying. If the farmer is particularly non-wasteful they might distribute the carcasses amongst family and friends for consumption.


@Lulu22 My friends who own a ranch have chickens that are 10 years old that still lay eggs. They all live heavenly chicken lives wandering around the ranch picking larvae out of horse poo and getting sundry food scraps until they pass away of old age, misadventure, or, rarely, illness. Those are some of the best damn eggs I've ever tasted.


@Psychbucket <3 Jealous! Of the guilt-free egg eating, not so much the poo-picking. Thanks for the happy-chicken image. Muuch better.

Now imagining somewhat cartoonish examples of chicken misadventures...


@Lulu22 I have always liked this site: http://www.cornucopia.org/organic-egg-scorecard/

Lets you look up common brands of eggs and check how good the facilities are for the chickens. Not fool- or guilt-proof, but a start anyway.

fondue with cheddar

@TARDIStime I always assumed they would be used for pet food.


@Lulu22 I think you just have to find a farm you trust or can visit to see for yourself? Which is absolutely easier said than done in a lot of areas. I feel positively spoiled that I can get eggs from happy chickens from my produce delivery, a local grocery store, and a farmer's market I can sometimes catch if I leave work early enough. But if I didn't live near a large city, I don't know what my options would be. And even with the ones I do buy, I guess I'm not 100% sure they *are* happy chickens - I'm going on trust here, based on photos I've seen of the farms, the farmers themselves that I've met, or the general trustworthiness of the company I'm buying from.

FWIW, all of these options run me up to $5 a dozen.

I kind of assume that any of the big supermarket brands "cage free" labels are basically lies.


@Alli525 Thanks for that link! It looks awesome/helpful!


@fondue with cheddar Same here. I kind of assume any meat product that people don't want to eat goes into pet food. I mean, I've known people who have sold their deceased horses, etc. to dog food companies.

fondue with cheddar

They make your farts smell bad, though.


@fondue with cheddar ... Is that what that is? Oh dear. Back to yogurt for breakfast for me :(

fondue with cheddar

@stonefruit Eggs make your farts smell like sulfur! When I ate eggs for breakfast I used to have to drive to work with the window down.


@fondue with cheddar You're amazing.

fondue with cheddar

@meetapossum Thanks, I guess!


"Lying in bed, the egg takes a puff on its cigarette, turns to the chicken, and says 'Well, I guess that answers that question.'"

Judith Slutler

@stuffisthings i love that joke.

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