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“Champagne” Deviled Eggs?

1. Well, this one’s pretty straightforward. (And if the Calendar Lords are reading, I promise to do better in the coming months; you can have my first-born, regardless.)

2. Cut the top off a hard-boiled egg, pop/crumble-pick the yolk out, and mash it with your mix-ins of choice (here it’s mayo, mustard, and a Trader Joe’s yogurt dip thing, which was gross, but not inedible [haven’t yet found that], and it’s just an egg and it’s good to experiment? #Yolo –> #Yolk? You OnceĀ Live — Know?).

3. So yeah, this one’s a little loosey goosey, but then put it in a candlestick that sort of looks like the base of a champagne flute, and Photoshop some bubbles on top, as well as anything weird about your hand that you’d want to erase.

Big plans for February.

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