Wednesday, January 2, 2013


"Champagne" Deviled Eggs?

1. Well, this one's pretty straightforward. (And if the Calendar Lords are reading, I promise to do better in the coming months; you can have my first-born, regardless.)

2. Cut the top off a hard-boiled egg, pop/crumble-pick the yolk out, and mash it with your mix-ins of choice (here it's mayo, mustard, and a Trader Joe's yogurt dip thing, which was gross, but not inedible [haven't yet found that], and it's just an egg and it's good to experiment? #Yolo –> #Yolk? You Once Live — Know?).

3. So yeah, this one's a little loosey goosey, but then put it in a candlestick that sort of looks like the base of a champagne flute, and Photoshop some bubbles on top, as well as anything weird about your hand that you'd want to erase.

Big plans for February.

Previously: Snowman Deviled Eggs.

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Edith, what is weird about your hand?

Jane Marie

@wee_ramekin we may never know...


@wee_ramekin Ever seen The Princess Bride? Let's just say Edith got a lot of "You killed my father, prepare to die!" jokes when she was a kid.

Heat Signature

@wee_ramekin Toe thumbs. This could actually be a fun party game..."What is Wrong With Edith's Hand"?

Edith Zimmerman

@wee_ramekin Oh I just adjusted the tones so it looks less ragged-red-clawish. Oh, and

Lila Fowler

@wee_ramekin DRAKE thumb tattoo. "I'm on a 24 hour/champagne- egg diet/Photoshoppin' while I'm sippin'..."

fondue with cheddar

@Emby I got excited for a moment that you might be right. Polydactylism runs in my family so I'm always excited to know other people like me. (I was born with an underdeveloped sixth finger and my dad was born with a fully-firmed sixth toe.)


this is a rocking and rollicking good time!!!@m


"gross, but not inedible [haven't yet found that]"

The world has yet to produce a deviled egg I would not eat.


@melis Topped with hummus?


@melis I'm going to make a chamomile tea–soaked deviled egg topped with hummus.


@Emby Oh, hush.

fondue with cheddar

@melis There is only one way to make a bad deviled egg. Miracle Whip.


Am I the only one disappointed this is not a recipe to use up that awkward leftover champagne in the fridge? I am? Oh...


@@serenityfound Haha, I love that you use "awkward" as an adjective for your leftover champagne. I picture you opening the fridge, seeing it there, lowering your eyes and muttering "Oh God...sorry. Sorry I haven't-...I just-...sorry", and then painfully shutting the door.


@@serenityfound left over champagne? i don't understand.

fondue with cheddar

@@serenityfound Get yourself some apple cider and make spritzers! It tastes good with seltzer or ginger ale so I imagine it would be good with champagne too.


@@serenityfound mimosas are also delicious. I find them more delicious than champagne.


@wee_ramekin That....that is kind of exactly what is happening. "I'm sorry. I...I know you are delicious with that St. Germain over there. I just. I just can't right now."

@all I don't know that my stomach/liver wants to drink it mixed with anything, which is the main problem. Otherwise I'd be all up in some mimosas or St. Germain cocktails or spritzers.


@@serenityfound Or you could make champagne cupcakes!


@wee_ramekin yes yes yes. I will have to pick up some sour cream, but otherwise I think that might happen this weekend!


@@serenityfound My grandmother always tells me to put it in scrambled eggs. She says that about leftover crab cakes, too. I guess that's weird.


@Misselthwaite The eggs thing actually sounds pretty good, since it might result in the Platonic ideal of fluffy eggs. All other fluffy eggs flow from the Champagne Egg.

@wee_ramekin I made them and they are pretty tasty! They are super light (in both taste and texture), although the frosting is way sweet. And I made a pastry cream for the first time! I ended up with way too much of it because I wasn't sure how much filling should go into each cupcake lol


@@serenityfound Woah! Thank you so much for giving me an update on the champagne cupcakes! I haven't made them, so knowing that they turned out well makes me more apt to try. Glad they're tasty, and also glad that you no longer have to have ~~Awkward Champagne Encounters~~ every time you open your fridge.


Did anyone else see that horrifying episode of Monsters called "The Moving Finger" back in the early 90s? Where a finger comes up through the drain in a guy's bathroom sink and he eventually attacks it with a chainsaw?

No? Just me? Welp, you're welcome.


@wee_ramekin No, but I may have read the Stephen King story it was based on (unless there were two entirely unconnected stories with the same plot). It unfortunately then made me irrationally scared whenever I was in the bathroom. (Why do I even read Stephen King when I know it just leaves me imagining scary things?)


A Photoshopped bubble tutorial would be much appreciated.


I hope February is a groundhog made out of eggs


@Megano! I vote the Deviled March Hare for the month after.


@@serenityfound My vote is for Julius Caesar getting stabbed


@Megano! Little bits of yolk crumbles on the ground all around him. The other eggs holding bits of shell.


@@serenityfound pierced by like, 5 toothpicks


@Megano! I'm waiting for June, where Edith will obviously commemorate the storming of the beaches of Normandy.


@TheLetterL That sounds like a tablescape to me...hmmmm. Maybe Edith will pair up with Sandra Lee! #ohgodno


@wee_ramekin Oh yes.

Jak Down

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