Thursday, January 31, 2013


Try to Purchase "The Yellow Wallpaper"

Remember when we featured those gorgeous dioramas by Julia Callon? Well, Wondereur is making REASONABLY PRICED big prints available via their "large formats for small prices" program.

The site is a little hard to navigate, but there's nothing wrong with sliding haphazardly around some pretty pictures while trying to find something willing to take your credit card info, right?

I am still working on it. I think you click "Wondereur" in the bottom left, and then "buy art," but then there's nothing you can click on once you get there. Okay, I am trying to click on the painting I want. Nothing, it is not clickable. They want my email address. Then I have to confirm it via an email. Nothing is happening. I am downloading the iPad app. It is very beautiful, but there are no words. I think I am in a Portlandia sketch.

Literally 27 minutes later, I have succeeded in buying a print. Worth it! Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.

They are charming and open to suggestions, so I have suggested they soil their gorgeous splash page with a "click here to give us money in exchange for goods and services" button in a corner somewhere.

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Jane Marie

"Sometimes you have to suffer for your art." :)


Haha so original@y


A "buy art" link to nowhere is just... perplexing. Do they aspire to not just be artists, but starving artists?


@PatatasBravas Haha! Angelica from Wondereur here -- no, the starving part would be unintentional! See my comment below if you're interested in helping us out.


The Yellow Wallpaper is so scary I get tears in my eyes just looking at that picture. I don't think I'd ever sleep again if it were in my house. It's beautiful though!


curious: did you buy one image, or two? Somehow it doesn't have quite the same impact without the before and the after images -- though I can understand coming away with just the gloriously disheveled wallpaper image.

evil melis

I couldn’t help but notice
that the gate at the top of the stairs was ajar
which suggests to me
that a certain someone
has been going downstairs
can you think of who that might be?
Oh John I’m sorry
I called for you but no one was home
and I was so thirsty
you know that being downstairs makes you hysterical
I know
It’s called a rest cure for a reason, darling
Not a going downstairs cure
How right you are
you’d better stay in bed this time
or someone’s going to lose her sneezing privileges
I’m sorry
little goose

Charismatic Megafauna

I clicked through before reading this post and was immediately like, "IS THIS A PARODY SITE?!" I feel sad for the artists who probably actually want to sell their prints :(


"Error Establishing A Database Connection"

Perhaps it is actually performance art? A person's attempt to bring beauty to their life, met with futility, with ugly errors, with confusion.

Failed attempts. 404. Confusion, waiting, endlessly spinning circles in my browser tab emulating my path through my own thoughts.

Maybe eventually success...but then, once you obtain it...after it goes from a thing of beauty you anticipate arriving to your home, which you excitedly unwrap and delicately hang. You mention it to your friends, you send them on this same journey you were on.

And then, do you just let it become a thing that is there, part of the visual noise of your life? Or can you bring yourself to continue to see it anew? This is your choice.


@leon s Hahaha, I was just going to come here and say "Nicole, I think we crashed the site".

I like your explanation better.


@leon s Angelica here from Wondereur. I wish we could say it was an art piece, but no-- brilliant idea, though.


HA! They seem to have put in a "BUY" button! I love it. :D


@automaticdoor yes, but if you click on it it doesn't do much.


@iceberg Really? I was able to get to a billing address page before I lost interest* within about ten seconds.

*sadly did not have money for this gorgeous print


@automaticdoor Oh! maybe it depends on the browser.


@iceberg Maybe! I'm in Chrome. Hmmm.


Hi, it's Angelica here from the  Wondereur team -- first of all, Nicole, thanks so much for checking out our Julia Callon Wondereur Special Edition, and for buying a print. It's been a thrill for us to feature not only Julia's work, but the thinking, planning and fire-setting (yup) that goes into it.  We do hope that, on balance, your 27-minute experience was more pleasure than pain. You shouldn't have to suffer to buy art, and that's why, as painful as it was for us to read about your buying experience, we're really going to think hard about your suggestion. We launched as an iPad app linking storytelling and art collecting, then put up a web app, fast, so that non iPad-owners frustrated at not being able to access us could. Since we are designed as an iPad app experience, we recommend that, if you have an iPad, you download the app. It's free. Frankly, the web app is still in beta, which is why the read/buy, beauty/efficiency saw-offs aren't resolved. And you know what: we could really use your help improving the web app (and the iPad app, which we're always working on, too). We'd like to invite you, Nicole, and any Hairpin readers who are interested (you're such  a smart and funny bunch), to be part of an informal focus group we're going to throw together. You can email angelica@wondereur.com if you're interested. Thanks!

Nicole Cliffe

@Angelica Thanks, Angelica! We'll be happy to help. Yay, art.


Oooh ooh ooh, I would love prints of The Yellow Wallpaper ones. I have to wait until later, though--last time I bought art my boyfriend got grumpy that I didn't consult him on it. We live together, so it's understandable, but I was surprised. I mean, this one is objectively the best of the Dream of the Fisherman's Wife series, right? (At least he wasn't grouchy about me buying our first piece of erotic art, just that I didn't check with him on which piece of erotic art I was getting. But it was my Christmas present to myself, so nyeh.)


@frigwiggin: Oh God Oh God Oh God, I'll just stick to the Ukiyo-e.


ninifuni Try to Purchase "The Yellow Wallpaper"


just hiding, art which is not lost just hiding
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