Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Attention Sloppy Nail Polishers

Keeping nail polish off your skin is definitely the most incredible of many things you can do with this stuff I got the other day. Wonder if it works on eyelids? Chill! I'm just wondering.

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fondue with cheddar

Painter's tape for nails! That's brilliant.


Why are you so amazing?@t


Can you use vaseline or something similar for this purpose?


@parallel-lines Yep! I use vaseline when I'm painting my nails. :)

Edit: I'm not sure you can do a nice french manicure line like that (I kind of doubt it). It does work to keep it off your fingers/cuticles, though.

Jane Marie

@parallel-lines you can, but you wouldn't want to accidentally paint over the vaseline and get it on your brush. you can paint over this stuff and be messy, no problem.

Hot Doom

@parallel-lines Hmmm, Elmer's glue, perhaps? That way you get the satisfaction of peeling and clean cuticles?


@Hot Doom I was thinking the same thing--some glue and a q tip, super cheap.

RK Fire

The fact you can peel this off once you're done makes me wonder if I could do the same thing with a bottle of Elmer's glue.

RK Fire

@RK Fire I just realized the downside of this for messy nail painters like myself: if you're sloppy enough to paint your cuticles/fingers/toes when using nail polish, who's to say you're not sloppy enough to paint your actual nails when using Liquid Palisade (or glue)?

fondue with cheddar

@RK Fire I wondered the same thing. But on the plus side, if you mess up you can peel it off and start over.

When I was little, I had a mix-your-own-nail-polish kit where you could make custom colors. But it wasn't like regular nail polish; you could peel it off in one piece just like this stuff.


@RK Fire there's the rub! I was like... huh, nope, still to clumsy.

polka dots vs stripes

@RK Fire Yup, exactly.


Nail painting for me usually involves an on-hand capful of nail polish remover & q-tip. I think I need this.


@fabel I recommend a cheap angled paintbrush from a craft store. Get one that's short and as stiff as you can get. The friction from the bristles makes edge cleanup from your skin a breeze and fine details easy. (I used the Q-tip method for years, swirling and scrubbing the polish remover into the skin and switched to a brush about 2 months ago.)


My cousin once painted my eyelids with nail polish. NOT RECOMMENDED.


@meetapossum no no no no no. Although, full disclosure, when I was maybe twelve I painted my lips with acrylic paint, thinking I was being super brilliant because "it'll never wear off".

fondue with cheddar

@meetapossum One time I was at a party where some dude passed out, and people graffiti'd his entire body (clothing and skin) with red nail polish. Not only did they ruin his clothes, but imagine how much it hurt when he moved because of the hairs.


@everyone on this thread *tiny screams*


@meetapossum Ooohhhh my GOdddddddddddddssssss


Our parents used to call us Lucy and Ethel, but they couldn't determine who was who. The Nail Polish Incident decided it.


Also, one of you will surely know the answer to this: I got a mani/pedi this weekend at a different (read: more expensive) place than I usually do. (Because it's Dryanuary! So much disposable cash!) They used orange hot wax (??) on both my feet and hands. What is it??


@meetapossum It's a paraffin manicure! Did it make a noticeable difference? I've always been curious...


@Moshii@twitter Aha! Thank you! On my feet, it definitely did. Much softer than a normal pedicure. My hands were soft, too, but no more than a regular manicure. It's also hard to tell because I have weird soft baby hands.


it looks like you apply it the same way you do nail polish - so why would I be any less sloppy applying that to my cuticles? I'm picturing slopping it on so I don't get any on my cuticles, but then have big empty areas on my nails.
But then, I suck at applying nail polish.

fondue with cheddar

@BoatGirl If you mess up, you just peel it off and start over!


I just paint my nails at night and then pick off the nail polish that's on my skin in the morning. It's generally easy to get off, especially in the shower.


@VDRE yes, shower! that's my method as well!

all the bacon and eggs

@VDRE That's what I do, too. Actually, I'm even lazier; I just count on the shower to wash the excess paint away.


@all the bacon and eggs Yep, this is what I do. I can see this product's value for nail-arty type stuff, but I wouldn't bother with it just for the sake of neatness.

Kate Kane

@VDRE Same here - and then I laugh maniacally when a friends says I'm good at self-nail painting. All in the timing and showering!


Why does everyone have so much trouble spelling "voila"? NOT THAT HARD, PEOPLE.


@tweenymama Yes! This is super cool, but ARGH.

Voila! Voila! Voila! You can do it, everyone!

Jolly Farton

@tweenymama Vwooahla!


They were also having trouble with "your" versus "you're," so maybe it is that hard? (Yes, I am that jerk who gets all bent out of shape over these things, and then messes up the grammar in her own post and has to go back to edit it. Sigh.)


This looks like it would be a great supplement to the masking tape for water marbling, which I JUST LEARNED HOW TO DO AND AM SO STOKED ABOUT!

does it need saying

It sounds like it is just liquid latex, which FYI Jane is totally safe for face application.
Also, yay, cheaper :)
Also, also the only place I find that carries it is costume shops or adult shops, but maybe it could be found in random makeup places?
Thanks so much for the idea!


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