Wednesday, January 2, 2013


And We're Back

Happy 2013! Hopefully your New Year celebrations were exciting or otherwise memorable; please feel free to share any highlights (lowlights?) in the comments! Speaking of which, we also hope you enjoyed some of the Year in Highlights series that appeared here the past couple weeks.

In unrelated news is "xenointoxification," which is a link to an article about bedbugs, but the word — "poisoning the guest" — seems like it could be applied elsewhere, or would make an interesting needlepoint. Also unrelatedly, I dreamed this morning that I had written a post about Cindy McCain's doll collection, although she doesn't have one, as far as I can tell (but she apparently was once a paper doll), and it was disappointing because I was hoping to have new interests this year.

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We avoided the fiscal cliff!! Hooray!

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@Heat Signature Also I took my son sledding on New Year's Day, and then we went to my step-brother's house for dinner, which was AMAZING since he's a phenomenal cook and learned how to make Cajun food from his mother-in-law, who is Cajun.


Yo great :D@m


He has tracked women in his river-blindness programs who took ivermectin before realizing they were pregnant, he said, “and all their babies were cool.”

That's a pretty awesome side effect and should definitely be part of the eventual ad campaign.


@TheLetterL I know, right? I feel like maybe I should take some now, just to make sure this kid is cool.

Barry Grant


"Side effects may include cool kids, dizzyness, or shortness of breath.



So, I decided to call out sick on Monday so I could roadtrip with friends from Philly to Boston on Sunday then to Manhattan on Monday for New Year's.

Sunday morning: wake up feeling kinda meh.
Sunday night: all of a sudden, I sound like Kathleen Turner. Spend the whole night coughing up phlegm and alternating between shivering and burning up. My diagnosis: bronchitis! (Possibly from making out with someone in a bar on Friday, but I'm pretending it's from being in a germ-infested mall on Saturday.)
Monday: walk around Boston all day, chest burning from breathing cold air. Still have a good time!
Monday night: get to my friend's apartment in Astoria, find out my overnight bag got left in Boston, hopefully in my friend's apartment and not in the street. Am pissed, consider not going out because I have nothing to wear, say fuck it and borrow my skinny guy friend's flannel shirt, which ends up looking hot.
Later Monday: go to our other friend's apartment in Manhattan, watch the ball drop, I'm basically sober because alcohol tastes gross to me. Take a 35-minute cab ride to the club, where it's discovered that my guy friend has lost the debit card, ID, and cash of our girl friend, who entrusted it to his pockets because she didn't have a wristlet. Even though she still gets into the bar, drama ensues. Like, all night. Meanwhile, I'm sexting an old hookup and we make tentative plans for a bootycall. Immediately resolve to start doing yoga again.
Wee early hours of Tuesday: girl friend is still having a giant temper tantrum. I'm the only one willing to put up with her. We get back to the apartment, I take a no-face, no-nips boob shot for my sexting buddy, then sleep like a baby until the next morning.

Still sick and super glad this is all over. But a weird, fun weekend nonetheless.


I have always wanted to make a needlepoint sampler, but the closest I've ever come is a tiny 4x6 picture of Graceland I purchased at, well, Graceland.


"The technique is known as xenointoxication, which sounds like intergalactic beer pong but in medical pathology is Greek for “poisoning the guest.”"

Now I'm really wishing I'd played intergalactic beer pong on New Year's Eve. That's what they should have done in Times Square! Match up the Mars Rover against random partygoers and play the whole thing on the big screen!


Yay! Excited that the 'pin is back :) I'm going to re-post my comment from the previous thread, even though I've only just posted it, because I'm far too chuffed with myself over my behaviour:

This New Year's was pretty awesome, because my first act of 2013 was so cool and smooth you could pour it in a paper cup and call it a milkshake. I'd gone to a NYE cabaret with a friend (fun!) but we weren't really feeling the post-midnight dancing vibe, so went to get our coats. My previous year in romance had been fucking awful, and the cloakroom attendant was hot, so I leaned over and said "Excuse me, but at midnight I found myself without a handsome stranger to kiss. Any chance you could help me out?" and pointed at my lips. He looked me up and down, grinned, and replied "I think we can do something about that, yeah." So I got a lovely, soft kiss on the lips from a charming Londoner, we wished each other happy new year, and I spent the whole bus ride back to my friend's house gloating.


The best part of NYE for me was playing drinking games with a bunch of grown-ass adults and when pizza showed up at something like 12:15, a NEW YEAR'S MIRACLE


This morning's research reveals to me that "xenointoxication" is what got Genghis Khan's father killed (poisoned by the Tatars on his way home from dropping 9-yr-old Genghis off to live with his (GK's) future wife's family, in fact). Happy New Year, and be careful who you eat with!

lasso tabasco

New Years: Got all dressed up and pretty expecting to see current hookup at a friend's party. But alas! He was not there, no one had heard from him, and he STILL has not responded to my text message from that night. This may be the Disappearing Act! I've never actually experienced one before. It kind of sucks because JUST TELL ME IF YOU'RE DONE WITH IT SO I CAN GET IT ELSEWHERE.


I got my little sister drunk on champagne and we watched Rocky Horror with my husband and a few friends. It was pleasant :)

Claire Lovell

i got engaged on New Year's, so that was awesome.

Nicole Cliffe


Claire Lovell

@Nicole Cliffe !!! :)

tea sonata

HEY. My new years was actually ok, and uneventful in a good way. House Part of people I didn't know who were nice guys, many silly photos taken, no hangover. Score.

Also - I don't know where to put this, because I lost the necessary e-mail address. Not to seem like a GRABBY-HANDS-BRAT but my Winter Surprise Secret Santa hasn't arrived. Not sure what to do - is this still ongoing? :/

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