Friday, January 11, 2013


An Extremely Specific Pop Culture Update

Jurassic Park, the defining filmic event of a generation, is going to be on IMAX 3D for one week beginning April 5th to commemorate its 20th anniversary (insert gasp of shock).

More importantly, the little boy from said film is now the surprisingly yummy charismatic snake-handling Preacher Billy on the new season of Justified.

The music for Justified is done by Steve Porcaro, whose name is instantly recognizable to anyone who studied the super-helpful Wikipedia infographic on the members of Toto.

And, finally, Grantland has the important background reading for any Jurassic Park rewatch:

The T. rex is a series of small gestures. Watch her pupil constrict, a touch Spielberg borrowed from E.T. Watch her breath fog up the windows. What she's doing — and what the raptors will do later in Jurassic Park — is giving a performance. My god, Dr. Grant, she's acting! And "she" doesn't just consist of Dennis Muren's brilliant computer effects. The computers tag-teamed with Stan Winston's 13,000-pound model, which was dragged onto Warner Brothers' Stage 16 for the shoot. The rex model was fully digitized, but Winston and his team often insisted on controlling it manually so they could get the nuance. It "acted its ass off," Winston said later.

Oh, and Patton Oswalt is on Justified now. He's also going to be on The Newsroom, but that's a different story and will be told another time.

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maybe partying will help

I love everything about this post.


adorable :)@j


JUSTIFIED, YES. It is such an wonderful show and no one I know watches it! WHYYYY.

Think we'll see more Wynona this season? I hope not.


@Sorbee She's on another show (The Following, on Fox), so probably very little of her.

Edith Zimmerman

I did actually gasp at that point!


@Edith Zimmerman That's exactly what I was coming here to say, there was actual gasping already happening!


I work at a natural history museum & staff are frequently known to wax poetic on the halcyon days of Jurassic Park's initial release. "Business will never be that good ever again," they sigh.


I saw the trailer for Jurassic Park 3-D in front of Life of Pi yesterday and I almost burst into tears. But for a totally different reason than I cried the first time I saw Jurassic Park in the theaters (that was because I was fucking TERRIFIED). I am there.

Ten Thousand Buckets

I love Jurassic Park. 3D makes me barf. >:(

Here is one of my favorite Jurassic Park related things: http://youtu.be/-w-58hQ9dLk


@Ten Thousand Buckets I knew what that was before I even went to the link. Melodicaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ten Thousand Buckets

@Emby Some days I just listen to it over and over...


@Ten Thousand Buckets YES. I am trying not to laugh so hard that I cry just thinking about it!


@Ten Thousand Buckets This video made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to throw up.

fondue with cheddar

No...it can't be 20 years old. I WAS IN COLLEGE WHEN THE MOVIE CAME OUT.

How old do you have to be before stuff like this stops blowing your mind?


@fondue with cheddar I think roughly eleventy. I'm on the cusp of 60 and am astonished on a daily basis at how long it has been since things happened.

I am also astonished I am still alive, but that is another story indeed.

fondue with cheddar

@WineRanger Congratulations on still being alive!

I find that the weirdest thing about getting older (I'm on the cusp of 40, myself) is when old famous/significant people die. When you're little and you hear about somebody dying, you have no idea who they are. And the older you get, the more of them you know, and the greater the chance that you will feel a void in the world where they used to be.


@fondue with cheddar So true. There are a few people who were still around when I was in my 20's (an age that I feel is entirely appropriate for dropping everything and going on adventures) that I often thought, "I should hunt them down and try to meet them."

Well, I didn't, and they died, so now I obsessively read everything I can about them.

Not only am I still alive, I feel pretty damn good. When my past actions are taken into account, it's a miracle.

fondue with cheddar

@WineRanger There are so many healthy people who die young, and unhealthy people who live long. I figure you might as well just do what feels right to you and enjoy your life. I wish I could say I felt pretty damn good, but considering my past (and current) actions I suppose I should feel much worse. So I'll chalk that up as a win. :)

I wish I'd dropped everything and gone on adventures when I was in my twenties! I was too busy trying to survive on my own and I've never been a risk-taker. But now I'm dating a man who did exactly that when he was young, and we plan on having our own adventures together. I need to breaking out of my comfort zone, and he's just the person to help me do it.


@fondue with cheddar Hooray! I met my husband when I was just forty. We have had many adventures and laugh every day. Yeah, there's grumpy talk every day, but mostly we have fun. Best of luck.

fondue with cheddar

@WineRanger That sounds wonderful. :) My relationship is pretty amazing but it has its grumpy moments as well. If it didn't I'd be worried!


Jurassic Park is one of few movies that I will watch EVERY time I see it's on TV. I think I would lose my sh-t if I watched it in 3-D.

maybe partying will help


Goldblum's torso in 3D.


@maybe partying will help I have a weird relationship with Goldblum because he vaguely reminds me of my dad, but also I am attracted to him and I don't know what that MEANS.

I just have a lot of feelings, okay?

maybe partying will help


I kinda have a similar thing with Liam Neeson. He doesn't remind me of my dad, but I simultaneously want him to BE my dad and also to make out with me, so. So. ?


@thatgirl When I first met some of my friends, we were talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I mentioned finding Giles attractive but also sort of wanting him to be my dad. They still reminisce about that.

Princess Slayer

@maybe partying will help I'm really glad I didn't know this before we watched Love Actually together.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys Me too! And over here (UK) they show it about four times a week over the Christmas TV wasteland period, so I am always happy. This year though, the TV schedulers realised how rubbish the second one was and just showed 1 and 3, alternatiing nights, every night for a week. If it's about in 3D in the UK I am totally there!


Guys! Speaking of older movies being made 3D and released for a week in IMAX - TOP GUN will be released! TOP GUN, you guys! Young, pre-crazy Tom Cruise... unnnfff.


Well, well, you are right, Tim from Jurassic Park grew up to be a fox. How bout that.


PS; speaking of Jurassic park, I just wanted to make sure you guys had all seen this amazing video.

Judith Slutler

Jurassic Park on the big screen? I'd be into this!


I was I guess 6 when Jurassic Park came out, and I was soooooooo mad my parents wouldn't let me see it. I fucking loved dinosaurs. I got out of dinosaurs a little later, just as the feathers thing was becoming a big deal, and since then all of the dinosaurs are covered in feathers and I'm actually very down with that.

Valley Girl

They re-released it in the UK awhile ago and tumblr transmuted that into a hoax/rumor that it was happening in the US too. I'm pretty sure the rabid excitement over the rumor was the motivation for them to actually do it.

Now they just need to really bring back Courage the Cowardly Dog and Powerpuff Girls and tumblr hoaxes will be fully redeemed.

Nicole Cliffe

My parents talked for two weeks about whether I was old enough to see Jurassic Park when it came out, and it was such a point for pride for me that now I watch it like three times a year, proudly, because I am Old Enough.

But, guys, REALLY, watch Justified. It has amazing female characters and Timothy Olyphant is great and it makes you forget that Deadwood is gone, because there is literally an actor from Deadwood (besides Timothy!) in every episode.

And I hate The Newsroom. Just, you know, in case you thought I was getting soft on it.

Jane Err

@Nicole Cliffe I was way too young to see Jurassic Park in the theater. But Dad still took me, and I'll have you know I only cried once.

The Dilettantista

@Jane Err I was also too young and spent the second half of the movie curled up in my mother's lap whimpering, and now I love this movie so much. They showed it at a retro night here and I heard a noise behind me during the film and saw a little girl, about the age I was when it came out, curled up in her mother's lap whimpering. I saw her in the bathroom after and told her that I thought the dinosaurs were scary when I was little too, but now I love the movie and one day she will also. THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.


@Nicole Cliffe Can we talk about Ava for a second? I love that she's risen to Boyd's second-in-command at Harlan Oxy & Hookers Inc. and how much more comfortably she fit in with the Crowders and Arlo than she ever did as Raylan's girlfriend. I'm for any show that features women who are as morally compromised as the men.


@Nicole Cliffe Nicole, let us not forget that scene in Season One when Timothy Olyphant answered the door early in the morning shirtless with his jeans slung so far down another couple of inches would have me orgasming on the couch. sigh


The Jurassic Park score is my favorite score of any movie ever. The only thing I can still play on the flute from when I was in high school band, besides a b-flat scale, is that melody.


@Inconceivable! I can play it on the flute too!!!!! haha

Jane Err

Nearest IMAX theater: 5 hours away. [quiet sobs].

The Dilettantista

I am going to see this movie in IMAX 3-D so hard.


@The Dilettantista If i don't get a ticket to this, I am going to flip every table in NYC.


@crawdad (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I have never watched Jurassic Park save for seeing bits of it when it's on TV at Christmas and suchlike. I feel like a bit of a freak for this. (I was three when it came out! I wouldn't have had a clue what was going on.)

Prescription Pants

My friend had a New Year's resolution to go all year without getting the Jurassic Park theme stuck in her head. I think she made it to 8:30 AM?


It is amazing to watch Justified. I love that show as much as I love juracik park.

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