Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A Year on Paper

Here are some pretty "Old Calendars That Will Work Fine in 2013" (after you cross out the old year and replace it with "2013"). "The Big Four Route" one is readable and has some ex'lent abbreviations.

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My sister gave me a 1974 calendar for Christmas! It's a Sesame Street calendar, and January is "Measuring Month".

fondue with cheddar

@BlueberryFranklin 1974 was the year I was booooorn! Now I want to find a 1974 calendar! What month is March on your Sesame Street calendar?


@fondue with cheddar I'll look when I get home and let you know!


@fondue with cheddar March is Alphabet Month! The only notable date on it (and not on other calendars) is March 20, which is Big Bird's birthday.


that is a great@m

baked bean

Aw dang, if only I hadn't thrown away my 2002 calendar!

fondue with cheddar

Those are some interesting abbreviations.

Off topic, but does anyone else get annoyed when people use three-letter abbreviations for all the days of the week except Tues. and Thurs.? There are perfectly good three-letter abbreviations for all the days! Nobody will get confused if you write Tue. and Thu. Why does it bother me so much? Actually, I know why—because it's neater when they're all the same. But I wish it didn't!


@fondue with cheddar will it help to think of it as the first syllable of each day, instead of the first three letters? Wednesday is a little tricky, but I think it works.

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