Thursday, January 17, 2013


2+ Beds, 1.5 Baths, $200K-???

"When I start, I look in my price range, then I go to $100,000 above my price range, and before I know it, I am looking at houses that cost $1.8 million," says Tegan, who shuttles between Vancouver and Los Angeles with her longtime girlfriend. (The Quins maintain fairly separate lives when they're not working.) "I find it soothing; it's like porn," wryly adds Sara, who divides her time between New York and Montreal. Tegan rolls her eyes at her sister's reference and says, "I wouldn't know."

Tegan and Sara are just like us?

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fruiting body

Hairpin, you're in my brain! I've been on a serious Tegan and Sara kick all week and cannot wait for their new album.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@fruiting body YES. My ladyfriend ordered the vinyl version of their new album for me for Christmas and I can't stand the wait. We saw them play a couple weeks ago and I just stood and stared and sort of swayed.

fruiting body

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Ahhh so jealous. If they tour here I am definitely going to splurge and go see them - I miss them last round and am still sad about it.


thats actually really cool@k


Yessssssssssssssssss, Tegan has short hair again!!

Er, I mean, what an interesting article that I will now read.


Is this where we complain about real estate prices? I'd sacrifice a goat for a 2/1.5 for 200K. (Note, I would not move to a less expensive place)


@garli THIS. to be a homeowner, I apparently have two options: move so far out of town the commute begins to exceed the time I spend *at* work, or (continue) to spend ALL THE MONEY on a place where I can bike to work (and groceries, and friend-homes). Neither is appealing, but I'm certainly not going to move to Kelowna (not to mention my bf and I both have jobs that really only exist in large cities and cannot telecommute)


@Erryoudite Do you live in Vancouver? Because holy hell.

I'm like "hey, mom, build a laneway house and I will move in even though I like you better when we have half a city between us most of the time."


@garli Seriously. My parents live on the outskirts of a dying shell of a rust belt industrial city... where you can buy a large, newish, detached home on multiple forested acres for $200k. You can't get a 2bd condo in a grimy subrurb for that that kind of money where I live. Does that mean I will be moving to their neighborhood anytime soon? Nay!


@blueblazes Right? I love where I live. 200k here would get you a mobile home that needs a lot of work. I wish I was kidding. 400k for a 1/1 condo where you can hear your neighbors sneeze.

Hiroine Protagonist


Buying a home in Vancouver - only possible with a lottery win/inheritance. Screw it, keep renting and invest money (if you have any left, jeebus) other places. Real estate is not the only investment. But landlords suck. But I can't move because Canadian winter. We're stuck.


I totally do that on RedFin.com all the time. Start in my range... end up looking at ridiculous rich people homes in New England...


I wonder if Sara now automatically sits on Tegan's left (or Tegan on Sara's right) in photo shoots in order to make captioning easier.


@florabora I wondered this exact thing.


Also, I've been playing I Was A Fool on repeat, it's SO GOOD.


They have real cute singing faces in the "Closer" video


I enjoy looking at the houses that would surely be in my price range if they were located in Midwestern college towns, but are $700k - $1M in my area. HelLO, 3-bedroom bungalows in livable condition.


@cuminafterall Oh we must be neighbors.

Rehan Kapoor

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