Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Which Carrie Are You?

"Carrie" — short for Character — seems to be having a moment in pop culture right now (i.e. 1900 – present). Which one are you?

Where do you live?

New York.
Chicago, mostly.

What's your real name, besides Character?


What are you best at?

Getting dressed.
Meeting guys.

In your spare time, you ...

Watch live feeds of men you like via cameras you installed in their homes.
Spend time with your mother.
Not-eat brunch with friends you hate.
Talk to guys.

There's no right answer, there's just the Carrie that you are.



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Regina Phalange

Honestly, having finished her book, I think this is the Carrie I most aspire to be


@Regina Phalange Any list of Carries that doesn't include Carrie Fisher is automatically invalid.


WooW! :) <333@a


I really am better at getting dressed than the other three things. :( (Well, actually, obsession comes in a close second.)


@frigwiggin I feel like telekinesis would make me a better (and faster) dresser.


I am having a pretty Carrie Mathison kinda week and yeah...white wine and pills.

Edith Zimmerman

@parallel-lines And now I'm going to think of white wine next time someone makes one of those "what would so and so do" acronyms... White Wine Uncle Jesse Do. White Wine Jesus Do?


@parallel-lines I am having a total Carrie White kinda week, crucifixes and pigs' blood and all, ugh.


@Edith Zimmerman We need to make bracelets that smell like pinot grigio!

Edith Zimmerman

@parallel-lines ... because they're filled with pinot grigio?


@Edith Zimmerman I think we just hit a killer business concept here!

Snowy Owl Love Killer

Ahh! This is so appropriate to be posted on my birthday. Of course, there's also the infinitely more awesome Kerry... Not quite a character though.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@Snowy Owl Love Killer Happy (now belated) birthday!!!

Snowy Owl Love Killer

@sudden but inevitable betrayal Thank you!

Carrie Hill Wilner

We amass. Chattering clusters become impenetrable phalanxes. You will all fall. Everything will fall.

The Lady of Shalott

I've been sickish lately and feeling more like Carrie Ingalls circa Little Town on the Prairie--like I may faint at any moment.


@The Lady of Shalott I'll go stand at the blackboard for you, don't worry!


@The Lady of Shalott Alright, I wanted to "Like" but that seemed mean considering you're sick. But I laughed; you had me at "Carrie Ingalls"!


Remember when people used to make Facebook pages for pop culture "causes" like Team Jennifer or TNG was the best Star Trek, etc.? Yeah, mine had four members and was called "Carrie is the correct spelling."

Springtime for Voldemort

@SuperGogo "Remember when"? Wait, are those over? My god, the world really IS coming to an end.


@SuperGogo I have a good friend named Cari (seriously that's her entire first name) and she has been subjected to a life of constant corrections...


I wouldn't really call it meeting guys


Sister Carrie 4eva.


@thisisunclear I don't know if I'd like to BE that particular Carrie but she is my favorite Carrie nonetheless.


I am yours, TRULY.


Who's the last Carrie?


@Bess OH man, thanks for asking.


@thisisunclear Oo, free book. Thanks!


I'm Carrie Nation. Wait. . .no, that may not be entirely appropriate.

Jolly Farton

I'm a Carrie whose name is Carrie!

Carrie is my least favorite out of all the SATC characters. But I do love Carrie Underwood. I refuse to see the movie and wish people would stop mentioning the movie when I introduce myself. Also no one knows Carrie in Four Weddings and a Funeral

Lot of opinion about Carries!

Jolly Farton

@lilly pilgrim Oh no revealing too much personal info on the webz

Jolly Farton

@lilly pilgrim But I couldn't resist! A Hairpin post about my own kind! So psyched


@lilly pilgrim I KNOW. WHY do they KEEP ON remaking that movie? I feel like I'll never escape it.

Jolly Farton

@WILLOWW They made a musical or something (?! who knows, still refusing even to Google it), and my friend was like, hey I have an extra ticket, wanna see it with me? and of course I said NOPE what are you even thinking


@lilly pilgrim Count me in as another Carrie who has never seen Carrie. I've owned a copy for like 12 years though - on vhs. Someday maybe...


@BossyBottom I don't (can't) watch horror, so I'll never see it.


@lilly pilgrim I'm another Carrie who has never seen Carrie, even though it came out the year I was born. My parents swear that it had nothing to do with naming me! Also, since we're both Carries and we both have Wallace and Gromit profile pics (Shaun!), I felt it was only right to send a holla! your way.

Jolly Farton

@SuperGogo AHH SuperGogo sent me a holla!! Whooo hoooo viva Shaun and Gromit!


(very bad at "playing things cool")


@lilly pilgrim I also love Wallace and Gromit. It's evident we all share a deep bond. Carries who have never seen Carrie should be the theme of the next Pinup. Our first order of business will be to use our collective telekinetic powers to will those movies out of existence (that's how tk works of course)

Jolly Farton


I imagine Carrie Hill Wilner will be our leader (^see her comment above)


@lilly pilgrim We shall be a Carrie Nation! (See what I did there?)

Jolly Farton

@SuperGogo I'm ashamed to admit when I first saw her name on this thread, I didn't realize it was referring to a person........... pls don't take away my membership


I spend a lot of time attempting to listen to jazz in order to relax. Then I just say screw it and grab a bottle of wine. Carrie M all the way.I don't even like jazz.


The right answer is Carrie Brownstein

Dirty Hands

HEY, what about Laura Ingalls Wilder's sister?! Maybe she was born in the wrong century but HEY.


Is it just me, or by getting to the end of this thread do you feel like Carrie is no longer a name or even a word?

New Hoarder

@cmcm YES. My sister is a Carrie, and now I am scared on her based on the letters in *that* order in her name alone. What are you, odd word?!


I'm slightly uncomfortable with how instantly and easily I recognize myself in the Carrie with the pig's blood.


I got mostly As, so, Bradshaw right?


After reading all these comments the word Carrie looks really funny to me.


This is good, but I really wanted one of the Carries to be Carrie Nation.


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