Tuesday, December 18, 2012


What Have You Done for ____ Lately?

Julia Roberts guest starred on Law & Order back when she was dating Benjamin Bratt. There are many ways that could've come about, but the funnest one to consider is that she just freakin' LOVED Law & Order, and rightly so.

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Jeannette Fang@twitter

I definitely remember freaking out when I saw her guest-starring in that episode. And then I realized how badly she was acting. Oh man, she was pretty bad


omg yaws love this <3@a


In Fun Facts Related to Benjamin Bratt's L&O Character, Jennifer Garner is the woman with whom he cheats on his wife.

(The episode where he cheats is also pretty much the saddest episode of the series, if you're a fan of Lenny Briscoe. (Or, you know, Claire Kincaid, who dies in a car crash while Lenny's driving her home. But let's be serious. It's all about Briscoe.))

Personal philosophy: If L&O isn't rerun-ing on at least 2 channels at once during the day, things just aren't right.


@iknowright "Of course I need to watch this L&O rerun for the 20th time- what if it turns out differently this go around?!"

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