Friday, December 7, 2012


"We have a file. We have a total file."

Here's a deleted [Ed. — But it's right here in my hands?] scene from Girls. Can you relate?

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Say what you like about Lena Dunham, she is excellent at writing believably awful characters.


@darklingplain And she's the best at writing and performing those moments when someone says something strange or off-putting and you hesitate before reacting and the moment just. hangs. there.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

I cannot relate, because when I worked in a cupcake shop, all the super cool bakers would hang out in the back and I'd be up front all by myself like a chump folding boxes and trying not to get murdered by brides-to-be and their terrible mothers. CUPCAKE SHOPS ARE ROUGH.

every tomorrow@twitter

@sudden but inevitable betrayal The other week I was at a cupcake shop (whose brilliant idea was it to put that cupcake shop between my therapist's office and the bus stop, seriously?) and there was a guy standing in the cupcake-working-on area with like 800 unfrosted cupcakes and a giant tub of pink frosting muttering about how much he hated cupcakes.

We had a nice conversation about how one gets burnt out on cupcakes after frosting the zillionth one. It was good times.


@every tomorrow@twitter -I'm willing to take on the challenge of eating a zillion cupcakes and seeing if I ever get sick of them.


I like this scene, because there are free cupcakes.


God. Say what you want about Lena Dunham, I love this show.

Jolly Farton

Say what you like about Lena Dunham, but hi.


@lilly pilgrim - Can someone tell me what people will say about Lena Dunham?

Jolly Farton

@KeLynn Let me know if you hear of anything


I love this show, and i thoroughly enjoy following Lena Dunham on twitter, but i suspect that this scene was cut at least in part because most people can't identify with it at all. When have you ever followed up on a resume (especially at retail/service jobs) and been met with sassy honest advice from a cute ragtag group of employees? Never, because you were met with boredom or annoyance or indifference or fake sincerity.

But also: yay, season 2, almost!


@deanna I don't know about that, but I can relate to applying for a job you thought you'd totally be a shoe-in for and getting, "eh, no" in response.

I never got any free cupcakes, though.

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