Friday, December 7, 2012


"We have a file. We have a total file."

Here's a deleted [Ed. — But it's right here in my hands?] scene from Girls. Can you relate?

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Say what you like about Lena Dunham, she is excellent at writing believably awful characters.


@darklingplain And she's the best at writing and performing those moments when someone says something strange or off-putting and you hesitate before reacting and the moment just. hangs. there.


In episode 3, Hannah goes over to Shoshanna's apartment in the middle of the day. They're watching that Jerry Springer Baggage show, and Hannah says one of her baggage confessions would be that she ate a few cupcakes in Shosh's bathroom a minute before. Maybe that's it? Kind of makes that scene sadder, if it is.@n

sudden but inevitable betrayal

I cannot relate, because when I worked in a cupcake shop, all the super cool bakers would hang out in the back and I'd be up front all by myself like a chump folding boxes and trying not to get murdered by brides-to-be and their terrible mothers. CUPCAKE SHOPS ARE ROUGH.

every tomorrow@twitter

@sudden but inevitable betrayal The other week I was at a cupcake shop (whose brilliant idea was it to put that cupcake shop between my therapist's office and the bus stop, seriously?) and there was a guy standing in the cupcake-working-on area with like 800 unfrosted cupcakes and a giant tub of pink frosting muttering about how much he hated cupcakes.

We had a nice conversation about how one gets burnt out on cupcakes after frosting the zillionth one. It was good times.


@every tomorrow@twitter -I'm willing to take on the challenge of eating a zillion cupcakes and seeing if I ever get sick of them.


I like this scene, because there are free cupcakes.


God. Say what you want about Lena Dunham, I love this show.

Jolly Farton

Say what you like about Lena Dunham, but hi.


@lilly pilgrim - Can someone tell me what people will say about Lena Dunham?

Jolly Farton

@KeLynn Let me know if you hear of anything


I love this show, and i thoroughly enjoy following Lena Dunham on twitter, but i suspect that this scene was cut at least in part because most people can't identify with it at all. When have you ever followed up on a resume (especially at retail/service jobs) and been met with sassy honest advice from a cute ragtag group of employees? Never, because you were met with boredom or annoyance or indifference or fake sincerity.

But also: yay, season 2, almost!


@deanna I don't know about that, but I can relate to applying for a job you thought you'd totally be a shoe-in for and getting, "eh, no" in response.

I never got any free cupcakes, though.

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