Friday, December 14, 2012


Uneventful Horizons

"In chatting with colleagues after a talk this week, Joe Polchinski said he’d love to fall into a black hole. Most theoretical physicists would."
Black holes: the perfect gift for most theoretical physicists on your shopping list. Did you know that none of their theories about what would happen if you fell in make any sense, even to them? There's time to figure it out, though. Maybe. 

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Two thoughts.
1. This at first sounds slightly suicidal to me.
2. Joe is a really nice dude and doesn't seem at all suicidal. (Because it turns out I know him)


I just discovered this and it's very good@a


I bet I would also love to fall into a black hole. What if it's amazing?!


@Lucienne I would like to watch someone else fall into a black hole and record in detail what happens, but I have no desire to fall into one, because I'm 99% sure that the subjective experience would go like this: 1.) brief, sudden, horribly searing pain. 2.) death.

fondue with cheddar

Theoretically, so would I.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Ugh, theoretical physicists. I got sucked into an article this morning about how some believe that we are living in a simulation created by our non-human descendants who are trying to figure out their own genetic history.

fondue with cheddar

Black holes, ossuaries, ghost stories, hobbits, homosexual fish...best Hairpin week ever?

Oh, and snowman deviled eggs.

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