Friday, December 28, 2012


Shellebrate Good Times

Previously: The Guitar Lesson.

Sara Lautman draws funnies and illustrations.

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Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Nothing has made me click "READ MORE" faster than "I pilfered five eggs from the fridge."


@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I'm sure It will help you to boost up GATE Results 2014.


Always on point@j

Hot Doom

So is this thread gonna be the makeshift FOT? Because that's cool. And if so HAPPY NEW YEAR! (early)...(I like saying it though and I like you guys, so let's put it together).


@Hot Doom I'm trying to figure out. Not to be ungrateful for the egg story but....I have things I need to discuss in FOT!


@KeLynn Spill the beans! I don't think an FOT is a'coming, if last week is an indication. Are we supposed to learn self-reliance this holiday season? Internet, are you trying to teach me a lesson?

Puppy in a cup

@Hot Doom I agree with @adorable-eggplant. Let's get this FOT party started!


@Hot Doom Let's make it the FOT! Partly so that I can say: THANK YOU, Secret Winter Surprise gifter wallsdonotfall, your gifts were excellent! I am wearing the Captain America earrings right now and got complimented on them at work today, and I look forward to wearing the spaceship ones soon!


@Hot Doom @Elsajeni I am so sad the FOT is at a temporary (oh please god let it be temporary) standstill. BUT! I am super excited to hear that so far the Secret Winter Surprise has gone swimmingly! Mostly.


@KeLynn Go for it. My interest is piqued.


@Statham @adorable-eggplant Blech. It's nothing super important/interesting, I just needed cool lady opinions on stupid shit! I was hoping someone could give me information about Sephora "customized makeup application" before NYE (specifically, do they just slap stuff on your face or actually teach you things), I wanted input from motorcycling 'pinners on some kevlar jeans, I wanted to talk about winter alternatives to flat boots + skinny jeans (since many people railed against them in a thread a while ago but no one really talked about the alternatives and my fashion sense has run dry). I forget everything else I wanted to talk about I have forgotten, but was similarly superficial I'm sure.


@KeLynn I can't help you out with the Sephora or the motorcycle thing, but I think it's fine to wear pants and boots. Currently, it's a fashion trend that's functional. I'm stoked that the whole wide-leg-jeans-trailing-on-the-floor deal is over. I can keep my pants dry in my boots and the bottom unfrayed.

BUT I also do a lot of warm skirts/dresses with sweater tights. Mine are nice and thick, and I got them at Kohl's. I also have a few pairs from Marshall's. To keep my feet warm, I just wear thick socks over them. Not sure if that helps, but it's what I do. :D


@KeLynn I've had some make-up done at the clinique counter and they put on make-up but no teaching. as for the winter look, I do the skinnies and boots because of function in a really slushy city. A few years ago I did the sweater dresses thing. Not sure why I haven't bought any new ones. thanks @statham.


@KeLynn I find that if you're honest with the Sephora people and let them know you'd like more of a how-to session, they're happy to oblige. I had a really nice guy do that for me once when I was unexpectedly meeting friends for drinks after work. He was VERY helpful!


@Statham @theotherginger I definitely love the skinnies + boots look - it's basically what I wear every day in the winter! I just sometimes wish I had a little variety and since so many people said they did not prefer that look in a recent thread, so I figure there must be some alternative that I am being oblivious to, for on those days I'm sick of wearing my skinnies+boots for the 200th time in a row!

@RubeksCube - Thanks! I know there are a million youtube tutorials out there, but I feel like I've mastered the basics. What I want now is for someone to look at my face and say "I am applying this product in this specific way on you because your face is X shaped or your proportions are Y." I mean, I know how highlighter/bronzer/etc work, but I also know you can apply them very different ways depending on your features and I am totally out of the loop on those face-specific decisions, you know? Arg! Womanhood!

@Statham - Sweater tights! What! (*runs off to google and acquire*)


I'm down for making this the FOT. My friends are coming over for a sleepover and I'm so excited! I haven't seen them since the summer (moving away sucks) but yay for coming home for the holidays.


Christmas is aPOACHing... <3 <3 <3.

Sara, I always love your comics when they show up on the Hairpin. The faces in the fourth panel? Amazing!



Heat Signature

Can this also be the thread where I bitch about getting screwed by the Secret Santa game almost every year that I play? Because I almost always get really shitty Secret Santas who clearly can't be bothered and just give me some crap they've picked up at the corner store. NOT TO SOUND UNGRATEFUL OR ANYTHING (also I put a lot of effort into my Secret Santa stuff so I'm disappointed when others don't).


guyyyyssss.... we had the pollyanna at my husband's family's house this weekend, and it had a $20 limit, and I somehow lucked out and got a kiehl's gift pack worth at LEAST $100 (one of his cousins had put it in as a regift because they're clearly INSANE). I'm glowing. literally.


I like Friday's anonymous note.

Lumpy Space Princess

Sara, you're my drawing hero. Seriously, <3 u Sara!


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Shellebrate Good Times


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