Thursday, December 6, 2012


Or, "A Reason to Finally Buy That Miele"

I hate to be alarmist — just ask my husband ("What does your wife hate to be?" "Well, alarmist, cold, scared or late.") — but it seems your couch has figured out another way to kill you: by releasing carcinogenic flame retardent particles into your house. Don't bother Googling "what year PBDE invented?" or "began using PBDE in furniture?" because you won't find what you're looking for. Supposedly vacuuming will help, but that sounds like a lot of work and also not true, right?


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If I don't have a couch in my cubby-hole of a studio apartment, I can leave my dust bunnies be until they slowly consume me whole, right? RIGHT?


Seems like a better policy to ditch the couch and buy some organic pillows and blankets to sit on instead.@n

Edith Zimmerman

Wait, you got married?

: )

Jane Marie

@Edith Zimmerman jealous.


So, since you can't find out what flame retardant was used on your furniture this is just one more thing to worry about that we can't control, yes?


My husband and I moved into a house in July and the previous owner (who was the sweetest lady in the world) left her Miele vacuum. I'm not sure if she meant to, but she hasn't tried to get it back, and we've definitely been taking advantage of it. It's amazing! I've never understood expensive vacuum cleaners, but it seems like a good investment after using one. There really is a difference.


@lagreen My parents moved into a place with a built-in vacuum system, and gave me their Miele. I use it in my tiny apartment and it's such overkill but so amazing.


@lagreen My mother also gave me her old Miele when the rug attachment broke and the repair man convinced her that the replacement part available for her elderly model wasn't as good as the new model (whatever, it worked out for me), and I too find it amazing. I went from someone who hates cleaning to actually *ENJOYING* vacuuming. Yes you heard that right, all of you. <3 my Miele.

fondue with cheddar

There was a couch in one of the lounges in college that was so old the foam was disintegrating. If you pounded on it, fine dust would fly into the air. They called it "the pestilence couch". I guess that wasn't too far off.

Angry Panda

I never vacuum, but it's okay because I had cancer already and I can't get it again. Isn't that how it works?


@Angry Panda That's what I'm hoping too....


Buy an organic wool couch? Really spendy, but wool doesn't burn and you don't need all those chemicals, which are also in your mattress, BTW. We splurged on a hippy dippy organic mattress with no flame retardants and LOVE it.

Lucifer Williams

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