Thursday, December 13, 2012


I'll Have What He or She Is Having

In fish and in the character of Captain Jack Harkness, science trudges forward bravely into the truth:

Here, we demonstrate that males of the tropical freshwater fish Poecilia mexicana increase their attractiveness to females not only by opposite-sex, but likewise, through same-sex interactions. Hence, direct benefits for males of exhibiting homosexual behaviour may help explain its occurrence and persistence in species in which females rely on mate choice copying as one component of mate quality assessment.

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Aw, man. Torchwood isn't a good show, but God, do I love it.


@melis It doesn't NEED to be good. There are many pretty people on the screen, being snarky.


Oh yeah!!!!!Cool!!!!@a


It's funny how guys are less likely to be accused of making out with someone of the same sex just to get attention from the opposite sex. And by funny, I mean hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Summer Somewhere

I'm so used to cringing at things including the phrase "homosexual behaviour" that I cringed at the quote - even though this is the only context where it's really acceptable (actually talking about creatures of the same sex having sex with each other) (instead of using "homosexual behavior" as a shorthand for stereotypes, like all gay men are catty hairdressers or whatever). Which reminds me of a time when a male acquaintance was telling me a story of being weirded out by some guy who "looked gay" and maybe hitting on him. I responded, "How does someone look gay? Did he have a dick in his mouth?" Said acquaintance was dressed as Freddie Mercury in the story, and hanging out at a gay club in the gay neighborhood. COME ON.


Is this where I talk about the time I made out with a super hot Captain Jack cosplayer? Because I totally did. And "Born to Run" was playing in the background at one point and I almost died.

I guess I'm more into people who are confident and attractive, and making out with other people is a good way of gauging that.


@thatgirl I want to be you.


@thatgirl That is awesome. I walked past Alan Tudyk and John Barrowman (who were sitting next to each other, and sadly not making out) at FanExpo over the summer, that is my only story. And it's boring, lol.


The important question is: do these fish write slash fanfiction?

fondue with cheddar

@yeah-elle Yeah, like Nemo making out with the shark dude.

Wait...is Nemo even a boy? I never saw it.


@yeah-elle AO3 is an entire section of sociology just waiting to happen.


@area@twitter Fanfiction Studies will eventually be a minor no doubt.


@Shayna Just as long as it doesn't interfere with the porn.


It must work in reverse as well. One million drunk college girls can't be wrong?


I don't know what this says about me that I looked at the scientific name and went "hey, those are mollies, not goldfish!" I think also the same species where females can fertilize their own eggs/have some sort of parthenogenesis going on? I know some type of molly does that.

Basically mollies are the baddest of asses among community fish.


@damselfish I did a research paper called "Sexual Hermaphroditism in Fish" which heavily featured damselfish (and mollies) as an example. They're really badass. They change sex based on social hierarchy and school needs. It's bizarre and really cool.


Owen Appreciation Post! He is so underappreciated and so, so sexy.

Also, I am re-watching Dr Who (Eccleston & Tennant seasons only) and just recently got through the "are you my mummy" episode... which I don't like at all, EXCEPT for the scene where Jack is hitting on Rose while docked outside Big Ben, which makes me all tingly in the right places.

Oh Captain Jack.


@Alli525 Real talk: the series 1 sex scene between Owen and the pilot from the 1950s, or whenever? The hottest and most believable sex scene I have ever witnessed from a television show.


@thatgirl TRUE, but I really just loved Gwen & Owen - the Countrycide episode (with the cannibals) when he pins her up against the tree... UNF.

Michelle LeBlanc@twitter

@Alli525 YES (in retrospect I wonder if the reason I never got into the later series of Torchwood as much wasn't a quality thing but rather a lack of Owen thing).


Cue the Doctor Who Christmas countdown! (My parents don't get BBC America as part of their cable package...so we might have to beg out of festivities early? Shutup, my priorities are JUST FINE thankyou.)

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