Monday, December 17, 2012


Money Can Buy You All the Acquaintances You Need

Read one way, a new study shows how important it is to your happiness to have, like, two besties while you're attending community college in your home town, but the second you graduate and take that hot job in the Big City, you might want to consider ditching them for a nice group of folks you'll meet at a wine tasting.

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One of the weird things about the internet, for me, is that people I don't have a relationship with (people I only know from the internet, or people I know in real life but now only interact w/ online) will act like we are friends. I find it confusing and exhausting - and I'm not sure why it happens. Surely other people recognize the difference between "having a relationship" and "happening to know a lot about someone."


@Lucienne See, for me, I tend to easily consider someone my friend, even if we only know each other online. I mean, I don't tend to assume that they feel the same way back (because I have self esteem problems), but for example, if someone I chat with and am friendly with here on the Hairpin replies to a comment of mine, there will be that little moment of, "oh hey, that's my friend [name]!" But maybe I should stop thinking that.


@frigwiggin Ah, no! That's a relationship! I would think the same thing. I'm talking about instances where there is a distinct lack of a relationship, except, maybe, a kind of adjacency.


@Lucienne Ah, I see! Sorry for misunderstanding you! I haven't had too much experience with that kind of thing online--in real life, a little, when sometimes people overplay an acquaintanceship as something more, but not terribly often.


I find it very tiresome when interacting with facebook "friends" in real life

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