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Martin Short Is Great

In “reasons to be happy” news, Vanity Fair has a long and goofy piece about the niceness and talent-edness of Hollywood’s shortest Canadian treasure:

[Larry] David added, “And I’ve never heard a bad word said about him. That’s a hard thing for a comedian to pull off.” Steve Martin, another of Short’s high-achieving friends, made the same observation. “What’s interesting,” he said, “is that Marty is not driven to be funny. It’s not competitive or needy or desperate.” Martin noted that Nora Ephron—who, in the meticulous instructions she left before her death last summer, dictated that Short speak first at her memorial service, ahead of Meryl Streep, Mike Nichols, and Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson—referred to Short as “the best person.” “Not the best person at something,” Martin said. “Just ‘the best person.’ Period.”

Did they mention he’s funny? “On the couch, he showered Letterman with unctuous faux flattery about the host’s youthfulness (“I was watching backstage. I thought, Is that one of the Winklevoss twins? They’re usually inseparable!”)”


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