Thursday, December 6, 2012


Lucky Food

Metafilter has a nice roundup of things to do with a Buddha's hand, as well as an excerpt from an earlier article that notes that "In Japan the 'bushukan,' as the Buddha’s Hand citron is called, is a popular gift at New Year’s, for it is believed to bestow good fortune on a household." Which is always nice. Other supposedly lucky New Year's items include lentils, pork, and ring-shaped breakfast foods.

There are no results for "buddha's hand manicure," however, so if you're feeling crafty and want to own that corner of the market, it's yours for the taking.

Also: Grammy nominees.

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My parents make a big pot of Hoppin' John with ham hocks every New Year's Day. Have not noticed years I was not home for that being less lucky than years I ate it. Can't hurt, though, and it's delicious.

Beatrix Kiddo

@anachronistique That involves black-eyed peas, right? I always thought those were luckier than lentils.


@Beatrix Kiddo Yup! It is also delicious, especially with a dash of hot sauce.


@Beatrix Kiddo Our family skips the ham hocks and just does the black-eyed peas.

Derbel McDillet

@anachronistique We always had hoppin' john, too! Mmmmmm, I have to make some now! We skipped the ham hock (veggie mom).


@Emby My understanding, growing up in the South, was that cabbage was for wealth, black-eyed peas were for health, and ham 1) was generally lucky and 2) made the black-eyed peas taste a lot better. So you're probably covered even if you leave out the ham.


@Emby Same with our house! Mom said it was lucky. She also said a coffee cake she made on New Year's Day, but who knows if that was true or if she just wanted coffee cake...


You are correct.@n

Heat Signature

Paul McCartney released an album called "Kisses on the Bottom"? How did this escape my attention? Also, gross, Paul McCartney, pick a different name for your album.


More practically, how much work do you have to put into it to get something edible? Lots of peeling involved? Is it hard to clean?

hahahaha, ja.

@PatatasBravas: Not too bad! It peels pretty easily using your Standard Kitchen Peeler, and it's got kind of a crisp texture so it cuts easily too.

... I think. Sometimes vegetables blur together in my head.


@PatatasBravas No peeling, that thing is a citrus that's all pith and no fruit. It's usually sliced thin and candied, or used to infuse vodka (in my house).


I'm Japanese and I have never seen that fruit associated with any kind of New Year's traditions??? Maybe they are thinking of a different fruit, such as the mikan orange ("Satsuma" in America).

fondue with cheddar



@fondue with cheddar My roommate and I got a bunch of these from a drawing class we were both in and made them into cthulu masks because we couldn't figure out what else to do with them

fondue with cheddar

@crango The only thing better than a Cthulhu mask is an edible Cthulhu mask.


@fondue with cheddar Cthulhulemon?

fondue with cheddar

@SarahDances Captain Thulu (as played by George T'Kai)?


@fondue with cheddar "You see, Timmy, when a lemon and an unspeakable horror love each other and want to make a baby ..."


Oh man, if lentils are lucky, I must be the luckiest SOB ever!!*

*hahaha I WISH. Just poor.


@Megano! haha seriously. Luckily, lentils are delicious!

I was going to say I could eat them every day, but I already pretty much do. Tasty, tasty poverty.

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