Thursday, December 6, 2012


Listen at Your Own Risk... of Something

I am scared to use Spotify for some reason. If you're not, Buzzfeed has what looks to possibly be  a pretty good playlist of the best songs of the year, but how could one ever know for sure? The New Yorker's Sasha Frere-Jones, whose taste cannot be faulted, made one too. (Thanks, Julie!)

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I find spotify wildly user-unfriendly and hard to navigate. Plus, the ads! So many of them and they're dumb (no, I will not pay to deal with this). I'm not sure I really "get" spotify and I've certainly tried.

princess rainbow

@parallel-lines I agree on spotify being uer-unfriendly. In fact I came here to ask, how do you go about opening links to playlists like this actually in your spotify app? I feel like I'm missing something.

Lisa Frank

Yes, to all of this. I find their desire to broadcast my listening habits on FB to be creepy too.


@Lisa Frank You can turn that part off but if you friend people they can see what you've played, so I have to be actively unfriendly so people don't see my weird music dabblings.


@parallel-lines Spotify was great when I first got in the UK back in 2010! New music on demand, and I could just slip my headphones off for the ads! Then they changed their free version to allow a maximum of 5 listens per song. Then I moved back to the US and stopped using the account. When I went back to try to open a new account, they suddenly seemed to be *requiring* facebook, which, no. (I think this got changed?) Later, I managed to reactivate the old account on the website, but the application itself won't recognize the login.

In short: what the hell happened, Spotify? You used to be cool! Whatever, who needs new music, I'm just gonna go open iTunes and listen to this Kylie Minogue album for the 324th time.


@princess rainbow You can't open individual tracks in the Spotify mobile app unless you have premium or unlimited. You USED to be able to, but now the free app is radio only.


i love love love love love@n


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The Lady of Shalott

Spotify! Still not available in Canada.



I am also frightened of Spotify. I know that you can turn off the Facebook-spewing feature, but ehhhhhh. I'll settle for YouTubing songs I don't feel like downloading.

polka dots vs stripes

Also scared of Spotify! I use Pandora and generally (gasp) pay for music I like enough to want to listen to on the regular.

Or I get it from my sister, who gets it from the library.


So... if I use Spotify for more than like, say, five songs at a time, it starts to do this weird skipping thing and will eventually make my computer go to the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.
I'm not sure if there's something I've been doing wrong (probably there is), but I've since treated Spotify like an extremely haunted Ouija board. I will break it out when I feel adventurous. But not for to long!


I use Spotify all the time! It's not without its flaws, but it works really well for my listening needs. I pay $5 a month to avoid the ads, I think it's worth it. I use the radio function pretty often as well. My profile is private and I don't have it linked to my FB nor do I add friends or anything like that. Sure, there's YouTube, but the ads are getting out of control on there.

I've definitely noticed that people seem weary of using it! I don't really understand why.


@klaus Haha, I basically posted the same thing. I love it when someone is like "Have you heard [whatever thing]?" and I can say "Hold on, let me go listen."


@klaus Ditto. Spotify is great. It also makes it so easy to make/share playlists with my friends without having to upload anything or make CDs. Plus, collaborative playlists!


@klaus Totally agree! I've had it for about a month, and I love it! I'm currently shelling out the $10 so I can have the mobile and desktop spotify, and I use it all the time. I love the radio stations and the playlists. Have you listened to the Refinery 29 playlist? It's pretty good.

Reginal T. Squirge


I don't like spotify because I don't like other people/machines telling me what to listen to. I'LL tell YOU what I want. Also, I listen to a lot of unreleased/mixtape stuff that spotify just doesn't have and I'd have to supplement it with my iphone anyway, so why not just save my money and keep it all on my iphone?

...but I think you knew this about me already.


I don't understand the Spotify fear. Just... turn off the social networking. It's not hard. I pay the $10/month premium so that I have ALL THE MUSICS on my computers and smartphone- big plus when you spend a lot of time on the road for work. I agree, the old European version was better (read: free) but it's still my go to cloud player.


@angermonkey I agree. It annoys me when people use an app or site's connectivity to Facebook as a reason to denounce it. I use Facebook, but I don't like it knowing what I'm doing elsewhere on the web and I don't like it sharing details that I'm not explicitly pressing 'send' on, so I never connect it to anything. And I have yet to find anything that won't let you work around that with an email address, Spotify included.

I also don't get the squeamish feeling people seem to complain about with other people knowing what they're listening to. Who cares?

I love Spotify because I got very tired of paying full price for music, illegally downloading MP3's and risking being sued or getting viruses and who knows what on my computer, having to keep on top of keeping my iPod updated for whatever I might feel like listening to or have recently wanted to check out, worrying about the data limit on my ipod/phone, AND having my iTunes library crash MORE THAN ONCE and losing everything I'd built up. $10 a month to actually help support artists and give me almost everything I'd want to listen to anytime I have cell service? Perfect.

Also, the recommendations aren't in your face (I don't mean the commercials with the free version - I upgraded to the $5/month unlimited type as soon as I got Spotify to avoid those horrible things) and I've actually discovered great new music from them.


@angermonkey Same here.Tthe premium version lets me listen to all my playlists on my iPhone. And honestly, Spotify would be worth it for the Ulysses Classical app alone.


Ugh, Sleigh Bells. Why are you everywhere?

maybe partying will help

I loved Spotify before it started jacking up on me--does anyone else have playlist issues, where it'll play fine for awhile and then just...stop? Like, it says it's playing a song but...isn't? And skipping doesn't help?

Grrrr Spotify. I do still love you, you have so much free music!

Buzzfeed, that is an all right playlist. Except when I finally heard "Call Me Maybe" I was underwhelmed.

sarah girl

@maybe partying will help That sometimes happens for me if I'm listening for an extended amount of time on the mobile app. So frustrating!


@maybe partying will help Yeah! That happens when I'm at home on my Mac, but oddly has never happened on my work PC. It's so weird.

sarah girl

I L-O-V-E Spotify, so much. I pay $10 a month to get rid of the ads and unlimited usage on my phone, and it is absolutely worth it. Love it!!


I didn't want to join Spotify until they offered a non-Facebook login. Glad they did -- I pay the monthly fee and have cut my music expenses by 80 percent (am an old with qualms about free music, and besides that, non-torrent-friendly tastes). And, I'm listening to the Top 100 for the first time in way too long.


I do not understand Spotify and have put too much blood, sweat and tears into my Pandora stations to give them up. (Do you know how hard it was to get my Pink station to play the occasional Disney ballad? DO YOU?!?)

However, I trust Jane and will give these tracks a listen.


www.8tracks.com > Pandora > Spotify



I assume that those of you who rely on streaming music services don't mind being left without music at random times for unpredictable durations. Or that you don't get your internet service from Comcast.


Thanks, SFJ, for including "Everything is Embarrassing" on your list. Great song, one of my favorites this year.

New Hoarder

I am old skool and I iPod it most times since I am always on the go (walking, train, subway). When I am in the car, which is rare, I listen to plain old radio. For a road trip, also iPod.

I think I attempted Pandora at one point? Spotify, no thank you. Sometimes when I am getting ready to go out I turn my TV to the old-school hip hop or '80s dance TV channels on my much loved cable TV (having fancy cable TV was always a dream growing up).

And yes, LIBRARY. Thank you for all of my free* censored music!!!

*taxes, sure, whatever

New Hoarder

And JANE! Where we can talk about Dahlia's music video on Suburgatory?!?!?!


I have a strange fear of Spotify, too. Isn't that what Grooveshark is for?

(@thundertheft holla 8tracks rules!)


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