Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Let's Talk About the New "Star Trek Into Darkness" Trailer

This is also a place to discuss the first nine minutes of STID, for those who saw "The Hobbit" in IMAX 3D or know about torrenting things (I don't). Mickey from "Doctor Who"! Benedict Cumberbatch! THE SHIP IS UNDERWATER. Who is the yelling blonde woman?

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Amy Heritage@facebook

Spock! Kirk! Touching through glass, just like in Wrath of Khan! What does this meeeaaaannnn...


this is love, this is life.@a

Daisy Razor

The blonde is apparently Carol Marcus although her background/storyline could be different in the AOS.

I am so excited to see the crew, but I think I'm the only person on the internet who doesn't give a flying fuck about Paddy Jo Cumberbund and the identity of the baddie.


@Daisy Razor You're not alone! I'm seeing it regardless of who the villain is. I can't help it!

maybe partying will help

@Daisy Razor

Oh lord let this be the doesn't-care-about-Eggsbenedict-Cucumberpatch corner.

Nicole Cliffe

I'm morally outraged at your indifference to The Great One, but mostly I just want more puns.

almighty jugs

@Nicole Cliffe I'm pretty sure Mr. 'Batch won this one himself with "Bendydick Comeonmybaps"


@Nicole Cliffe Cumberboot Bandersnatch?

maybe partying will help

@Nicole Cliffe

Princess Slayer calls him Frumious Bandersnatch.


@Nicole Cliffe From the late lamented Extra Hot Great, the only list you will ever need.

Daisy Razor

@Nicole Cliffe You could always just steal these.


@Daisy Razor Benjamin Camperpatch.

Lisa Frank

@Daisy Razor There was a hilarious list on ONTD of rude comments people had made out him, my favorites being "He's a ten...on his home planet" and "lol, dis amphibian."


@Daisy Razor As long as Cucumbersandwich isn't Khan I'll be okay.

Cautiously excited about Carol Marcus though!!


@Daisy Razor For real, the teaser resembled nothing so much as clips from the ending of Resident Evil 5. Sherlock's got a chaingun!


It was amazing! I have honestly never had any interest in finding out more about Star Trek until now. I feel so foolish.


From the ten-minute preview: UHURAAAAAAAAA. UHURA! MY LADY LOVE.


@anachronistique YESSSSSSS, AGREE.

Daisy Razor

@anachronistique She's the badass-est.


Lots of jumping from high places! I will, of course, see this regardless of anything. Also, I love Mickey from Doctor Who and look forward to seeing him in this. He's not just the tin dog!

almighty jugs

I love Karl Urban more than life itself but I liked his hair better in the first movie :,(

Also my TOS-marinated brain really wants to believe the whole Gary Mitchell/Elizabeth Dehner angle. I mean, LOOK AT HER HAIRCUT: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Dehner

The Attic Wife

@almighty jugs I KNOW, RIGHT? That was my first thought, then I found out she was Carol Marcus and I was mildly disappointed.


@almighty jugs I agree with everything in this comment.

Chelsea Girl

Benny Crumbles looks quite a bit like one of my former classmates. Said classmate was obsessed with serial killers and anal sex, and he really, really wanted to bag the prof. As much as I love 'Sherlock', this has left me with a not-so-fresh feeling.

Blackwatch Plaid

@Chelsea Girl Sounds like he would fit right in in the Sherlock fandom, eh?

Chelsea Girl

@Blackwatch Plaid I now have a mental image of this guy incorporating Johnlock into his essay on the George Miles Cycle.


Just rewatched Wrath of Khan for the first time in many years recently, and was amazed at how well it held up as an actual good *movie*. Also that it actually had decent female characters. Huh, this was much better than I remembered!

Consequent reactions: as much as I love Ser Benedict, he had better not be playing Khan. You are never going to top Ricardo Montalban, young man.

That said, my brain is now re-primed to crave Star Trek, so I also having a reaction of "SPOCK :D".


@TheBourneApproximation Khan is a genetic superman with the chest of a god. I refuse to believe that character could be played by Sherlock.

The Attic Wife

@TheBourneApproximation Fear not! He's playing a character named John Harrison...who may or may not be a Gary Mitchell/Khan hybrid, inspired by, but different from both. So perhaps there should be a little fear.


@The Attic Wife I am cautiously optimistic...

@mooseketeer I still can't believe that's the actor's actual chest. I guess Sherlock has the cheekbones of a god?

Daisy Razor

@TheBourneApproximation I will start an actual riot on opening night if he is Khan. My hisband is already putting bail money aside (although let's be real: he'll be rioting right alongside me.)


@TheBourneApproximation I'm pretty sure Ricardo wore a fake chest, sorry to say


@Danzig! Director's commentary, via IMDB, has apparently proven otherwise! It's real, and it's spectacular!


I feel like that is the only appropriate way to type Benedict Cumberbatch!'s name.


And with special guest appearance from the Inception BWAAAAAAAAAMP!


@TheBourneApproximation Hans Zimmer is a disease


I don't care who the villain is, I'm just so excited to see this movie. Benglebert Slappydiback is going to be great. Everyone is going to be great.

The Attic Wife



I've become really jaded about these movies/JJ Abrams' choices but when everyone in the theatre squealed at the first sight of Chris Pine's face in the trailer and screamed and clapped all the way through it, I got a little (a lot) verklempt. *Linda Richman voice "talk amongst yourselves"*

sarah girl




@Sarah H. My brother called the first one Star Trek: LENS FLAAAAAAAAAAAARE

Miss Maszkerádi

I liked the first one of these rebooted Star Trek movies a lot, at first. Then the deranged space Bond villain with the tattoos showed up and I was like....wtf that is not a Romulan. Then he was going to blow something up with "red matter" and I started getting pissed off. Then he blew up the planet Vulcan and I was just reduced to gibbering insanity at how much I suddenly hated the film. The first half trying so hard to be canon, the second half trying obnoxiously hard, like a freshman hipster in awe of his own originality, to fuck it all up. I just cannot with this alternate universe gritty reboot. Take anything away from me you want but Star Trek, the defining scifiverse of my childhood.


I just cannot deal with Bones's face at 0:49. He looks so worried and upset, it's making me worried and upset.


Nooo, Bones, don't cry. Here, rest your head upon my bosom.

Okay but mostly I really hope that Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell or some new villain, and definitely not a super-whitewashed Khan.

Michelle LeBlanc@twitter

As they touch through the glass my brain went "NOT PENNY'S BOAT!"


One time someone called him Bendy Dick Come On My Back. Since knowing this info, I cannot call him anything else. (It's out of love.)


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