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It Happened One New Year's Eve

Joanna Borns: Last year was the best New Year's Eve I've had in a while: I was leaning over to grab a shrimp, and my hair went into a candle and caught on fire. Fortunately I was able to put it out before anyone noticed, and I was able to continue eating shrimp. And I had a good time, because my only criterium for "a good time" is shrimp. 

Allegra Ringo: At a dive bar on New Year’s Eve, two women next to me offered their very drunk friend another tequila shot. She woozily declined. The friends jabbed me with their elbows and said, “Shouldn’t she drink this?!” I said, “Oh, no. She seems very drunk.” My response backfired: The drunk woman saw it as a challenge, and took the shot. Her friends cheered and clapped me on the back, and at midnight, one of the friends ran up to me, told me I was “the coolest,” and kissed me passionately on the mouth. The tequila girl was throwing up outside.

Jaya Saxena: I found this photo in a Ziploc bag on my dad's guitar amp, and, from the look on my face, this is World's Greatest New Year's Eve. My dad estimates I was about six years old, and it's possible this was our first New Year's in his new apartment, a one-bedroom where he slept in the living room.

A few years before this photo was taken, I remember crying when I'd asked my mom what was going to happen to 1989 when 1990 started, and she'd responded that 1989 was gone, forever. But none of that anxiety is apparent in this here. Perhaps the next morning I woke up with the realization that 1991 would never come back, but I prefer to think I was too preoccupied with washing the confetti out of my hair to care.

Gillian Brassil: My memory stops recording when I'm really tired, so for me New Year's has always been a holiday of bloops and blorps: I am wearing an oversized fez; I am giving a back massage to a stranger with a lion tattoo; I am dancing in a megaclub whose slogan is PARTY WITH THOUSANDS, though there are definitively not thousands with whom to party; I am playing UNO with my parents; I am pretending a pretzel is my moustache; I am standing on a rooftop and watching the sky fill with paper fire balloons, and I can't comprehend the physics of it.

Lia LoBello:  After a friend and I booked a trip to London and Dublin, I got the travel bug, but the only problem was that I had no money. Knowing I needed a little luck, my roommate told me about a trick she'd picked up during her own world travels: On New Year’s Eve, take an empty bag and walk once around the block, and you'll have good travel luck in the following year. So, a few months later, at a New Year's Eve house party at the stroke of midnight, dateless, I quietly slipped out the door and walked around the short neighborhood block, an empty tote bag in hand. That year, I visited four countries, three states and eight islands. I have never repeated this trick.

Jane Marie: For the few years I was old enough to have slumber parties but not leave the house on New Year's, my parents would let us invite a bunch of friends over for the night. At midnight my mom would serve us St. Julian sparkling grape juice out of champagne flutes along with sliced apples with cheddar cheese and make-your-own pizza bagels. Those were way more fun than any NYEs I've spent watching DJ boyfriends kiss other people at midnight, for examples, plural.

Jia Tolentino: In 2010, I was in the middle of a three-week vacation from the Peace Corps and so overwhelmed by America that anything — the CVS makeup aisle, the Bed Intruder video, all food that wasn't potatoes — would bring me to confused, grateful tears. Fueling this instability was my newly reduced alcohol tolerance. So...

On New Year's Eve, my boyfriend Andrew and I were at a Passion Pit show in New Jersey. At midnight, a man proposed to his girlfriend onstage, and confetti glittered in the air as the band played "Auld Lang Syne," which they transitioned into a cover of "Dreams" by the Cranberries. Drunk and fragile, I felt shattered by my own joy, and I thought happily about what food I would eat once the concert was done.

Afterward, there was an hour-long wait for cabs back to the city, all the pizza joints were closed, and the only lights in the area came from a dingy Exxon station. I ran inside and spotted a lone, shriveled, burnt-burgundy hot dog that looked like it'd been on the silver rollers for a week, but I picked it up, stuffed it in a bun, and asked the cashier how much. "Free," he said, disdainful. I whooped, stumbling, and I took it outside as my boyfriend tried to intervene. "Stop being paternalistic," I slurred, angling the hot dog toward my mouth. Suddenly Andrew's hand swatted it down. It landed on the ground, and my whole body flooded with rage. "You can't just take someone's food away from them! What's wrong with you!?"

"What's wrong with YOU?" he yelled back. "Did you SEE that hot dog? Did you ever think you shouldn't eat things you get at Exxon for free?"

We spent the next three hours screaming obscenities at each other in public, never mentioning the real problem: my impending departure for another year in Kyrgyzstan. We yelled until the cab came, then we forced our driver to weigh in on the situation, like King Solomon. It was the first — and to this day, still the worst — fight we've ever had.

Edith Zimmerman: My second or third New Year's in New York, I tried to dress up, although I didn't have anything fun or cute, so I wore the same thing I always wore — jeans, boots, plaid flannel shirt — but with the one fancy piece of jewelry I owned and had never worn: a necklace I'd inherited and was terrified of, thinking that no matter what I'd somehow ruin it. But I didn't, and it was great. There's maybe a lesson there about feeling comfortable owning things, or not letting them own you, but in subsequent years I lost entire purses, friendships.

Laura Jayne Martin: My boss at the time called me in New York City from Paris to tell me the alarm on her country house in Connecticut was going off and could I deal with it.

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

this is my first year where i have something to do on NYE and hopefully it wont be terrible???


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood and this is my first year where i don't have something to do on NYE and hopefully it won't be terrible?

Lily Rowan

Neither one will be terrible!

I'm very close to bailing on my presumptive plans and watching 21 Jump Street instead.

Heat Signature

I know one thing--my New Year's Eve will sure as shit involve a cheese ball.


Great New Year's Eves I have known:

* Walking downtown after staying up all night with people I'd known since kindergarten, climbing the fire escape to the roof of a pizza joint, and watching the sun come up.

* Celebrating at my friend's parents' house in Vermont; we all dressed up and had a "fancy" dinner, went walking on the frozen river nearby, then had illicit champagne and argued about Pirates of the Caribbean's legitimacy as film. Oh, COLLEGE.

* Amanda Palmer's enormous shindig with the Boston Pops. Wore a fabulous gothy jacket with a bustle, saw April Smith and the Great Picture Show perform in an upstairs hallway, toasted to midnight surrounded by falling balloons.

* Every time I just sat around with friends watching movies and eating junk, toasted at midnight, and then kept watching movies till we passed out.

Setec Astrology

@anachronistique - The original PotC is an excellent example of its genre. The sequels, as far as I'm concerned, do not exist.

AJ Sparkles

@anachronistique Read as: The original President of the Caribbean is an excellent example of its genre. The sequels, as far as I'm concerned, do not exist. So confused.


@AJ Sparkles President of the Caribbean 2: Electric Boogaloo is an atrocity.


@anachronistique Man, I feel like I could totally win on the weird/shitty NYE's story contest:
1. When my now husband and I first started dating (and were in that crazy first rush of love phase), we were apart for the holidays with our respective families, and were apart for three weeks which seemed like eternity. We reunited on NYE at LAX, and had a perhaps inappropriate but not x-rated make-out fest. Next thing we knew we were surrounded by cops, who decided my ID was fake, and that I was underage, perhaps a runaway meeting up with my statutory rapist boyfriend. So they decided to detain us (quite illegally I have since been informed), cuffed my boyfriend, locked us in holding cells. And proceeded to call my parents to tell them I was doing inappropriate things in public with my boyfriend.
2. Next year, wanted to see my younger sister at the holidays, we ended at a high school party (which is about the most embarrassing place you can be on NYE when you are an adult). Oh, and bought alcohol for all the minors.
3. This isn't particularly epic, but still sticks in my memory of bad NYEs: my husband got drunk,drunkenly improvised his own karaoke lyrics about his friends (this is very out of character for my husband), thought he was being extremely funny, I was embarrassed to know him, much less be his date.
4. Called my sister to wish her a happy New Year, she answers the phone sobbing, and then the phone goes dead. Try calling her repeatedly, no answer, I was pretty much sure she was being raped and murdered. Finally she calls back, super drunk and is having a huge fight with her long term boyfriend and she wants me to mediate it. She makes me get on the phone with her boyfriend to talk to him because she just can't anymore. Cannot explain how awkward this was - I always felt super awkward with her boyfriend, who was a pretty private person, so discussing the intimate details of their relationship, which he was doing in the hopes that it would make her forgive him, was just terrible. This went on for hours (with my sister screaming and crying in the background). I should have hung up, but I really hoped I could help those two crazy kids make things work. They broke up a few days later.

Now I do not celebrate NYE. I figure it is not my holiday.


@Mila Oh God, I remembered some more: the time I was out with my little brother on NYE, and he lent me his jacket, and I discovered a large amount of coke in it. Did not know he was using coke.

Next year, same brother + other brother visit me where I am living in Brazil. They take a large amount of drugs before we go out. I try not to be deeply uncomfortable with this. Get in a taxi only to discover our taxi driver is heavily intoxicated. He scams us by letting us out at the wrong place (which none of us at first noticed because we were so relieved to be out of the drunken taxi ride). My brothers proceed to have bad reactions to the drugs, and are up all night freaking out, and I am up all night wondering if I will have to rush them to the hospital, terrified at having to experience what a Brazilian hospital is like (I have heard bad stories).


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher My sister and I went to see the second film, and maybe it was because we were a few minutes late (we were busy buying pick and mix), but we both came out of it without a clue as to what had been going on. It was incomprehensible.


Last year my a friend of my boyfriend tagged along with us to a house party. The night ended with me discovering his repeated use of the word faggot and having a not so pleasant conversation with him about it. (One of those "I don't believe in being PC" people.)

So here's to tonight having less bigotry and fights, and more cheese (which is 50% of my plans tonight so things are looking good.)


I think I should stop working and take a nap, so I can make it to midnight. #sleepyalready #can'twejustdothisat9?

Lily Rowan

@Ophelia My coworker was telling me that when her son was little, they started celebrating New Year's on London time -- they have family there, but they were definitely in the US. But anyway, pop the cork at 7 and call it a night! I support that as a plan.


The best NYE party I went to was at the Dank Haus (German cultural center) in Chicago - the package included champagne, brats, and a Polkaholics show (rock 'n roll polka band from Wisconsin - can't get much nerdier than that)

My friend from HS has a new year's party every year, but I stopped going after the time she got blind drunk and threw a huge fit when someone made a joke she thought was at her expense and made everyone leave ten minutes after midnight.


What's really nice about this new year's is that I'm single and therefore can't be stood up by my boyfriend, which is what happened last year. So I'm looking forward to that.

Lily Rowan

@gobblegirl Oh yeah. "Stood up by my boyfriend" is definitely my worst NYE. I think that was the year I gave up on plans.


@gobblegirl It's my first single NYE in almost four years. Cheers!


I just came to say, endless cocktail shrimp is also my idea of a really good time.


How about NYE when it was turning 2000. Clearly a great party year, but I agreed to drive 2 hours to babysit my for aunt's friends because my she said they'd pay me "at least $150" and I was flat broke. I spent the evening with a little shit of a kid who made fun of me for smelling like peanut butter (....he asked for PB&J sandwiches for dinner....) and broke his parents' chess set and told me he was going to blame me. His parents came home at 11pm but it was too late to actually get anywhere, so I went back to my aunt's house and fell asleep on her couch. And they paid me $30.


@KeLynn Ugh, being shorted on babysitting money is the worst. I got about that much from people who were nearly three hours late home, and whose children were the devil. Never went back there, obviously.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

When I was young and our neighborhood was full of kids, my best friend's dad would drop a ball into a bucket in the middle of the cul de sac at midnight and we'd drink sparkling cider and light sparklers. It felt special.


Jia! You were a PCV in Kyrgyzstan? That's my favorite 'stan! I want to go back there so much. Where were you stationed?


@stonefruit I was confused by the combination of "Peace Corps" and "reduced alcohol tolderance" until I got to Kyrgyzstan and the penny dropped.


One year, back from college but not wanting to see my friends ("friends") from high school, I stayed in my parents house and drank a pre-21 bottle of wine while I watched "My Neighbor Totoro," which I really, really enjoyed.


My New Year's Eve plans have been the same for the last 10 years. My best friend from high school's family is very, very Greek, and they always throw the greatest party. It's also St. Basil's Day for the Greek Orthodox Church, so they have traditional foods for his day. The party seems to get bigger every year. I think they're going to cram about 40 people (plus enough food for 40 people) in their small house this year.

At midnight, they turn off all the lights, turn on all the faucets, and run around flushing all the toilets, all while their grandmother sprinkles holy water on everyone and sings in Greek.

I cannot wait.


@Dancercise Oh, Greek holidays FTW - love them all (Pascha is my favourite, though). :)


Dude, Jia... your boyfriend was right.


@shannanigans No way! Jia if I were that cab driver I would have come down on the side of To Each Her Own Hot Dog Choice.


@shannanigans Ohhhh, no. I'm with Jia on this. Never deny a recently returned PCV American food of any sort. Shit gets real.


Something like 85% of my acquaintance is sick right now, so I'm not sure my NYE will be any fun at all.


@Lucienne My favorite New Year's Eve experience: getting pleasantly toasted on "champagne" cocktails (the cognac, at least, was real) and playing Guesstures. Which I am much better at when drunk, anyway.

Chiara Atik@facebook

I want to know who the taxi driver sides with.


I suck at NYE (crying over ratbastard bf's on my drunken ass in the rainy street, all that), so now I have pretty much given up trying. But I did once end up drinking single malt whiskey on a frozen loch near Inverness once. People were throwing boulders on the ice, and it made the most melancholy booming/ chiming noise. Gorgeous. Too bad I was with my ex-boyfriend, but it was his idea and he managed not to fuck it up, so gotta give the guy some credit.

apples and oranges

I am seizing this new year's to at the last minute try to come up with something exciting and fun (or at least not shitty) after friends bailed on our plans. Or, I am trying to seize, but really I just want to nap.

Blackwatch Plaid

This is ridiculous tmi but I'm hosting a sex party tonight. So, erm, hoping this is the best NYE yet?

Edith Zimmerman

@Blackwatch Plaid :-O

Lily Rowan

@Blackwatch Plaid That is awesome, but also all I can think of is the orgy episode of Party Down. So, basically I hope the people you invited know it's a sex party.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Blackwatch Plaid Ummm....sex party or sex toy party? Because, that's a very important distinction. For me.


@Lily Rowan Or that you have a catering staff eager to lend their expertise!


@Lily Rowan Seconded.

Lily Rowan

@Lucienne Or that!

Blackwatch Plaid

@Blackwatch Plaid Reporting back: it was awesome and while not strictly a sex toy party, it nonetheless included copious use of a pure wand and various strap-ons and vibrators. Life can be pretty cool sometimes.


@Blackwatch Plaid Oh damn that sounds awesome. "Go to a sex party" is on my (incredibly short) list of new year's resolutions. (1. Have more sex! 2. Go to a play/sex party! 3. Take care of self, body, mind so copious sex is a good thing people will envy me for rather than thinking I've gone off the rails and it's so sad etc.)


My NYE's have gotten progressively worse since I was kid.

NYE circa 1990ish: what I was convinced was champagne, but was really ginger ale and Snickers cut into little pieces and frozen with the moms. I never got to have sugar and my mom always had to work nights on holidays, so this was like a Big Deal.

NYE circa 2000ish: getting dropped off by my grandparents after a fancy dinner to run and kiss my high school boyfriend at like 10pm, because midnight was clearly way too late to be out.

NYE now: drinking cold tea, watching whatever romcoms are on Netflix instant (hey Ashton Kutcher, ughhh), and sniffling into my couch cushions.

There's probably a lesson to be learned somewhere.


I kind of hate NYE as a partying event. I think maybe my favorite was the year I spent it at home, alone, curled up on the sofa, watching Cirque du Soleil and eating a jar of Nutella with a spoon. I was 17, I think.

Bad NYE memories:

Spending Y2K on the floor of a friend's friend's basement, curled up in a ball, having the only migraine headache of my entire life to date. My parents left their party early to come pick me (then still too young to drive) up.

Being at a party with my ex boyfriend and the girl he had dumped me to propose to (by then, also his ex), and feeling super awkward not having anyone to kiss at midnight.

Having dinner on NYE with one friend and going out for the evening with another friend immediately after the two of them broke up, which kicked off a series of events resulting in my no longer being friends with one of them.

Being asleep, because we were skiing in Colorado, and between the exhaustion and time difference, we decided to celebrate east coast midnight and call it a night.

Tragically Ludicrous

Already called my Dutch friends and wished them a Happy New Year. I'm at home in Denver, my parents and little sister are going out, so I'm going to stay home by myself and eat Chinese food and watch TV and drink what's in the liquor cabinet! I can't wait until they leave already so I can get my night started.


I've attempted every year to reenact 200 Cigarettes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOZIhJlncTM), with mixed success. I've yet to bone Elvis Costello, but have succeeded at falling in dog shit and making myself ill over people whether or not people will attend my parties (Feliz Navidad dance and all).

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I just got off the phone with my cousin and I have so many feels so I just want to say that I hope this is her best New Year's so far. I used to only talk to her a few times a year (not that we're not close, but a few time zones will do that to you), but that changed when she was diagnosed with cancer in March/April. I called her on Palm Sunday and Easter and had to fight back tears because I knew it wouldn't be of any help to her if I cried. I talked to her more often throughout this year and went to visit her in October right after she finished chemo.

As far as I know, everything is a-okay for her health-wise these days, and she has a new man in her life, and she so deserves everything good that she can possibly get. She sounded really happy on the phone - miles away from how she sounded at Easter. So I just hope that her entire 2013 is as great as her New Year's because I love her.

Angry Panda

Happy New Year, everyone! The last few years have been fairly shitty for me personally, so for 2013 I'm hoping for a quick and painless death or a radical improvement in the life situation, whichever comes first.

The one smart thing I did this year was signing up for a Hairpin account though, this is the best community ever.


@Angry Panda I wish radical improvement for you!

Angry Panda

@iceberg Thank you!And wish you a happy year ahead, as well! :-)

Reginal T. Squirge

I just want to say that pretty much everything good that happened to me in 2012 was directly related to The Hairpin... so thanks for that, everybody (but especially Jane and Edith)!

Reginal T. Squirge

Oh, and I'm back from the wedding (not mine)/vacation. Good to see you again.


@Reginal T. Squirge I was wondering where you went (also the pin has mostly been on hiatus, so not too much has been missed)

Reginal T. Squirge

Oh, hey! I'm so glad you noticed. Really.

maxine of arc

I am staying in and trying to find whatever died in my bedroom. I'm hoping it will turn up BEFORE I have to check every shoe and pocket and hood and box in my closet. I just know that if I start hauling everything out, it'll turn out to be trapped in the wall. ARGH.

So yeah, if I manage that before midnight, I'll call it a pretty solid new year's eve.

Jamie G

I'm twenty-freaking-eight and last year was the first time I had a boyfriend and a kiss on NYE. We broke up over the summer and have successfully maintained our friendship, but I've started having feelings for him again ugggggghh. He's my best friend and I don't know what to do.

Dirty Hands

"For the few years I was old enough to have slumber parties but not leave the house on New Year's, my parents would let us invite a bunch of friends over for the night."

WAIT. So your friends were allowed to leave their houses to go to yours, but you could not leave your house to go to theirs, for MULTIPLE YEARS? Is this SUPREMELY UNFAIR or am I just reading this incorrectly? Also, my "never having gone to a sleepover as a child" angst is taking over for this post.

Jane Marie

@Dirty Hands I would pay to see my dad's reaction to you saying something is "supremely unfair." :)


Worst New Years is a toss up between the year I got an awful stomach flu and spent the night running between my bed and the toilet while fielding calls from my friends who were all at the same party, or the one when my friend ended her party before midnight, kicking everyone out, and I watched the new year come in alone on the F train.

Best was the year I ended my a job and a major turning point in my life and went on to a MMJ concert with come close friends. That was awesome sauce.

These days the fella and I keep it low-key and I'm content.


I've maintained the tradition of lying to all my friends and telling them I am spending the night with other friends as to avoid the awkward kiss from the friends' husbands/boyfriends so I don't feel left out.

Ate all the food, watched all the TV, attempted to read a book and fell asleep at 10:30. Happy New Year.


@quimby That sounds pretty great, actually? (At least in comparison to awkward friend's gentlemen's kisses!)

I had tons of jetlag from a long flight, so I took a shower and fell asleep around 9:30 this year. Was woken up at 6 am by jetlag and cats. Am going to spend the day cleaning and playing videogames.


@TheBourneApproximation it is pretty great...I maintain the lie to avoid the pity looks from people who ask what I am doing for NYE. It's easier (for me really, so I don't have to justify my plans).

I am going to spend the day in pajamas. It's seems so right.


@quimby Pajamas here too, plus Les Mis (the Liam Neeson one--never saw it before) and coffee.

I was at a party last night and my BF's best friend since third grade (whom I don't see too often due to living in different states, but always have a good time with when she and her husband are around...which is why this is weird) pulled me aside to tell me that we have to get along better and that she thinks I don't like her and we have to make an effort...it was crazy. I didn't know what to do because I like her just fine and always have and now I'm wondering what I've done to make her say these things; like I said, we always have fun when we all get together and I have no reason not to like her--in fact, I like her very much! She's never said anything like this before (that I know of), and my BF told me not to worry about it because she's an emotional drinker (which I've seen before, just not about this whole thing) or that maybe she was just using the wrong words to say something like, "We need to hang out more together" (because she and her husband now live in the same state as my BF and I do) So now I'm wondering if I should just forget it all (because she may have at this point... in addition to having a headache, I imagine). Ugh. Anyway...

Happy new year, everyone!


@Hellcat wowee! That is some dramarama! I tend to take everything that is said while drinks are involved with a grain of salt. Have you every done anything just the two of you? Maybe she is lacking in some girl time... that's my uneducated guess...

Good luck!


@quimby Yup, drama ahoy... I just have to wait and see, I guess, if it's actual drama or... booze-fueled emotion misfires. It's confusing but my gut is telling me that she doesn't really think I don't like her. And if she was trying to say, "Hey, let's do stuff together now!" I'm fine with that.


@Hellcat Also, I don't want to necessarily become BFFs because that's my BF's BFF (heh)--he needs her to vent to if perchance I am the thing he's venting about (which is actually good, I think; her perspective as a similar person to me who knows him almost as well, and better in some ways than I do, is a good thing). Basically, I don't want to "steal" his friend. Maybe that's silly...


@Hellcat I totally get that. I will admit something here. I work with a lot of men and sometimes we become great friends. When I meet their wives/gf's I think I sometimes over compensate by being really nice to them to reassure them that I don't want to make out with their bf. It's so silly and weird and strange.. but I know I do it. A couple of times I have become friends with the wives/gf and hung out on our own, but never to bff status.

I don't know if that makes sense, but I can see where the bff is (drunkenly) coming from.


@quimby Oh, good -- I'm glad it made some kind of sense. And thank you for the insight; it could very well be something like that. The BF seems not at all fazed by this, other than, "Oh, that's weird a little..." so I guess I should just let it go as Drinky Girl Talk... or something!


Back in the 90s, I went to Berlin (from Paris) to spend New Year's with one guy I'd been crushing on, basically got preemtively dumped on arrival (meaning, we weren't a thing yet, but he dumped me anyway) just before New Year's. I had these great pants, I remember. They were really deconstructionist, really cool. And white leather booties, kind of ridiculous now that I think of them, but they seemed real cool at the time. Short hair, black shirt, and all dressed up with no place to go, and feeling totally sorry for myself. Well! I spent a day with tears constantly welling up in my eyes, wrapped in a duvet in the armchair of the sweet friend of a friend whose apartment I was crashing at. He was kind enough to move the armchair, with me in it, in front of the TV, gave me my bottle of lacto-fermented carrot juice (at the time, the only thing that seemed to make me feel better), and put a Fantomas marathon on for me, while I recovered.
Meanwhile, another friend set me up for a New Year's date with this lovely author who I kind of fancied. I met him at the party, we hung out for a bit, I kind of thought it was going well! And then this goat shepherdess showed up! I'm serious! A goat shepherdess! In a sort of Snow White's peasant dress, bare feet, long blond braids. Damned if she didn't steal my date away from under my nose. Needless to say, when I got home to my friend's THAT night, I was simply laughing.
The goat shepherdess eventually fleeced my date for all his savings to set up the flower shop in Berlin she'd always dreamed of. He converted to Jewish Orthodoxy, moved to Isreal (alone) for a while, but quit that too, eventually. I think he quit smoking, too, though, which is good.
And that's what happened to me one New Year's Eve.


@carolita: That is rough and hilarious!" Dressed up for heartbreak" has been the theme of so many of my NYE's! Ugh!


@carolita This reminded me of how much I miss your stories on here. Happy New Year Carolita!

Christopher Thayer


You certainly are fun to read...:)


He he I'm glad Im not the only one with shit NYE luck.Worst: 2007-8ish , a bitterly cold night in Brooklyn, six months after the breakup from hell, determined to turn over a new leaf. I went out dateless with pals to a party which was fine, and on my way home alone at 2am, decided to go for one last dance alone at Black Betty (RIP) before calling it a night. ( used to do this all the time it's right by my house). There I ran into a
dude I had had one date with years previously, where I had not felt it but he had become obsessed with me, writing letters for months etc. However years later he seemed more normal and in my drunken/ new leaf
optimism haze, I talked to and danced with him rather than ran and hid as I should have done. The bar closed
at 4 and I wanted to leave the dude offered to walk me home , since I was drunk and the steets were crazy, I
said yes. On the way hem I realized he was still kind of a wierdo, and I couldnt wait to get home and be alone.
When we got to my house it was so incredibly cold that my key broke off in my front door lock and would not
come out. It was broken. It was 4 am, fucking freezing, id been drinking for hours, my friends and family were
far away/ sleeping, I was broke and there were no cabs. The dude offered to let me stay at his house and I
said yes. I texted my downstairs neighbor, ( I live in the top floor of a 2 story building) apologized profusely and
told her the front door was broken, I'd deal with it in the morning, but she had to stay wherever she was, since
she couldn't get in. She said ok, and I went off to stay at dude's house. Which turned out to be a practice space
that he had illegally shoved his stuff into , 10x12, with no heat, running water, or bathroom. I spent the next 3
hours shivering on the floor, wrapped in my coat, ( i refused to take the couch) as he intermittently tried to tell
me how much he loved me and make passes. 6 am, I go back, pay 350 bucks get the door open. Meanwhile
my downstairs neighbor stayed a party because she was forced to, during which time she realized the host was
awesome rather than the dick she thought he was at first, and they fell in love. 3 mos later he moved in
downstairs, 6 mos later they were travelling the world while illegally using the downstairs apt as a bed and
breakfast / youth hostel to support them and their yoga studio. I was not cool with the 3x weekly turnover of
random eurotrash cycling through the place, partying , complete with spacy yoga employees forgetting to let
them in so they were randomly ringing bells and hanging out at all hours, so after speaking to her about it a
few times i ratted her out to my landlord, but she had lied to him that she lived there and he believed her.
This lasted until one morning I had to go to work, and I found that I could not open the front door. There was a
problem with the doorframe , and no one could get in or out. This had been going on for hours, but the
eurotrash guests and the spacey yoga person were afraid to call the landlord, because they would get busted,
and afraid to call their employer (my crappy downstairs neighbor) because it was " only" 830 am and they didn't
want to wake her up. Meanwhile I had 20 ( non yoga! )students waiting for me to teach them at my 9 am class.
This finally got the landlord to see the light, she was 100% busted and had to move out, not before asking me " why I was so angry". I did not reply. She has a yoga studio with this dude in green point- and she never even
thanked me for brining them together! O-:
As for creepy guy? Just light obsession for a few weeks, but I guess he really had calmed down a bit.


@mistything WHOA!

Nicole Cliffe

This New Year's Eve, I watched "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon," and I have a lot of angry thoughts about it which you can read later this week.


@Nicole Cliffe I want to give this ALL THE THUMBS UP. Can't wait! Except I am sorry you didn't have more fun on NYE.


This will probably get buried and no one will see it, but OMG I actually met someone last night! Well we'd met once before, but he thought I was someone else's gf and when he found out I wasn't he pursued me as soon as I arrived last night.

Also this is probs tmi, but when he left this morning he said he couldn't wait to see me again, and ahhhhh I haven't liked someone in so long and I'm so excited and happy!


@TheRisottoRacket Get it, girl.

p.s.- what exactly is the Risotto Racket? It sounds delicious.


@TheRisottoRacket Ahhh, that is awesome! I hope it goes well!


@TheRisottoRacket get it. no such thing as tmi on the Pin. Yayyyyy!


Aw thanks everyone! He already called and we made plans for Saturday!

And @yrouttasight I'm a professional cook, so I think if I had my own crime syndicate (I know, wat?) that's what we'd be called. I am weird.


Happy new year! I ended up hooking up with my best friend, hope we didn't totally screw this awesome friendship!!!


Happy New Year, Hairpin! I drank a lot of gin last night and got to play with a laser today. Cheers to everyone.


Went to see The Hobbit at 10 last night, and as it is a three hour movie, was there until well after midnight. I gotta say...I did not miss "New Years Rockin' Eve" (which I have ALWAYS thought should be "Rockin' New Year's Eve"). I think I'll go see a late movie every NYE from now on.

Also, best NYE was sophomore year in high school: I saw Silence of the Lambs for the first time, we survived Y2K, my straight-edge best friend refused to drink sparkling cider because it reminded her too much of a real champagne, and we spent an hour playing with a strobe light and daring each other to run into things faster and faster (those strobe lights make walls come at you fast!).


My point of pride from last night? That I shouted "DON'T OPEN THAT OVER THE RUG!" before the champagne spilled. Not soon enough to stop the actual opening and spilling, but, you know, I was thinking of it at least.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll ha, I yelled "Open that over the sink!" at more than one person last night.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll
Don't people know how to open champagne properly? I've never spilled any of it -- why would you allow that? There's only about 4 (2) glasses in there.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll
Haha good point. Next time, I will shout "OPEN THE CHAMPAGNE PROPERLY TO AVOID SPILLAGE!"


What the crap are paper fire balloons? They sound...frightening.


Sky lanterns!!


Those sounded amazing to me, until I read somewhere that the wire left over drops into fields and gets eaten by livestock, which is usually fatal.

I think my only resolution this year is to stop being such a Debbie Downer; since my husband has pointed out I start just about every conversation with, "Oh my god, you want to hear something horrible?"

captain mal

@NeverOddOrEven I don't think you are off to a very good start.. ;)


@captain mal
Nope! But I've already emailed myself a list of positive news sites to start reading. Now I just need to stop reading Jezebel and unfollow some of those feminist Tumblrs.
Part of me feels guilty, but I think I'm suffering from over-awareness. I could stand to lose a bit.


@NeverOddOrEven Every now and then I see news stories along the lines of "one of these lanterns landed in a field and destroyed a farmer's crops. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM". (Also, if you are, apparently you're supposed to warn the coastguard in advance, because they can get mistaken for distress flares and the coastguards get called out. Plus fires, property damage, dead livestock etc. This is why whenever I see one I go off on a rant about how they are harmful and people should not be using them. Can I join you in the Debbie Downer club?)


Spreading the word about animal safety is super valuable and not at all being a downer!
...Although, as someone who lived on a farm for most of her life, I am kinda surprised that any farm animal would eat some random wire they find. Cows and horses are really good about grazing around all the little wildflowers they don't like, and goats have some sense.


You can maintain it in my absence ; )


Champagne and a hot tub devolved into sparkling grape juice and a bubble bath with the whole bottle of bubbles, as the hot tub was confusing and my FWB was too shy to buy liquor in the fear that someone would suspect he was having sex. I didn't even get slightly existentialist, just watched a redhead try to blow a silver gay man on the news. Personal best.

279th District Court

This year:
Learned an Incan (NOT Mayan) themed card game, demonstrated my chops at catchphrase, and forgot to stop drinking the excellent scotch just because it is excellent. Discussed how lame house parties sound when recounted despite being awesome with group of friends. Burst into song and then professions of joy at being accepted into the group that I have been a part of for over four years now. Pretended none of that last part happened this morning.


Oh PS have we discussed our New Year Resolutions yet? Typing them out to our own dear website will give them strength.
Mine: Write every day!
And: Be a bit nicer when strangers talk to you!


@Inkling learn to manage my emotions so I can be a good example for my kids. starting therapy on the 9th will hopefully help with this!


- Spend more time with friends/maintain relationships
- Be less political, because it is not helping my depression at all and provides the wrong kinds of conversation starters. This will be difficult because it means weaning from The Internet, or changing my haunts, and takes away the one social crutch I have, busted as it is.
- And, you know, take better care of myself with the eating and the drinking and the exercise, but only because I know it will help my mental and physical health and hopefully my sex life.

Numbers one and three are perennial resolutions. Because I can never make them happen. Here's to wishful thinking and a lack of personal responsibility!


@Inkling I feel like I have so many to choose from (I have a lot of $h#T I need to get together). In no particular order:

1. use my gym memeber ship
2. make my bed everyday
3. get spending under control
4. stop making out with inappropriate people
5. be happier
6. write in my one line a day journal past march (last years end point. and not just melancholy malarkey.

Fingers crossed - one of these has to stick!


I drank beers in the street and danced with a bunch of Hare Krishnas while the bells of the cathedral rang out to celebrate the new year.


This New Year's was pretty awesome, because my first act of 2013 was so cool and smooth you could pour it in a paper cup and call it a milkshake. I'd gone to a NYE cabaret with a friend (fun!) but we weren't really feeling the post-midnight dancing vibe, so went to get our coats. My previous year in romance had been fucking awful, and the cloakroom attendant was hot, so I leaned over and said "Excuse me, but at midnight I found myself without a handsome stranger to kiss. Any chance you could help me out?" and pointed at my lips. He looked me up and down, grinned, and replied "I think we can do something about that, yeah." So I got a lovely, soft kiss on the lips from a charming Londoner, we wished each other happy new year, and I spent the whole bus ride back to my friend's house gloating.


@glitterary PERFECTION.


"my only criterium for "a good time" is shrimp."

Well I spent New Year's Eve Day (?) potty training triplets (it didn't take) and was asleep by like 11, so. Probably the worst New Years ever, for that and other reasons.

Heat Signature

@iceberg I went to bed at 7:30 on New Year's Eve, which is our usual bedtime. Then my husband and I were up at 1:00 a.m. with the baby, so I wished him a Happy New Year. Wheee. But I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way, for real.


I had a really cool NYE! my best friend from home and her (male) best friend came to visit, so we cooked dinner in my house, my boyfriend came by and it was really nice. I love low-key New Years. Two years ago, I went to a beach house with my friend who was visiting from canada, 2 of her canadian friends and another friend. We were a really weird group but it was awesome to start my year next to the sea.

Asad Ali

Well I spent New Year's Eve Day (?) potty training triplets (it didn't take) and was asleep by like 11, so. Probably the worst New Years ever, for that and other reasons.cute clothes online

Jak Down

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