Thursday, December 20, 2012


"A French Bulldog"

“I have 11 brothers and sisters, and 26 nieces and nephews. Let’s hope everyone stays alive and keeps talking with each other."
—Jon (bosom friend of the Hairpin) Cotner asks strangers on the street for their holiday wishes, with customarily sweet and sad and funny results.

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"Nothing material" - woman in a foot-length fur coat.


@gobblegirl Actually, I think it was the fellow next to the woman in a foot-length fur coat, but that didn't stop me from rolling my eyes.


@gobblegirl yeah, so much eye-rolling and side-eyeing at them. My eyeball muscles (are those a thing) got a stellar workout.


@stonefruit No, I have decided her name is Kyle.
It was the placement right after the sanitation workers hoping to see their family that really did it for me.


@gobblegirl Right? The sanitation workers wishing for more work for everyone and to see their families, and then them wishing for more vacation time and this holier-than-thou "nothing material" crap. UGhhhhhhh


@stonefruit Yes! Those are a thing!

And yeah, aaaaaaaaaall my extraocular muscles got a good workout after seeing that couple.


@gobblegirl I mean, it seems a bit much, but then also maybe she's had a recent priority shift in her thinking, what with Sandy & Connecticut. Let our Christmas gift to her be the non-material one of not judging her too harshly.


@wee_ramekin "ANNULUS OF ZINN"


@iceberg "Let our Christmas gift to her be the non-material one of not judging her too harshly."

...Oh, all right. For you, Bergie. And because it's Christmas. :)


@wee_ramekin <3 u, wee creme brulee vessel ;)

on a serious if side-ish note, the Pin has been instrumental in making me a less judgy person, and I am naturally SUPER judgey, so trust I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad. Just doing my mental exercise of giving the benefit of the doubt.


@gobblegirl Coming here to post that exact comment. The Hairpin is my people.


I want Aika's boots.


@frigwiggin And I want Amber's hair.

Dirty Hands

@wallsdonotfall Amber is my new hair inspiration. That is the shape I shall grow my hair out to be!


@frigwiggin Great minds think alike. (And ours do too.)

Tuna Surprise

Why did our slideshow leave us? The comments on the Atlantic wont be nearly as great.

(*clears throat*)

"I probably shouldn’t describe my holiday wish."

Oh, Carmelo. Based on your hand movement in that photograph, I think we all know exactly what you're thinking (and I hope you get it!)


@Tuna Surprise Yeah, I'm bummed!

Tuna Surprise

@Tuna Surprise
See? That comment was amazing. Happy holidays to all!!!

Jon Cotner@facebook

@Tuna Surprise I miss The Hairpin comments! I'll be back here with a New Year's Eve slideshow...

Tuna Surprise

@Jon Cotner@facebook
Well in that case, I'm saving up my real gold star material.


Are Max and Elijah siblings? Roommates? I'm intrigued by the idea of sharing a dog. Or maybe they just each want a French bulldog and then they'll have skateboarding adventures together with their bulldogs!

Daisy Razor

@stonefruit I thought maybe boyfriends, because they are adorable and apparently I 'ship the entire world.


@stonefruit Dogs on skateboards are pretty much the greatest.


Are people actually NOT as materialistic as everyone says they are? I think just a few people on that list said that they wanted tangible, material things (and many of those who did wished for them to fulfill a need (transmission, rent), not a want.

Is....is there hope for America?


@wee_ramekin It's okay, I'm making up for them by wanting everything.


@wee_ramekin *)


Shit. Something was niggling at the back of my mind immediately after I posted that, and then I got a phone call.

Christmas is ruined.


@wee_ramekin Ugh, right?

When you have really serious needs, or rarely have your material wants fulfilled, I totally understand wanting those things, you know? And it bugs me, this "nothing material" thing, because... look. Charles Dickens made the Cratchitts grateful for what they had, when they had very little. But the point of a Christmas Carol isn't to make people who have little want less. It was to point out to the fur coat/nothing material types that... actually bodily comforts and a decent standard of living and such aren't airy fairy options. They are totally reasonable things to want. If you have plenty it's good to realize you can do with less. But if you have little... God. It's a generosity thing. Give, because you can, nothing material people, because there are people who have needs.

Argle argle froth.


@wee_ramekin There's also the internal self-editing of "this is going to be on a website on the internet where everybody can see what a selfish jerk OR good person I am!" (I'm a jerk.)

Lily Rowan

@wee_ramekin I think the fact that he asked about your "Christmas wish" and not "what you want for Christmas" made people answer more sweetly, in many cases. At least, I know I would answer the two questions differently.


@wee_ramekin I think the question, "What's your holiday wish?" is slightly different than, "What do you want for Christmas?" At least, I would have different answers for those two questions.
(aaah, @Lily Rowan, I just saw your comment. TWINS. Although I don't know how I just saw it, since you apparently posted it 20 minutes before me? Oh well.)


@Lily Rowan Yes, agreed. If someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas I would answer the question very differently than "What is your holiday wish?" That's not a question I would answer with a thing.


@PistolPackinMama Just so you know, I read that as "argyle argyle froth" and had a pretty pleasing mental image of some very angry socks.


@Lily Rowan @OTMS @TBJ-- y'all are generous, and I will endeavor to have your spirit about this.

@Ophelia-- well, now I am gonna, too. Angry socks, and a spiteful sporran. (ooowwww)


@Ophelia ANGRY SOCKSTM where socks return to their drawer to find that EVIL JOCKSTRAPS have stolen their sock mates. Help the ANGRY SOCKS destroy the EVIL JOCKSTRAPS' elastic by shooting various levels of foot odor at them! Now available on iPhone and iPad.


What is Acacia reading? Let's band together and figure it out!


@frigwiggin It...(cranes neck)...looks like a trashy romance novel of some kind? What with the heart-shaped border and the swooning couple within?


@frigwiggin I tried to figure it out through various Google image searches, and gave up when the common book that did keep showing up in the results was WHY MEN MARRY BITCHES. And I'm a pretty good Googler, so I refuse to blame this on myself.


@Jon Cotner@facebook Content this good *belongs* on the Pin :)

Jon Cotner@facebook

@iceberg Whoops...moved my comment above. Thanks! Missing the 'Pin hard right now.


Um, how cute are Adrian and Carlos? Each putting in money to buy a guitar to share? Not being able to live without music? Adorbs, guys.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys Haha, jinx.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys Yeah, I know! I really wanted to know their story. Sounds like they're not in NYC for long...where are they from? Where are they going? It sounds like the beginning of a Garcia Marquez novel.


@wee_ramekin If it was November, you'd have your novel!!


@OhMyGoshYouGuys they are really adorable backpackers. I decided.


Adrian and Carlos!!!!!


OKAY: I am going to make like Jon Cotner and ask all the random Pinners I encounter on this board: what is your holiday wish?

Feel free to include your own pictures! To do so, just get an image's URL and, using < > instead of [ ], type [img src='your link here'].


@wee_ramekin boring political wish: gun law reform.
personal wish: a decent night's sleep and/or enough time to make special dinners on Christmas & New Years Day.


@wee_ramekin To find a way to live with Dudefriend.

Briony Fields

@wee_ramekin My deep secret holiday wish: to get engaged.
My broader, world wish: more friendliness. UGH I KNOW SO CLICHE but can you imagine if people were just like, 10% more friendly on a daily basis? That would be world transforming.


@wee_ramekin Oh man, this is big! My big universal wish is for everyone to have the things they need (a home, enough food, medical care, a little dignity). My own personal wish is to meet a pleasant gentleman I can converse with about science and football.

fondue with cheddar

@wee_ramekin I won't bore you with details, so let's just say my Christmas wish is for my boyfriend's family drama to end. He's suffering, and it breaks my heart.


@wee_ramekin To have a really positive attitude, and to be able to share that attitude with the people around me. Not being a brainless Pollyanna, mind you, but being able to find the good in challenging people and situations and help to bring it out.

fondue with cheddar

@Bittersweet Good one. :) That is something I try to do in my daily life.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@wee_ramekin I want my uncle home for Christmas. No need for all the details, but I've been fortunate enough to have a lifetime of family Christmases, and we're not sure what to do this year since he might still be in hospital on Christmas.


My fiance has ten brothers and sisters and 35 nieces and nephews. If they stay alive (read: don't kill each other) and stay talking, it'll be a festivus miracle! :)


Aww, Matthew, I'll be your wish this year! (seriously call me)


This is so much the best and it made me tear up over and over again. These are seriously always so wonderful <3


YOU AND ME BOTH, CARMELO. You and me both.


I'm going to have to spend more time lurking by the subway, in hopes that Jon finds me and adds me to the question-asking!


@Ophelia I keep waiting for my parents' friends to show up on this. They're photogenic and hilarious.


These were all so adorable/poignant, except for Mr. and Mrs. Nothing Material.

Hot Doom

I *LOVE* this series! I have nothing new to say about Kyle and Christina that hasn't already been said, except they sort of remind me of hipster versions of the douchey couple who live next door to the Griswolds in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I just imagine Kyle saying "I DON'T KNOW,MARGO" to her.

Also, first thing that pops into my mind with Carmelo:

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Guys, can we talk about Sean? And how he hopes his kids realize it's not about stuff? And how it's like a Christmas movie?

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