Thursday, December 13, 2012


“Hell is other people at breakfast.”

"Correction: This post originally misspelled 'Bethesda.'"
—Poynter's "best (and worst) media errors and corrections" itself includes a correction (above), although it's not as funny as the others, unless it was an unexpectedly wild spelling of Bethesda. 

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fondue with cheddar

"Hell is other people at breakfast" works just as well, though.

apples and oranges

Bethesda is a frequently misspelled place... but still.


@kangerine How is it commonly misspelled?

I always mix up Gaithersburg/Gaithersberg which is unfortunate since it's where I was born -- though I found out at Thanksgiving that, although my parents lived in Gaithersburg at the time, I was actually born in Olney, so.


One of my favorite things in the entire world is when official news outlets accidentally use doctored photos.


@mlle.gateau Yessss, I totally gasped with delight when I saw "ALL (up) IN (my snatch)."


@mlle.gateau This one is probably my favorite.

Theda Baranowski

I'm not sure if it's better or worse to have the eyes of Caligula instead of Stalin.


@muzivitch It's a very different kind of crazy.


"We regret putting Baby in a corner."


@Scandyhoovian That one made me giggle out loud.


@Ophelia I know, it was my favorite too!


"It was before she saw the blow job."


@frigwiggin Oh my god, though, that "bullshit and laziness" thing? I have such a feeling of creeping awfulness just thinking about being that guy.


@frigwiggin I had a similar incident involving my high school web site, the Wind Dancers team, and the phrase "strip clubs."

Has not affected my future career, though.


I'm still wondering how they ended up with "interior designer". Definitely choked quietly on laugh-spit while reading this at work, though.


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I can find a lot of amusement in this metaphor but, if we were to take this literally, if you pop up uninvited to someone`s door for dinner, let alone breakfast, the least you can do is bring one of those wine gift baskets for every occasion. It may save appearances a bit and chill spirits down.


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