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Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Rachel Roy Owl Cocktail Ring, $19 (was $48)
OMG he has the same eyes as that partridge pin on home shopping that zaps you back to Christmas Eve morning over and over in the “film” 12 Dates of Christmas with Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. (Not a good movie! But I did cry at the end.) 

California Olive Oil Cake With Orange and Vanilla Bean, Two Cakes for $17.95
The next best thing to having Natalie Eve Garrett come over and bake for you.

Sequin T-Shirt Dress, $60 (was $130)
This is very fancy-looking, yet affordable enough to not worry about all the sequins you’re gonna demolish when you sit down.

Moon Desk Globe, $49.99 (was $59)
Wait. There are regions on the moon? There is a place called “Sea of Rains?!?” Get this for ME, obviously.

Copley Saddlebag, $129.99 (was $258)
Twenty years from now you’ll look back and think, “Why, I hardly paid a dime for this. Of course my daughter can take it off to college with her. What’s the bid deal?” And then when she loses at a party, boy oh boy, then we’ll all know what the big deal is, that’s for sure.

Feather Cocktail Wreath, $11.99 (was $39.99)
A rule: you can’t have this and one of those feather hair extensions at the same time, okay? One or the other. (Choose the wreath.)

Felt Bunny Tablet Holder, $9.99 (was $14)
What other animal could we tell the kids this is?

Frye Carson Ballet Flats, $74 (were $148)
Half-off Fryes, guys.

Scarf Holiday Cards, $6.25 (were $12.50)
Spitting image, right?

Stamp & Tag Kit, $17.99 (were $24.95)
My friend Diane got me two of these sets — a place card stamp and a “this book belongs to” version — and they are delightful.

Sephora Favorites Glitz and Glam Party Sampler, $45 ($133 value)
First, this should not have the word “party” in the name. Second, last year’s version of this set contained some of the best makeup I got all year. Like, more than one thing that I’ve repurchased since then. That’s the end of that story!


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