Friday, December 7, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Rachel Roy Owl Cocktail Ring, $19 (was $48)
OMG he has the same eyes as that partridge pin on home shopping that zaps you back to Christmas Eve morning over and over in the "film" 12 Dates of Christmas with Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. (Not a good movie! But I did cry at the end.) 

California Olive Oil Cake With Orange and Vanilla Bean, Two Cakes for $17.95
The next best thing to having Natalie Eve Garrett come over and bake for you.

Sequin T-Shirt Dress, $60 (was $130)
This is very fancy-looking, yet affordable enough to not worry about all the sequins you're gonna demolish when you sit down.

Moon Desk Globe, $49.99 (was $59)
Wait. There are regions on the moon? There is a place called "Sea of Rains?!?" Get this for ME, obviously.

Copley Saddlebag, $129.99 (was $258)
Twenty years from now you'll look back and think, "Why, I hardly paid a dime for this. Of course my daughter can take it off to college with her. What's the bid deal?" And then when she loses at a party, boy oh boy, then we'll all know what the big deal is, that's for sure.

Feather Cocktail Wreath, $11.99 (was $39.99)
A rule: you can't have this and one of those feather hair extensions at the same time, okay? One or the other. (Choose the wreath.)

Felt Bunny Tablet Holder, $9.99 (was $14)
What other animal could we tell the kids this is?

Frye Carson Ballet Flats, $74 (were $148)
Half-off Fryes, guys.

Scarf Holiday Cards, $6.25 (were $12.50)
Spitting image, right?

Stamp & Tag Kit, $17.99 (were $24.95)
My friend Diane got me two of these sets — a place card stamp and a "this book belongs to" version — and they are delightful.

Sephora Favorites Glitz and Glam Party Sampler, $45 ($133 value)
First, this should not have the word "party" in the name. Second, last year's version of this set contained some of the best makeup I got all year. Like, more than one thing that I've repurchased since then. That's the end of that story!

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Well thank god the sequin dress isn't in my size, because that plus the Sephora PARTAY sampler is way too many sparkles for my largely sedentary student lifestyle (where I aim to look like the Christmas card scarf girl, but can never find the right hat).


Yes, stylish warm hats for ladies are a puzzle, aren't they?


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll - Santa Muerte Balaclavas.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Gotta go handmade and custom. My fave winter hat came from Etsy, and people stop and ask all the time where I got it!

Anita Ham Sandwich

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll
I happen to have a had from Patagonia that I love! It's pretty close to the one they're currently selling called the "Vanilla Beanie." My head is apparently big (?), so finding a warm had that doesn't squish my head was really hard!

honey cowl

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Knit your own! Super fun & they always fit!


@thisisunclear I'm just gonna piggyback on this topic with a PSA for my curly-haired friends. If you have long curly hair and you are not wearing a slouchy knitted beret, you are wasting your potential. I love my straight, fine hair but I only look okay in my favorite kind of hats. Wavy-haired girls rocking your slouchy knitted berets, your hair dotted with snowflakes, your cheeks rosy from the cold, I am totes jealous.

New Hoarder

@amirite Yes! My fine, straight hair yearns to wear All The Hats and look amazing too.

the roughest toughest frail

@amirite I have short curly hair and slouchy tams are the only hats I've found that don't make me look like a wang. I wish I could pull off cloches but my hair just bunches under the brim in a really unflattering way.


@New Hoarder Ditto, I yearn to wear All The Hats, but not only is my hair super-straight, I have a big head. Literal. Sigh.


@abetterfate I am working on knitting a cloche! We'll see how it goes.

New Hoarder

@anachronistique Guess who finally Googled "cloche"! WANT (to be able to wear). Debbie Reynolds driving up to sass Gene Kelly in Singin' the Rain!


@thisisunclear Yeah, but straight-haired girls can wear bowlers and fedoras and all non-knit hats without having to worry about looking like Slash.


@mirror_father_mirror Right?? Sometimes I think about going as Slash for Halloween so I can wear a hat! Once I cut off my hair and I could finally wear one of those cute newspaper- boy caps. I reveled in the glory of finally being able to wear a non-knit hat.


U.uuuu perfect@n


GLOBE. I need it. I need all the pretty globes in the world to decorate my future house.


@olivebee As the proud owner of a globes-and-maps front room, I support this idea.


@backstagebethy I am jealous! Mind if I copy that idea for when I become a homeowner?

New Hoarder

@backstagebethy We have a room we call 'The Study' (computer + desk live there) but I refer to it as our ' War Room' because, when the travel store near my work went out of business (RIP), I made my husband buy whatever he could get his grubby little hands on. Thus, we have world maps all over the walls, and a couple of globes, all in a very tiny room.

Daisy Razor

@backstagebethy Ooh, also jealous! My local charity shop auctions off their window display each month and right now there's a huge, pre-WWII globe in there that I MUST HAVE. Old gobes-and-maps are super trendy in Boston right now, so it's actually pretty difficult to find them at reasonable prices!


@Daisy Razor , the Jamaica Plain Goodwill? Or does somewhere else do this too? As a Boston newbie, I must learn about new spots.

New Hoarder

@Daisy Razor "Old gobes-and-maps are super trendy in Boston right now"
AWESOME. How did this trend start? Some sort of nostalgic, cartophilic socialite?

Daisy Razor

@New Hoarder Hee! I think it was a combination of tons of people getting rid of them because they were outdated followed by all things mid-century/industrial becoming popular. And then old classroom maps start costing you $200!

@travelmugs Boomerangs! Mine is the West Roxbury one and there are locations in JP, Central Square, and the South End (that one focuses on 2nd-hand designer clothes & goods). I am not even kidding when I say that half my wardrobe comes from there.

New Hoarder

@Daisy Razor So my friend is living in her childhood home (it's her house now, gifted from her dad who went back to Egypt), and her dad's old office (medium-sized bedroom) has this HUGE wallpaper map of the world on one entire wall. Pre-1989. So, East Germany, West Germany, Persion Gulf, Soviet Union. AMAZEBALLS. AND the best part is that each country's name is written in its native language. I salivate over it every time and keep trying to plot how I can steal it.

OT, does anyone know of any efficient and gentle wallpaper-removal techniques? Tanx.

the roughest toughest frail

That tablet holder looks like a Totoro.


@abetterfate I thought the same thing! So cute!


@abetterfate Yes! I was surprised when I looked at the name and it wasn't labled as such.


@abetterfate Was about to comment the same thing. I love all things Totoro -- I'm even wearing Totoro earrings today! (Three cheers for Casual Friday.)


I have a cat bus t-shirt! Where did you get the earrings?


@abetterfate Glad we're all in agreement!



the roughest toughest frail

@all: My people. I have found you.


@abetterfate Totoro love!


@abetterfate Seriously. Now I want a tablet so I can have a totoro tablet cover. Ooops.

fuck fuck fuck

@abetterfate as soon as i saw that thing i control-effed "toto" just to see HOW FUCKING RIGHT I WAS


@celeec4@twitter Seriously. I'm thinking about this for my kindle. http://www.etsy.com/listing/98694176/totoro-kindle-4-case-kindle-touch-case
Apparently I'm having a Totoro moment, as I bought a catbus fridge magnet on Tuesday.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Got them on Etsy! They're adorable, and the seller has other Totoro earrings/jewelry still available: http://www.etsy.com/shop/curiousnotion


@abetterfate HAHA I DID THE EXACT SAME THING. it's still up there in the top right of chrome, all eager to help me find my fellow totoro fans.

i bought an overpriced totoro plush at a store in tokyo (maybe a studio ghibli store? maybe that is a real thing?) and never took the tags off like some weird collector, except it's on my bed and all i do is hug it and wonder what's scratching my face.

Citizen Cunt

Re: Frye shoes. The 7's pinch and are too tight but the 7.5's flap off my heels when I'm walking. I need a 7.25 obviously. But it does save me a lot of shoe money in the end, so there's that.


@Citizen Cunt If this is your first pair of Fryes and you haven't already returned them maybe give the 7's another chance because they will stretch. I thought my Fry boots were too small but slowly broke them in and now one would have to pry them off of my cold dead feet.

The Lady of Shalott

@Gloria Yessssss this. My Frye boots (my pride and joy, my premier bargain purchase because $300 boots for $150 was amazing) were the the tiniest bit pinchy, but once the leather was stretched and broken in....PERFECTION. I will wear them until I am dead.

New Hoarder

@Gloria Yep, all of my leather ballet flats (junkie!) stretch. If you think they will ultimately be too tight, size up and add a thin insert. I got a bunch of thin, full-foot, cut-to-your-size Dr. Scholls inserts for $1 each (from Target?) that I keep handy for when I size up or stretch shoes.


Last week I bought my first bargin bin item (the rainboots!) only to have Loeffler Randall email to me tell me that the website lied and they did not have any size 11. It was probably to teach me a lesson in impulse internet shopping.


@districter I wear a 9 and got a 10 because they looked like they were narrow on the web, and they BARELY fit, so you are probably better off.


@districter oh, the pain of being a large shoe size. I would have been crushed if I thought I found a great buy and then they canceled my order :(


@districter Oh then they totally wouldn't have fit me. The employee that emailed me did try to convince me that they ran large and I should try a ten, so I am also glad to know that hassel wouldn't have been worth it.


@sintaxis Right?? I didn't want to get that mad over a pair of shoes, but cute shoes on sale and in my size?? I was so excited.


@districter Yeah, I think you would have been justified in being angry! I have pretty much given up on in-person shoe shopping and sales and have resigned myself to a life of expensive internet shoes.

Heat Signature

@districter Ugh, I feel your pain. I'm also a size 11 and SO MANY stores and websites don't have my size. Nothing (literally nothing at all in this world) sucks more than getting excited about a great pair of shoes and then learning they don't come in your size.


I kind of want to get that wreath and do glam St Lucia's day.


CON: Would be contrary to my oft-stated objective of having fewer things in my already-too-small apartment and which I would have to, at some point, pack up and move.

PRO: Would have moon globe.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll - Isn't it amaaaaaaaazing?


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll - Yes, I am trying not to buy things that will just sit around and gather dust but MOON GLOBE. How much do I hate having more things to dust vs. how much do I love that globe? Still calculating.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll

I have that moon globe and I NEVER regret it, not even when I'm dusting it.


A warning about the Copley Saddlebag: It's not as flat as the head-on photo shown here would have you believe. If you like cross-body bags but are heavier on the bottom, it sits on an unflattering place on your butt or hip. I loved the look and the size, but it made me look like I had one giant hip or one giant buttcheek.


@Clare Also, not only does it look impossibly small (how do you fit anything useful in there??) but the actual opening looks sort of tiny.


@Clare Oooo, thanks for this info!


I just ordered the gift tag stamp set, and am lusting a bit after that wreath. But would it molt?


that frye sale is RIDICULOUS.



@noodge Right?? ugh :(


@noodge I seriously hate how everything that is in stores right now are things I want FOR ME! what's this buying gifts for other people business all about anyway? it's clearly overrated. *grumbles*


Whatever happened to Amy Smart? I liked her.

Theda Baranowski

The Fryes.

So many colors.

Oh my god I am doomed.

The Lady of Shalott

@muzivitch I want them in coral so bad. So gorge.




I think I could say that all day.

New Hoarder

@muzivitch Me toooooooo

Sorry, family, no Christmas presents for you this year. I actually found some good quality, bargain ballet flats in colors that I do not already own. You understand, right?


I am so tempted to buy a ton of things for myself, but I need to budget for gifts instead. Oh well.

The felt case, olive oil cake, and maybe the Christmas card look diy-able, though!

But I really want the makeup and the flats...

New Hoarder

@rimy Yes. This Bin is now my Holiday Presents For Me List.



And the globe, obvs, but that could just be the preteen Sailor Moon fan in me talking.

fondue with cheddar

@royaljunk YES THE OWL RING.

I can't believe I had to scroll down this far before someone mentioned it, because it is AMAZING.


@royaljunk Whimsical animal jewelry! I love it too! I've had my eye on this thing for a while now:

fondue with cheddar



@fondue with cheddar I don't know why I don't just buy it. Some weird part of me wants my BF to see it on my wish list and then be proud of himself for being the one to give it to me!




@royaljunk It's so CLUNKY! I love it so much.

Beatrix Kiddo

@royaljunk Does anyone know what size those rings are? I know the owl's sold out already, but some of the others are cool, too.


QUESTION ABOUT FRYES for them who know: how are the widths of their men's boots as compared to the equivalent women's sizes? Still narrow?

I have never been clear on whether the D that is standard men's medium shoe width is the same D as the D that is standard women's wide widths. Which is not actually very wide.


The "bunny" looks like Totoro to me.

I made the mistake of clicking on the ring to confirm that it would not fit me (I wear a size 10 or 11 ring, depending on the finger. Coincidentally, my shoes are also a size 11!) and it is adjustable. And there are lots more other adorable animal cocktail rings that would be sure to get lots of comments at parties. But I don't get paid till Monday!

Also, I am making many hand made gifts for XMas this year and I need tags for care instructions so I am always distracted by tags. (I made one from a file folder for my coworker's baby shower)

fondue with cheddar

That feather wreath is SO fabulous, but I could never own it because dust. And cats.

Daisy Razor

@fondue with cheddar Put it on your front door!

fondue with cheddar

@Daisy Razor I'm afraid it would get destroyed. My boyfriend brushes against my Christmas wreath when he comes in and out of the door, and it's a little more durable. I couldn't bear watching that feather wreath get destroyed.

New Hoarder

@fondue with cheddar I use my Rennfest hair wreath (that I only don for Rennfest) to encircle/ decorate a vase that sits on a little table inside our entryway. Versatility!

fondue with cheddar

@New Hoarder I had a fresh floral hair wreath made for my wedding that ended up being WAY too big and poofy, so I sent my mom to fetch a white pillar candle and huge crystal vase from my apartment that my grandmom had given me as a wedding present, and encircled it with the hair wreath to decorate the head table. It looked so great that everyone thought it was planned and not a last-minute thing.

Fortunately, my maid of honor was supposed to have a smaller head wreath which I ended up liking better, so she ended up wearing a single flower in her hair instead. Her hair was short, so she probably ended up looking better than the wreath would have. Happy accidents!


The awesome Topshop sequin dress is sold out, but this one is the same price and still available in a few sizes!


@cuminafterall (and yes, I just bought it.)

Valley Girl

The company that makes those great stamps also makes an adorable "Canning Jar Pendant". So freaking cute!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I actually spit-laughed at my desk when I read "moonsmerizing." Those alt-texts are hilarious.

fuck fuck fuck

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose i loved "full glitz" too.

so what?

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I was just coming down here to say the same thing. Jane, you are best at alt-text. They are always like a little funny, secret surprise.


Oh man, the makeup. I want that box so much it's causing me physical pain but I can't justify the purchase - I just don't wear fancy makeup enough.

New Hoarder

@Jinxie Oh, you would if you bought it. Those Sephora kits are totally addictive.

Sorry, I am the Makeup Devil.


Owl ring--mine! As is the "Winter Panther" one that came up when I added the owl to my bag!

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat I like the "Love Mice" one! I don't see anything about sizing. Does that come up during checkout?


@fondue with cheddar I didn't notice--I just kind of threw caution to the wind there. Which I seem to do all the time with rings; half are too big and I can't wear them, and the rest are just right for just one of my fingers, meaning I can rarely wear a few at a time.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat I have the opposite problem. My fingers have swelled a bit in recent years, and I'm worried that it might only fit my pinky, and that's not a ring I would want to wear on my pinky. I guess I'll pass on it, then. :(


@Hellcat I went for the panther ring too, as well as those adorable bright pink snake earrings.



@fondue with cheddar If the turn out to be annoyingly flip-floppity on my fingers (you know when they spin a little? Oy), I will let you know.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat If they're too flip-floppity to wear I'd be willing to buy them from you.


@fondue with cheddar I'll keep you posted!


You could also tell kids that the bunny tabley case is a Totoro.
I want the Sephora kit but I don't have the money/shouldn't buy any more makeup.


"Elaine, when we're planning our next vacation, the Sea of Rains is not a viable option.

Even if it does sound pretty."

Heat Signature

@frigwiggin "That's fine, George. Now seems as good a time as any to let you know that I had to bury the owl ring you gave me in our backyard because it was giving me nightmares."


@Heat Signature "Excuse me, Elaine? Who is this George character and why has he given you a frightening ring? Do I have to stamp FROM GARY all over my face so that you remember that my presence in this marriage is my annual Christmas gift to you?"

Heat Signature

@frigwiggin "Oh, sorry, Gary. I'm a bit foggy from the extra allergy medication I had to take because of this feather wreath you insist on hanging in our foyer."

fondue with cheddar

I have no idea what a Totoro is, but it makes me want to name the bunny John.


This is the best bargin bin ever.

The Mythical Codfish

*cries quietly* Only six months until the end of my graduate degree, and then I'll have a Real Girl job and money and I'll look at posts like this with something other than soul-crushing envy.


My very first bargain bin impulse buy was that Sephora set. Which I then promptly forgot I purchased in the midst of thesis preparation and a raging headcold. Then it arrived today and it was like my own private, glittery Christmas morning.

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