Thursday, December 20, 2012


Don't We All?

"Let’s say you do not want to cut a bunch of hair off, or apply duct tape to your face, or achieve the world’s briefest, ugliest mustache, but you do want to achieve a wild happiness."

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But what should I do if I want to achieve a state of never having to see another webpage or product dedicated to how hi-larious mustaches are because oh my sweet baby raptor jesus how are we not done with this fad yet?


@SarahDances - It makes me sad because my boyfriend grows a pretty rad handlebar every winter, but now I think he's self-conscious about it because of the mustachesplosion that has happened lately.


@KeLynn One of my fellow bearded friends says that instead of celebrating Movember, we celebrate Beardvalways.


This is perfection <3 Love it ^•^ @j


Best sales pitch ever.


@iceberg So ver Mustaches, but this is 10,000x better than most of the ad copy I see, so I still hope they made loads of money off this!

fondue with cheddar

One time my former father-in-law's friend wanted to be a werewolf for Halloween. He cut his hair and glued it all over his face using rubber cement. He soon learned that rubber cement burns pretty badly. I think he also had problems breathing. Not the smartest dude.

Old Katrina

@fondue with cheddar On move in day my roommate saw that a bottle of rubber cement said "shatter resistant" and slammed it on the ground and that's how I had splashes of rubber cement all over my comforter for the rest of the year. Not the smartest girl.

fondue with cheddar

@Old Katrina Wow. That's...that's definitely not smart.

I hope you weren't too attached to thet comforter. Were you able to pick any of the rubber cement off or were the splatters too small?


@fondue with cheddar - Interesting, when I was little I used to paint rubber cemebt all over my hands and then when it dried all weird and piecy I would have "monster hands."

fondue with cheddar

@KeLynn Haha. I think how you react depends on a bunch of factors. One is where you out it (face is more sensitive than hands), and it's possible that people react to it differently. Also, I think some rubber cements contain more harmful chemicals than others, and if that's the case one would assume that schools would buy the least harmful kind.


@fondue with cheddar - Oh, I definitely believe you, I just can't believe I didn't hurt myself doing that over and over.

fondue with cheddar

@KeLynn Maybe it's your superpower.


GAH! No more mustaches!

Oh, squiggles

I almost bought fake mustaches yesterday. But they were bad quality, so I gave it a pass.

Queen Elisatits

don't let the current mustache craze deter you from buying and wearing fake mustaches. It is SO much fun.
Also I managed to get a boyfriend (6 years now) during the time in my life when I wore them the most. So in context of yesterday's dating tips : Fake mustaches help?


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