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Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

…in this Friday-friendly humblebrag-appropriate rescue story.

The sorrow and the pity:

Chewy was a dog that everyone in the Modesto, California, neighborhood knew. He was spotted on many of the streets. Once he trailed a man named Adam while he was jogging, or stop to play with Denise’s dog, Boss. People in Graceado Park wondered who he belonged to. Chewy belonged to no one.

Are you my mommy?

When people would cross, Chewy came up to them in a friendly but timid manner. He seemed to want to be friends, but the moment a hand was outstretched he shied away. Curious, but reserved, as if they were not the person he was looking for.

People are okay after all:

The neighbors took a deep interest in the sweet dog that had seemingly become a pillar of the community. People left food for him, and blankets in the colder weather. During the rain, someone gave Chewy a large, plastic doghouse. Worried residents occasionally tried to catch him, but to no avail.


Gary informed the Kleins that some kids had been seen throwing rocks at Chewy. Infuriated, Lauren and Cecilia devised a plan to save him.

That plan might work on me, too:

If they could tranquilize him, Lauren and Bruce would have him neutered and would adopt him. One rainy night, Cecilia dosed some hamburger with tranquilizers, and then played the waiting game.

Brief comic Mr. Bean-esque interlude:

Cecilia did her best to move the heavy dog from under the car and down the driveway to her own car. But his dead weight made him nearly immovable. Fortunately, a paper boy happened to be nearby and helped her load the dozing dog into her car. When Chewy awoke, it was to a new home and a new life.

The kicker:

Even though Chewy had belonged to no one, he really belonged to everyone

I would genuinely like to hear about how you and your dog got together, at this time.


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