Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Don't Pity Them, They Will Take Over Your World

If you're in London, they claim you can visit the newly-restored Charles Dickens Museum, but we're pretty sure it was destroyed by the blue-vapour beings known as the Gelth* in Doctor Who, Episode 1.3 of the reboot, "The Unquiet Dead." Bring a sonic screwdriver, just in case.

*Technically, it was destroyed BY a clairvoyant servant IN ORDER to defeat the Gelth, but that's still on the Gelth.

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Lisa Frank

I love house museums! And London has the best ones!


@Lisa Frank Have you been to the Freud one? It's wonderful and sort of creepy.

Lisa Frank

@Decca Yes! He was so depressed when he lived there, and you kind of get that sense while you're there. I also visited the Freud Museum in Vienna which is almost completely empty and therefore, also creepy.


When I studied abroad in London I lived right around the corner from this museum!I was studying Victorian Lit (of course) and I always got such a thrill reading Great Expectations down the street from old Charlie's house.

Part of why London is still my FAVORITE.


Not just any clairvoyant servant... Gwen Cooper's great-great-great aunt.


Wait, no, wasn't that a Cardiff funeral home, and Dickens stopped by because the Geith interrupted his reading? I refuse to look this up but I will be trying to remember the exact details all day, or, you know, stop right now because who cares?

Nicole Cliffe

@Saaoirse Nope, you're right, I just like to think of that as Charles' museum. Why do people live in Cardiff when there are so many aliens?


@Nicole Cliffe
The accents?

Count Chocula

@Nicole Cliffe Ha, I just (re)watched that episode recently! It definitely was Cardiff, but I completely followed you on the Dickens-to-Doctor-Who train of thought!


@Nicole Cliffe Because Cardiff is where the Captain Harkness live traps have to be.


@Saaoirse It was! Also, the museum is the house Dickens lived in for only two years when he was still quite young (yes, I listened to a thing about it on Radio 4 earlier this week. And my sister used to live right by it), and the Doctor Who episode is set right before he died, so he would be living in a completely different house anyway.


That's cool, I'm not being pedantic- it just drudged that whole episode up, memory-wise!


I went before the renovation. It has the desk on which he wrote his last words of Drood! I feel kind of embarrassed of my touristic desire to see (and touch) these artist's reliquaries that really have nothing to do with their cultural productions; maybe it's my Catholic upbringing.


Thank you Hairpin for mentioning and subsequently clarifying Doctor Who trivia.


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