Tuesday, December 4, 2012


"America's Water Crisis"

Join VICE as they "explore the many splendored ways in which we humans have trashed the planet Earth" in their series "Toxic." This latest installment is equal parts gross and gross. Language NSFW.

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That's like, some good reporting, and shit.


@stuffisthings All the best reporting happens in tiny bathing suits.


make my bad day in a best day@y


I can't believe that we keep doing these things to ourselves. I mean, I can, but I can't.

runner in the garden

Pretty sure one of the many ways in which we humans have trashed the planet Earth is VICE magazine?


@runner in the garden Gavin McInnis, he who brought fashionable racism to Brooklyn's shores via The Blog Nigger et al, decamped to start Street Boners or whatever that thing's called. Now Vice exists primarily to create pretty good video content, get verbally eviscerated by David Carr, and provide opportunities for people they know to do massive amounts of coke a couple of times per year.


I'm so proud of Vice for making this! And proud of YOU, Hairpin, for sharing it.

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