Thursday, November 1, 2012


What Could One Make With the Wrappers?

If you have either Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Fun Size Snickers, Kit Kats, or M&Ms leftover from last night, there are some recipes in here that will help you get them out of that bowl and into your belly. Of course, you could always just eat the candy as-is, if you don't find the idea too daunting. Or smash it all into some vanilla ice cream? The leftover Sweet Tarts and Skittles recipes, on the other hand, are somewhat objectionable and can be avoided by throwing those gross candies right in the trash. (Fight?)


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No fight. Total agreement.


You are seriously amazing! :)@t


Southern Living has a recipe which suggests underbaking some brownies, dumping a mix of whatever candy you would like on top, and then finishing the bake time. It makes me (almost) regret eating all my candy at once.


Give ME your SweeTarts. They're awesome. Not in a milkshake, though, because seriously, WTF.


@JanieS Seriously. I will take your SweeTarts, and eat ALL of them, while you dispose of my excess Snickers.


That could be really good though! When I was a kid I LOVED Nerds Blizzards from Dairy Queen.


Sweet Tarts 4EVA!

Or at least until the bleeding ulcer kicks in!


Anyone else make those gum-wrapper necklaces as a kid? You could do a multicolored version w/all the wrappers, though I'm not sure it would be as cool as original silver and green doublemint.


Everyone knows the correct thing to do with leftover hard/non-chocolate candies is to dump them into a bottle of vodka and then make candy cocktails once they release all their corn syrupy goodness.


@sintaxis Not with skittles, though. A friend of mine did that and it was horrifying.


And don't do it with blackberry brandy. Terrible hangover.

ghost with the most

@sintaxis once freshman year of college we couldn't find any chaser so we used lucky charms. and it was...actually fantastic?

my friend also once made ramen that was like, half rum. 'rum-en.' good choices all around.

Tragically Ludicrous

You could also give all the Sweet Tarts to my dad, he loves them.


I'm so glad this is here because I have 1/2 a thing of candy corn, and can no longer make my preferred dish of peanuts and candy corn (out of peanuts). Try it. It is the best.

raised amongst catalogs

@professionalmess !!!!!!! My boyfriend has been telling me for years how his mom used to mix the two and it was his favorite thing about Halloween/October. It sounded revolting but I put some out for him as a surprise on Monday and I tried it and...my, that's tasty! Like a Payday!


@this brave bird (formerly vanillawaif) Yes! I wanted to say like a Payday, but no one ever believes that, so I left it out. So glad someone else said it!

fondue with cheddar

@professionalmess Wow...you know, I'm not a big fan of candy corn (I can eat maybe two before I get grossed out by the sweetness), but combining them with peanuts sounds great.


@professionalmess Peanuts, candy corn, AND butterscotch chips. My mom also added raisins to this mix, but...ugh, raisins.

fondue with cheddar

@MsGray Butterscotch chips?! You're blowing my mind.

And I'm 100% in the "ugh, raisins" camp, which sucks when your favorite cookie is oatmeal.


@professionalmess Dried cranberries are really wonderful in oatmeal cookies, you should try it! I share your raisin feelings but only when mixed with other things, I like raisins on their own.

Anna Jayne@twitter

The phrase "leftover Reese's Peanut Butter Cups" doesn't make any sense to me.


@Anna Jayne@twitter Very true. I know all the words, but strung together that way?

George Templeton Strong

Is there anything you can make with leftover lollipops? I foolishly sent the other Mr. Templeton Strong out to provision us for Halloween and he came back with mini-Reese's and lollipops. I specifically told him "no peanuts and no choking potentials!" So I had to go back out in pre-Sandy Manhattan and get the right stuff (mini bags of M&Ms.) I ate the Reese's (ALL OF THEM) but am wondering what to do with the lollipops. I could make a candy glaze, I know, but I lost my candy thermometer. Could I crunch them up and put them in something? I suppose I could try to make a marzipan but I think that's tough to pull off and I don't like marzipan to begin with. Maybe I'll go back to Smitten Kitchen?

Priscilla Peel

@George Templeton Strong What about stained glass cookies?

George Templeton Strong

@Priscilla Peel Thank you! Martha Stewart, of course, would not stoop so low as to use store-bought lollipops for any reason, and the recipe you linked to doesn't use candy, it uses caramel, that she probably created herself in a traditional 17th-century oven. But it reminded me of stained glass cookies made by mere mortals in my childhood. The only other suggestion I got was from three (!) friends suggesting I just make simple syrups and invent my own alcoholic drinks. I may do that too.


Has anyone ever tried Cadbury's "Screme Eggs?" They were in the grocery store today and looked disturbing.

Summer Somewhere

@schrodingers_cat I haven't, but these people did so you don't have to.


@Summer Somewhere ah, I forgot that the Stranger did that this year

fondue with cheddar

@schrodingers_cat Wait...why are they green inside? They should be bloody! I'm so disappointed.


@fondue with cheddar my guess is that they are green because Cadbury does not know how to make eggs without yellow #5

fondue with cheddar

@schrodingers_cat Heh, you're probably right. Also, it looks like they've just replaced the yellow part with green and left all the white alone. If you're going to make a green-filled egg, just go all the way and make it GREEN.


I like sweet tarts, they're okay (not great) but SKITTLES ARE HORRIBLE. Thank you. Everyone says I'm crazy when I tell them I don't like them.

fondue with cheddar

@robbermaiden89 I DON'T THINK YOU'RE CRAZY! The tropical-flavored ones are better, but still not great. I always liked Smarties better than Sweet Tarts because they're not as sour. Sour is gross.


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